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The Present 


by Michael Smith 
Last updated: June 23, 2014 
First Edition 


Table of Contents 
"The Present - Insights" 

There are many references to religion because most of these 
sections were originally part of "The Present (with religion)". 

Spread the Truth 1 

Now is Our Chance 12 

Prophets & Revelations 20 

Living & Dying 32 

Love, Sex & Marriage 41 

Truth Contest Symbol 61 

Spiritual Sustainability 63 

On the Edge 65 

The Truth About Drugs 70 

Reform Political System 77 

World Government 87 

Corrupt Church & Dogma 102 

Learning & Education 113 

Crime & Law 127 

America Must Lead 142 

Green Energy & Tech 144 

Author's "Must-See" Movie List 153 

Author's Life Souncltracl< 158 

Mankind Men & Women 160 

The Greatest Generation 165 

Simplicity & Equality 167 

Giving is Receiving 178 

Share the Wealth 195 

Money or Life 217 

Lifestyle Insights 

Dog Heaven 229 

"The Present - Insights" 

Spread the Truth 

It is good the truth has been hidden: It actually hurts the truth to see 
it before the time is right. It forces the truth into myths and it kills or 
makes its prophets outcasts. This is the reason almost no one has seen 
the truth before now. 

Jesus and other prophets have planted seeds that needed to be 
planted, but they paid a high price to do it. The seeds of truth they 
planted are now starting to grow and blossom, and this is helping to 
make our salvation possible. By hiding the truth and the life until now, 
the collective unconscious protected the truth and us. The time has to 
be right for the truth, or it just causes trouble. 

The collective unconscious can give us information we did not know, 
and it can also prevent us from seeing things if it is not in our best 
interest to see them. 

Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it 
seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he 
dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. John 14:17 

Jesus said, "The hour is coming when I will not speak to you in 
dark sayings, but will tell you plainly about God." 

Now is the time: The time has finally come to see what has been 
hidden from us. It is time to put the pieces of the puzzle together so that 
people can see the truth and the life clearly and completely for the first 
time. The evolution of technology, such as the Internet and other forms 
of mass communication, has progressed enough to reach just about all 
of mankind. 

The Bible says, "We shall all be changed in the twinkling of an 

The veil can be lifted now for the first time in history. It can be lifted now, 
so it will be lifted now. The truth did not have a chance before the 


It says in Revelation the scrolls are rolled up until a time when 
people run to and fro and knowledge is greatly increased. That 
time is now, and this book is unrolling the scrolls and revealing 
what is really said in the Bible. 

One mind: It is the real reason why worldwide communication 
technology evolved. The worldwide Internet is mankind's effort to 
connect all minds on a conscious level, to create one conscious 
collective mind. The telephone lines and cables that transmit the 
Internet are like the nerves in a giant brain. People online are like the 
neurons firing. The Internet is making the world one brain or mind, and it 
will make it possible to see and spread the truth, transcend the mind, 
and be fulfilled. 

If it was not for the Internet, you would not be reading this now, 
would you? 

The Internet is the perfect way to explain and discuss the ultimate truth. 
It is almost impossible to get the truth across to someone in person. 
Discussions do not work. It usually starts an intense argument, and the 
truth does not have a chance. It makes everyone involved look stupid, 
even if you have a civilized discussion. The ultimate truth should not be 
discussed in person at all; it should be checked out alone, and after you 
understand it, spread on the Internet anonymously. 

Whole picture: The best thing to do is just tell everyone you can reach 
on the Internet to read The Present. Helping to spread the truth is what 
you need to do. 

Tell people at every website you visit; link in 
forums, social networking, blogs, video comments, newsletters, etc. 

People who see the truth need to spread it, or it will die before it gets 
going. There are thousands of forums and newsgroups. People just 
need to join them and tell people to go to the Truth Contest. Do not 
worry about doing it more than once; repetition is necessary. 

It is better to spend your time making a lot of comments to spread the 
truth than spending that time defending something the books say, or 
trying to explain something to someone. It is okay to do it once or even 
twice with the same person, just to break up the monotony of making 
comments, to talk to yourself on a subject, but more than doing it a little 
bit of the time is a waste of time. 


One good way to get a link to the Truth Contest on forums is to copy a 
part of The Present that addresses what the forum is tall<ing about, and 
post it with where you got the quote from, as shown below. 

(excerpt) - from The Present, a free book at 
What do you think about this? Agree or disagree? 

You can also post comments on Youtube videos directing people to the 
website. Since you cannot put a link in Youtube comments, you can say 
something like this: 

If you are seeking a new and different explanation of the truth that 
makes sense, search for "Truth Contest" in Google and click the 1st 
result, then click on "The Present" and read what it says. This is truth 
you can check. 

You can make specific comments to fit any video, or use general 
comments like the one above. You can also make dozens of Youtube 
accounts and get into the top comment position by voting up your 
comment and voting down other top comments. 

One way to tell people to go to the contest is to copy and paste the 
following letter in an email or a facebook message: 

(Subject): A life-changing book about truth 

Have you read the short book "The Present" yet? It's available free 
here. Just go to the website: - click on the entry 
called "The Present." What it says will turn this world around if it reaches 
enough people. You will see what I mean when you read the first page. 

Code name: Open a new, free account with Gmail or the other free 
email services under a code name. It is fast, easy and anonymous. You 
do it anonymously, because most people will read just enough of the 
book to get mad. Only about one in twenty five people will understand it, 
even if they read the whole thing, so spreading the truth anonymously is 
essential. We are doing battle with the devil. Jesus got nothing but hate 
when he tried to spread the truth, except from a few followers who did 
not know what he was talking about, so you should not expect many, if 
any, positive responses at first, but planting the seeds is essential to do 
now. The Internet makes spreading the truth fast, easy, safe 
and painless. 


When Jesus spread the truth, people cursed at him, spit in his face, and 
eventually tortured and l<illed him for trying to spread the truth. Thanl<s 
to the Internet, an anonymous letter, and not looking at the responses, 
we can spread the same truth he did faster and without any pain at all. 
No one should look at hate mail. A spiritual being never allows anyone 
to give them their negativity and hate. I send the letters while I am 
watching TV and do not even look at who I send them to. 

The short letter above gets most people to go to the Truth Contest. 
Send it to anyone and everyone. We want everyone to see the site, so 
just send them randomly. Just search a random subject on the Internet 
and then just go down the list. Open web pages, find their email contact, 
click on it, fill in the subject "Truth Contest" or something else that grabs 
attention, paste the letter, and send it. 

If you don't have much time to spread the truth online, help enable 
others to spread the truth online by making a donation: 

Contact the webmaster (email: for details 
and more ways to help spread the truth online, including Youtube 
commenting and group projects. 

I have a Gmail account just for sending the letters. Just do one of the 
methods above to spread the truth for a half hour per day. Make it part 
of your daily routine. If you send too many email letters too fast, they 
may shut you down. I like Gmail the best. If you know of any other free 
accounts or ways to spread truth, let me know. 

BS vs. BS: We have to use any way we can to get the truth out, 
because we are doing the people we send the message to the biggest 
possible favor, and nothing is more important. We do not have much 
time to get the word out, so work on it every day. We have to use every 
little trick we can think of to get them to look at the contest. Sometimes, 
you have to use some BS to fight BS. There is good BS and bad BS. If it 
helps reveal the truth it is good BS; if it doesn't, it is bad BS. 

Tricks: The Bible says "do not let the right hand know what the left 
hand is doing." A little sleight of hand is needed to do battle with the 
beast. We have to beat the devil at its own game. If you are a computer 
expert and can figure out how to send the letter to a few million people, 
you could save the world. 


If those African bank managers that have unclaimed millions can send emails 
to millions of people, we can too. They have been sending that BS to people 
for years, and no one has stopped tliem. If they can use the Internet to rip 
people off, we should be able to use it to spread the truth. 

Help yourself: Sending letters will help you, even if it does not help the 
people you are sending them to. You will be doing God's will by trying to 
spread the truth. Every morning, send the letters, and do your spiritual 
exercise. Having done your spiritual chores, you can go out and play. It 
is the only way to start a spiritual day. 

You have to give to take. Until everyone knows the truth in this world, you 
have to tell them it to be able to live the life. It is as if you have to earn life. 

Jesus said, "Come follow me." In other words, try and spread the truth. 

What Jesus did: Everyone that knows the truth will spread the truth 
every day, even after everyone has seen it many times. People will do it 
for themselves. To be a true Christian, you have to do as Christ did. You 
have to spread the ultimate truth, just as he did. Very few people liked 
what he was saying, and it will be no different now, because we are 
saying the same thing. The only difference is, we do not have to do it in 
person. If you want to feel like Jesus (live in grace), you have to spread 
the truth. If you are not doing it, you are not a true follower of Jesus, 
because that is what he did and why he did it. When he said come 
follow me, he meant it. If you want to be as he is, you have to do what 
he did. Everyone does until the world turns into a heaven or you die and 
go to one in your next life. You do not do it exactly like he did, because 
he did not have the Internet; we do. 

Teach to learn: You have to teach the truth you know to others to learn 
new truth. If you do not, you do not progress. This is why Jesus said, 
"come follow me." It means what it says. People have it backwards and 
think they have to learn it completely themselves before they try to 
teach others. This is a mind trick to stop the truth from being revealed, 
because people who do not teach what they know will never know the 
ultimate truth themselves, and the truth will not spread. 

It is like a step ladder, the stairway to heaven. When you get on the the 
first step, first see truth others cannot see, you must spread it to take 
the next step; it is the next step. This may be the most important 
hidden truth, because it is the start of the path that leads to a heaven 
for you, and a heaven on Earth. 


Works: With the quest to get to a heaven, you just need to be studying 
and spreading the truth to get there, so that is why the truth gets priority; 
it is all you need. It leads to the life sooner or later. You do not push 
that, cannot push that, you just let it happen while learning and 
spreading the truth, because that is in your control, not the life. True life 
is a gift or a reward for doing the work of learning and spreading the 
truth. The life comes after you have spread the truth enough to have 
achieved it, and it will not come sooner, no matter how much you try 
with meditation and other spiritual exercises. 

Escape this realm: I hope you never find yourself in a desperate 
situation, but they exist in this world, and what goes around comes 
around, and will come around again for everyone that does not escape 
this realm. You do it by working to change it with the truth. It either 
changes, or you do. The result is the same; you escape it. 

Build the collective unconscious: The more people that see the Truth 
Contest and read The Present, the more that will do it. The more people 
that wake up, the more people that will be able to wake up. This is 
because the ultimate truth gets stronger in the collective unconscious. It 
gets stronger and makes it easier for people to see the truth. It will 
snowball, but until then, seers like us need to work. 

Critical mass: For a while, the ultimate truth will move unseen 
underground just on the Internet (it is happening now). If we work hard 
and grind away (send a lot of letters and comments), at some point, 
enough people will have awoken for mankind to reach a kind of critical 
mass. When this happens, there will be an explosion in the truth and the 
life, and just about everyone will wake up in the twinkling of an eye. 

Turn the tables: Ninety-percent of the Internet is used for pornography, 
to sell products, spread gossip, and rip people off. That is not what it 
was created for. It was created subconsciously by God for one ultimate 
purpose, and that is to spread the ultimate truth. We are going to turn 
the tables on the devil/mind, and use its greatest creation (the Internet) 
to reveal the devil/mind and banish it from the Earth, but we have to do 
it fast if we are going to do it at all. 


Numbers game: Do not reply or even read what is sent back, because 
the letter or comment is just meant to get them to go to the contest and 
read this bool<. If they read it, they will make their comments directly to 
me or the contest site. If they do not read the book or understand the 
book, they will not have anything nice to say, so why read it? There are 
a lot of fools and fanatics out there, and it is best not to waste any time 
on them. Just use your time wisely and send as many letters as you 
can. Most people you send a letter to will not read it or go to the contest; 
it is a numbers game. We have to send out a lot of letters to get one 
person to read the book, and only about one in twenty five that read it 
are ready to see the truth in it. 

Silent treatment: Most people will just say nothing and not be 
interested. How can people not be interested in their own life and 
death? What is more important? It is the most unbelievable thing. This 
shows the power of hypnosis and the illusion. 

Seed planters: We are planting seeds of truth. Jesus said that some 
seeds will fall on rocks and not grow; others will fall where they will be 
trampled on, but some will fall on good soil and grow and multiply a 
thousand fold. 

The prophet: The absolute truth is the "now." I like "the truth is the 
present," because it adds a factor to the now. It says the now is a gift, 
which it is. People waste their life contemplating the words of old 
inspired prophets instead of updating, defining, and spreading the truth 
and the life. You know enough now to work on defining and spreading 
the truth and the life. It is the purpose, the path of everyone that wants 
to take the next step in evolution. You take the next step by actually 
taking the step; you actually do something, walk down the path so to 
speak. You become fishers of men. You are not doing it unless you 
are working to spread the truth every day. 

It is the life of the prophet. You must become a prophet; move from just 
the mankind you were born into this life as to a prophet. You give birth 
to yourself this time. You become the son of yourself, of your mind. The 
Bible calls it the son of man, which means the son of mind. 


Becoming a prophet of truth and life is the next step for manl<ind to 
tal<e. If enough people do it, it will turn this world into a heaven. If 
most people do not, this world will not change into heaven, but that 
doesn't matter to a prophet, because if you do your work, when you 
die physically, you will be reborn into a world that is a heaven. It will 
probably be here on Earth after it has become a heaven. To you, it 
will be instant with no time passing in between death and birth, but it 
could take millions of years for mankind to make the change. So 
what? You will go to heaven soon. 

I will give unto every one of you according to your works. 
(Revelation 2:22-23) 

Why you give: It is important to understand that you can be 100% 
committed to something without working on it all the time, or giving all 
you have. For example, you can be completely committed to a marriage 
without being physically with the person you are married to all the time. 
You have to do other things, such as work, put time into your pets, 
children, friends, home, neighbors, relatives, etc. You have a balance 
and give to other parts of your life, because indirectly it helps the 
marriage. You give the marriage as much of your time as you can. It is 
the same with being completely committed to the truth of life. You can 
be 100% committed to it and be a hundred percent committed to the 
rest of your life, because it is the big picture that covers everything else, 
the foundation for everything else. 

You work on it as much as you can directly, but live it all the time. You 
work on it directly every day for a half hour minimum, because that gets 
you in touch with it everyday, and that is important to keep you on the 
path. It makes the other 23.5 hours different. 

You also give all you can financially, 10% minimum, for the same 
reason. It is necessary to make giving to the Unifying Truth Project a 
constant part of your life. It makes receiving the divine truth a constant 
part of your life. You become the truth and life in time if you are 
consistently committed to giving time and money to spreading it. This 
transformation happens even though you are spending 90% of your 
money and over 90% of your time on other things. 


I understand that some people cannot afford to give anything. If that is 
true, you do not have to give anything, and you will still be as committed 
as you can be to the truth and the life, and become the truth and life. It 
is all about giving a small percentage of your time and money 
consistently over time. That is what causes you to actually change into a 
new being, an immortal spiritual being, like Jesus was. 

I give more of my time and money than the minimum; I give almost all 
my time and money to it, because I am in a position in life that I can do it 
now. I did not used to do it all the time. Jesus did not do it full time until 
he was thirty. What I am trying to explain here is it is not necessary to 
give all you have to be completely committed to it, but you have to give 
a percentage consistently, when you can. 

Proactive: The time to just study is past. It is now time to study and 
spread what you have learned and now know. You live what you know 

as much as you can, but you cannot live it without studying it, and most 
importantly, actively trying to spread what you know for at least a half 
hour every day. You are what you do. A prophet spreads the truth; that 
is what defines a prophet. 

People are hypnotized to not be able to see the truth, so it will take 

Check it out: Anyone can check the things said in The Present and 

learn that they are true, but the hypnosis makes them believe they 
already know the truth, so they do not bother to check it. They do not 
really know the truth, because if they did, they would enter the contest. 
People should notice this, but they do not. 

Whole picture: For people to understand the truth, they have to get the 
whole picture, and only a book like this one can give it to them. This 
book is the absolute minimum that needs to be said for people to get it, 
and most need to read it more than once. I know this because it started 
out much shorter, just ten pages. I liked it better, but no one got it. 
Trying to tell someone the ultimate truth without the supporting 
information just does not work. 

Like mercury: The truth is like mercury and will slip through your 
fingers. You have to surround it with the knowledge of how things work. 
You have to corner it before you can see it and live in it. This is why you 
need to read the whole book. 


Talking to yourself: When you talk to others, you really are just talking 
to yourself until the time is right for others to wake up, but it is important 
to talk to yourself by talking to others as much as possible. You know 
what is logical and what is not. You know what the evidence supports 
and does not support. If you stop talking to yourself by trying to reach 
others with the truth, you lose the truth yourself. The lower collective 
unconscious where mankind is now and all the lower animals on Earth 
are will suck you down to their level if you do not keep talking about the 
truth and the life. You do it for yourself by trying to tell others. 

Your reward is true life, and it comes directly from working on spreading 
the truth. The more you spread it, the more you get it. The love you 
take is equal to the love you make, and you make the most love with 
the truth you spread. Even if no one gets it, you do, and that is why you 
really do it. Other people will only get it when they get it, and when they 
start working to spread it like you. It is so magical the way it happens, 
and it is so obvious once you have been doing it seriously and 
consistently for about six months. When you get someone else to do it, 
it makes a major life improvement. The life just starts pouring in even 
when you do not work at it, because you get the benefit of their work, 
because you found them. The intelligence in the universe just knows 
everything you do, and pays you for doing it in true fulfilling life. 

The coin of the realm: Life is the coin of the spiritual realm. Spreading 
the truth and finding others to spread it is how you earn it. It is just a 
perfect system, and it leads to the best life here and heaven after death. 
How can you beat that deal? 

Jesus said, "A prophet is never recognized in their own village." 

Socializing: You can share the ultimate truth with your mate or close 
friends in person if they have read the book and see life the same way 
you do. If they do not, you have to meet them at their level of 
awareness. If people cannot come to where you are, you have to go 
where they are. You do this if you want to enjoy your time with them and 
want them to enjoy their time with you. It is only good manners, the 
loving thing to do. People like their own reflection, so just reflect 
whatever they are projecting back at them. You do not impersonate 
them; you just take what they feel and how they think, and reflect it 
through your own personality. You reflect back at them a better version 
of themselves. You just agree with them mentally and emotionally. It is 
the kind thing to do, and spiritual people are always kind. 


A spiritual person never lies to another person who knows the truth, but 
people that live in the mind cannot handle the truth. You have to play 
the mind game they are playing. That is the way it is and will be until 
everyone learns the truth. 

Save people: When you put your hands on a conversation and try to 
control it, you are selling something, and you should never try to sell the 
truth in a social situation. You just live in the present and take what they 
are putting out, add true life and fulfillment to it (the present), and reflect 
it back to them. If they are into sports, music, religion, whatever, you just 
be in it with them. Why not? You can only give as much truth and life as 
other people are able to receive. Everyone is on his or her own 
evolutionary level and you cannot change that. 

It is like the problem scientists have studying things on the 
quantum level; the very act of looking at it changes it, so it is 
impossible to see it. 

Destroy the present: You have to be yourself, but on whatever level is 
in the air when socializing. You cannot talk about the present without 
destroying it in the process. When socializing, you talk about light 
subjects. You do not have to think to do it, so you can do it in the 
present. It is always better to live in the present than talk about it, and 
you really cannot do both unless you both know the truth. 

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him/her drink. 

When you learn the ultimate truth, you just start living in it and doing 
what you did before you knew it. The only difference is that you begin to 
live life consciously. 

All you have to do is remember everything balances, so there is no 
reason not to enjoy every single moment of your life, no matter 
what is happening. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Now is Our Chance 

Win-win is the way, the only way to create a heaven on Earth, and we 
have to do it now, or we will miss our small window of opportunity. 

We have to do what is in our Constitution and Declaration of 

The definition of an American is someone that lives by our Constitution 
and Declaration of Independence. Example: If you are a racist, you are 
not a true American, because one of the documents true Americans live 
by says all men are equal. To be a true American, you have to believe in 
justice and equality for everyone in the world and work to give it to them. 
If you do not, you cannot call yourself an American. Everyone in public 
office swears to uphold our Constitution; they all just have to really do 
what they have already sworn they would do. 

He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, 
and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an 
impartial eye. Buddha. 

Technically, you are an American if you are born in America or become a 
citizen, but you are not a real American as defined by our founding fathers 
unless you believe in truth, justice, equality and freedom for all. You have 
to live as the Constitution and Declaration of Independence dictate to be a 
real American. Nothing could be more un-American than racism. 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. 

The documents that America was founded on and all true Americans 
will fight for says "all men are created equal." Not just white men or even 

just Americans; it says all men are created equal. It says what it says, 
and a real American lives by those words. If you do not, you are not a 
real American. Even the people that wrote those words did not live up to 
them, but we have to now to survive. 

Written for now: The truth in those documents, just like the truth in 
religious books, was written for now. In the past, almost no one could 
live up to their ideals; now almost everyone can. Everything done in the 
past was done for now. It took mankind a long time to get into the 
position where we could live up to our ideals, to see the truth and live in 
that truth, but we have finally made it. 


Fourscore and seven years ago, our founding fathers brought forth 
on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated 
to the proposition that all men are created equal. Abraham Lincoln 

People that believe in censorship and do not believe in freedom of the press 
and other things in those documents, such as separation of religion and state, 
are not true Americans. An American is defined by those sacred documents. 

We create win-win situations from now on in everything we do. 

We need people like General Grove who ran the Manhattan Project that 
developed the nuclear bomb during World War II to run the new free energy 
project. We could use the military's expertise in controlling manpower and 
organization by putting tinem in cliarge of all tine big, new public worlds 
projects, such as the solar power system, in our country and other countries. 

The biggest, most expensive dam in the world, China's Three Gorges 
Dam, cost twenty two billion dollars and employed half a million people 
for ten years. It now produces cheap electricity for ten million homes 
and businesses. It also prevents floods that have killed millions and will 
provide irrigation to produce enough food to feed millions of people. 
That twenty two billion was well spent. 

Just think how much good we could do with the money we are 
wasting away. We need to fix our country, then other countries. 

Instead of dropping billions of dollars on the military to kill, we should just 
drop the billions of dollars from airplanes. As Abraham Lincoln said, the 
best way to defeat an enemy is to make a friend out of them. 

Once Americans see the way, they will go that way. It's that simple. 

Heaven on Earth: All the wars that have ever been fought, the rivers of 
blood that have been spilled, have been just for one purpose, and that is 
to create a heaven on Earth now. All the soldiers that have ever fought 
and died in any war did it to get us to where we are now. Everything we 
have done, good or bad, has just been for this one purpose, whether we 
consciously knew it or not. If we do not do what we need to do now, it 
will all have been for nothing. Soldiers are soldiers; it does not matter 
what side they were on. They all believed in a cause and thought they 
were doing the right thing. They have been victims of the beast. 


Follow through: If we do not go the distance and follow through, all the 
soldiers that died in all the wars will have died for nothing. What an 
incredible waste our time on Earth will have been. We are playing for all 
the marbles now. 

The time is right: All the battles, blood spilled, suffering and death in 
the past did not fundamentally change things, because the time was not 
right. It could not happen then. What it did do is get us to where we are 
now, and the time is right now, so their sacrifice will not have been in 
vain if we follow through. 

This is the greatest and most important opportunity in history, period. 

The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people 
who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything 
about it. Albert Einstein 

America is asleep at the wheel, and if we do not wake up soon, 
we crash. 

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall 
pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any 
friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the 
success of liberty. John F. Kennedy 

Kill solar power: When and if the price of oil drops, it will not kill solar 
power this time, because it will not be in the hands of the free market. 
Even if they start giving oil away for free (like sunshine), it will not stop 
or even slow down the conversion to solar power as it has done many 
times in the past. The free market is controlled by money, by profits, and 
we are not going to convert to solar power for money and profits, even 
though it will be the most profitable thing in history. 

When America wakes up and sees the truth, they will see we have to do 
it and do it fast, just to survive. 

Nature will kill us just for not paying attention. 

As I point out later, we need a world government just to survive genetic 
engineering and other new technologies that will kill us if they are not 


We live in a dangerous world, and we have to stop living like a 
bunch of morons just to survive as a species for much longer. 
We have no choice. 

After we unite the world, we need to put most of our money into down-to- 
Earth science and pure research to make life safer and better for everyone. 
Wasting money on things that will not really help us will l<ill us. 

How can people think we can survive without facing the truth? 

It is impossible; it is certain destruction and the ultimate waste. Even if 
everyone woke up, and we started spending all our money on the right 
things, our survival would still be a close call, but if we do not wake up, 
we will have no chance at all. Even if we all wake up in the next year 
and do everything right, it will still be a close call, because we have 
been living with our eyes closed for so long. 

No evil can happen to a good man, either In life or after death. Plato 

If a lot of people learn the truth in the next few years, the odds are really good 
that we will create a heaven on Earth. If most people do not learn the truth, 
the human race will be destroyed, so I think we will learn the truth. 

The odds are we will create a heaven on Earth; the odds are with us. 

If we do not live in the truth, the human race will be destroyed, and we 
will not go to heaven when we die, so we have to live in the truth. It is 
the only chance we have and the only chance mankind has. When you 
live in the truth, you work for the best, but are always prepared for the 
worst. It does not matter if it is a bomb, a car accident, or old age that 
kills you; you are just as dead. Therefore, the only thing that really 
matters is that we live in the truth and the life and do the right thing 
while we are here. 

We all are going to die no matter what we do, so we have to do the 
things that transcend death while we are living, or nothing else we 
do will matter. 

What happens to the Earth is not in our control. It is in the absolute 
control of God/life, the balancing force, and as long as we know it and 
live in the truth and the life, we cannot lose. The only thing we can do is 
open our eyes and do the will of God or die trying. All we can do is see 
and try to do the best we can. 


The truth forces people to look at the hard facts and make 
big decisions. 

In this world, about two people die every second in one way or another. 
The world ends every time someone dies, because it ends for them. 
The world is going to end for you no matter what. It ended for everyone 
that was born more than a hundred and fifty years ago, so it is not 
something that can be avoided. 

Since death cannot be avoided, the only thing that matters is that you 
are reborn in heaven after you die. If we create one here, you will be 
back here. 

Rule of the beast: The animals have ruled this world for seven-hundred 
million years. We now have a small opportunity to change that forever. It 
took us about seven-hundred million years to get into this position, so to 
not take advantage of it would be the biggest mistake we can make. It 
should be our top priority. 

The only thing that matters is that we end the domination of animals on this 
planet while we can. Then when we die, we will be reborn instantly from our 
perspective into a heaven. If we succeed in turning the Earth into a heaven, 
we will come right back here. If we do not learn the truth, and there is still 
animal life on Earth, we will come back here as one of them. 

Dominion over the animals: The Bible says in Genesis that God gave 
us dominion over the animals of the Earth, or the beasts of the Earth. It 
is not talking about the animals outside our heads; it is talking about the 
beast within. It has not happened in the past, but the Bible is about now. 
The truth gives us dominion. 

If this world never turns into a heaven, the people that do not learn the 
truth and the life before they die will come back here in the near future 
also. Their life could be just like it is now, or a lot worse if the conditions 
have gotten worse. 

If people remain animals (mankind), when they die, they are reborn 
back here, and the balance will determine their circumstances. If their 
life was very good this time, it will be really bad next time. If their life 
was really bad this time, it will be really good next time. Most people will 
be in the middle, and their lives will be much like it is now. However, if 
they learn and deny the truth, they go to hell, the bottom of the food 
chain as described in this book in the section on hell. 


The evidence: It is what the evidence says will happen because it has 
happened before. The only thing we l<now for sure is we were born 
here, and we are living this life. There is no evidence that anything else 
happens or that anything else can happen, so the odds are very high 
that it will happen again. 

The evidence says, we have died and been reborn in the animal 
realm millions of times in the past on this planet. The evidence 
also says, for the first time, we can be reborn in a new realm, the 
realm of God on this planet. 

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth. Matthew 6:10 

If we have to die doing it, it does not matter. All that matters is that we 
do it or try to do it while we can, and we go to heaven, a place above 
animal life. 

The truth is scary: The truth is scary, but it is the truth, and it has to be 
brought out into the light, especially the scary parts of it. It is the truth, 
the whole truth, that sets you free. The real truth gets you to a real 
heaven. BS gets you BS. 

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real 
tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. Plato 

Comfort zone: People only want to read things that entertain them, 
make them feel good, reassure them that everything is okay. No one 
wants to do or face anything uncomfortable. This book is not that kind of 
book. This book is about the truth, the whole truth, because it is our only 
hope. This book is only scary and uncomfortable until you see the 
ultimate truth; then you will love what it says. 

Spirit food: Most books feed just the mind; that is what makes them 
popular. Books that are intended to feed the spirit, like this one, also 
have to feed the mind just to be read, but it will never be as enjoyable to 
read as a book that just tries to please the mind. I have to tell you things 
you will not like to tell the truth. 

It is not the taste of the medicine; it is what it does that matters. 

The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion 
and the will to help others. Albert Schweitzer 


Big changes: At this time in history, we have to mal<e big changes, or 
the little changes we make are not going to matter. If we don't, we will 
go extinct, and that is the biggest change there is, so we have no choice 
but to mal<e the changes. 

The Bible says to "fight the good fight." 

Our job is to feed everyone. We need to feed everyone's body (with 
food), their minds (with truth) and their spirits (with life). If we do it, 
we will create heaven on Earth. The Bible says we have to do it, 
and we have to start now. 

The definition of a spiritual being: A human being that knows the 
truth and the life and lives in the present; a being that is fulfilled, filled 
with truth and life, God/life. A being that has separated its spiritual-self 
from its mind-self. Spiritual beings have control over their minds; 
mankind does not. All life is a cherished gift from the perspective of a 
spiritual being, even the bad things. A spiritual being always does the 
right thing, regardless of personal cost or danger. People have to die 
anyway, no matter what. That is the rub, as they say. 

If you are not prepared to die, you had better get prepared, because it is 
going to happen one way or another, and it will be soon, no matter what 
anyone does. 

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully 
is prepared to die at any time. Mark Twain 

Bags are packed: A spiritual being knows the truth and the life, so their 
bags are packed so to speak, and they are ready to go anytime they 
have to. 

Big picture: A spiritual being lives in the present and always sees the 
big picture. By big picture, I mean we see past death, and we do what 
we do with our next lifespan and all future life spans in mind. Death is 
not the end to us; it is just a necessary bump in the road of our 
eternal lives. 

No big deal: We see death more as the start of a new life than the end 
of our current one. When you live in the present, you always see the big 
picture; it is self-evident. Just seeing it changes your life completely. 


The only security in life is knowing the ultimate truth. 

Truth is the only safe ground to stand on. 
Elizabeth Stanton 

The right thing: A spiritual being always knows what the right thing is, 
because they are not deceived by the irrational passions and 
deceptions of the mind. 

Can't lose: You have to know the truth in order to know what is right 
and what is wrong. We know we have to make life and death choices. 
When we do the right thing, we choose life, even if it gets us killed. 
When you live in the truth, you cannot lose. When you live in the 
deceptions of your mind, you cannot win. This is why it is important to 
check out what you currently believe the truth is. Most people will find 
that they were wrong, that they were misguided, and will change their 
ways. Everyone has to take a serious look at things and do it soon. 

The overman, who has organized the chaos of his passions, given 
style to his character and become creative, aware of life's terrors, 
he affirms life without resentment. Friedrich Nietzsche 

The goal: To transform ourselves into spiritual beings and then to 
create a heaven on Earth. It will all start with the ultimate truth being 
defined and spread. Everything else will happen as a result, so start 
sending the letters (see: Spread the Truth). 

How can people think believing in something that is not true gets 
them to a true heaven? If their truth is not real, their heaven will 
not be either. 

Have it all: America now is the most materialistic and least spiritual 
country in the world. When Americans learn the ultimate truth, they will 
become the most spiritual country almost overnight. We will have it all, 
materially and spiritually, and be in a position to give it all to the rest of 
the world and we will. 

Only the truth and the life can save mankind and create a heaven 
on Earth. 

If not us, who? If not now, when? 


"The Present - Insights" 

Modern Prophets - New Revelations 

Prophets are teachers, not leaders. 
True prophets set you free from leaders. 

The mind mix: The collective unconscious does not communicate in 
words; you do not hear voices. You get an idea or concept, and your 
own mind has to put it into words. The message has to work through the 
mind of the prophet, and mix with the mind of a prophet. 

In the case of Jesus, the revelations that came to him had to mix with 
the mind of a person that lived two thousand years ago. He is going to 
receive divine messages that mix with what people know and believe at 
that time in history, so the message will reflect what they know and 
believe. That is why he used the metaphor for heaven as a kingdom. He 
did not know about democracies. 

A prophet that lives today will receive messages or inspirations that mix 
with a modern, more knowledgeable mind. Jesus only knew what could 
be known two thousand years ago. We have learned a lot since then, so 
the new revelations of the truth are much more complete and accurate. 

Jesus said, "I did not come to destroy; I came to fulfill. Not to tear 
down, but to build up." 

Jesus built on what the prophets that came before him said. The 
prophets of today will build on what Jesus added. Prophets have been 
building on each other since the beginning, and they will continue to do 
it until everything is revealed and most people will be able to see the 
ultimate truth for the first time. 

The past cannot teach us what to do as much as what not to do. 

There is very little ultimate truth to be found in the past. Most of what 
comes from the past is false and misleading. Just studying the ancient 
prophets is not enough to realize the truth and the life; their testament is 
incomplete and distorted. You have to study the old with the new to see 
the complete picture. You just use the truth of the past as a guide to a 
new, more complete and accurate explanation of the truth. True new 
revelations build on the old revelations of the past. 


Jesus said, "The Holy Spirit will teach you what to say at the time 
when you are required to speak." 

What Jesus says above is one of the most important or revealing 
sayings in this book. It shows that Jesus knew the words he said did not 
come from him, that they passed through him, that he did not know what 
he was going to say before he said it. People have to really read what 
he says, not twist his words around. 

Anyone can be a prophet: In the saying above, Jesus is clearly 
pointing out that anyone can be a prophet if they make the connection. 
He is saying the words of the Holy Spirit will come out of your mouth if 
you let them and the time is right for you to say them. This means you 
do not need a leader, just the Holy Spirit. 

All a prophet is, is someone that can see the truth and tell others what it 
is. Everyone should be able to see the truth, because it is self-evident, 
so anyone can be a prophet. Some people are just better at seeing and 
expressing the truth than others, or they just see it first. Anyone can see 
the truth in the present (life). 

Jesus said, "If you seek, you shall find." 

When you truly start to seek, you truly start to find, just as Jesus says. If 
you do not seek, you will not find. You just have to search and have an 
open mind. 

The next best thing to finding God/life is looking for God/life. 

Seeking: The trick is to seek without seeking. When you actively try to 
learn the ultimate truth, it will not come to you, because you have to be 
in the mind to seek. You just have to love the truth above all else, and it 
will be revealed to you. 

Jesus said, "I am in all things; yet I am beyond all things. Not 
through seeking will you find me, but through peace of mind." 

Do not get me wrong, you have to dedicate yourself to finding and 
learning the truth, but it comes when you are not looking. It comes in 
between the times you are actively looking. You just have to be truly 
interested in the truth more than anything else. If you have this sincere 
and true interest, the truth will come to you. When you are not seeking, 
spread what you know. It is that simple. 


You have been deceived. There is no sin in that, but now that the 
truth has been revealed to you, denying it would be the greatest of 
all sins. 

Selling faith, selling doubt: Religions sell faith; atheists sell doubt. 
This book just says what the evidence, reason and logic says, and sells 
that which is. 

My revelations: I just do what Jesus said to do, and I learn something 
new, unknown, unseen or unacknowledged everyday. These revelations 
just come out of the air, make sense and fit in this book. This is why it is 
written so differently. 

It isn't me talking here. It comes from somewhere else, and I just write it 
down in the right place. I personally never think about the things in this 
book. I did all the thinking I needed to do, and now I do not think much, 
so I am open to new things. 

I do not plan to be a spiritual leader or anything like that. I do not plan to 
do anything else for the truth except for sending letters. I did my part 
and wrote the book. Now other people will have to do what they are 
inspired to do. I plan to just live a middle class life in obscurity. If asked, 
I will help others over the Internet. 

The only thing I plan to do is discuss the subject with people that are 
interested on the Internet. That is all anyone should do, and if a lot of 
people do it, the truth will be seen, and the world will become the 
heaven it could be and should be. 

I am a regular guy. I like to fool around with women, boats, cars, plus I 
like seeking and spreading the truth. I am not going to ever tell anyone 
who I am. I am never going to tell people my past; it does not make a 
good story. I cannot take credit or blame for the things in this book, 
because it just passed through me. 

Leaders/followers: The truth needs no leaders, just teachers. It is 
important to keep personalities out of it. Followers get dependent on 
spiritual leaders, leaders get dependent on the followers, and the truth is 
lost. The truth is, people need to lead themselves. All the truth needs is 
the Internet and work to spread it. 

Buddha's last words were, "Be a light unto yourself." 


You must take all the help you can get, and give as much help as 
you can. 

This time, the truth is not dependent on a single leader. In the past, a 
lowlife could kill a prophet and stop the truth from getting out, but not 
now. Many people have saved this book to their computers (you should 
do it now and often, because it changes often, click the "PDF" links on 
the homepage, so the seed has been planted, 
and it will grow in other people until it pops up somewhere again. I just 
opened a door, turned on a light, so people could see the truth. Now it is 
up to you to spread it and improve it. 

Use the Internet to tell people about it. All enlightened people will spend 
at least a half hour per day sending the letters, working forums, etc. The 
Internet was not created to just do what it is doing now. It is mostly 
being used for pornography and to sell products. It was actually created 
subconsciously for one ultimate purpose, and that is to spread the 
ultimate truth and help make heaven possible. 

This book is just the spark that will get people talking about the real 
truth. I am just a guy with a match that is trying to start a truth fire. 

Tuned in: I am just a tuned in guy, throwing out things I can see that no 
one else seems to see. When others start to see them, people will come 
together and better define the truth and the life. We will see the issues 
clearly for the first time and the solutions to our problems. We will then 
solve them as fast as is possible. 

It all starts by spreading the truth on the Internet (never in person). 

If the truth is not worth a half hour out of twenty four, people are not 
worthy of knowing the truth, and they deserve their fate. Lazy people 
and fools deserve what they get. If people devote a half hour a day to 
learning and spreading the truth, they will be saved and so will the 
world. Just do it, as the saying goes. 

To forget one's purpose is the commonest form of stupidity. 
Friedrich Nietzsche 


Write a book: As Paul Simon says in the song "Slip Sliding Away," the 
closer you get to the truth, the more you slip slide away from it. The 
truth makes you feel better, so you start doing better in life and are 
distracted from the truth. It is usually nothing heavy or earth shaking; it 
is just people lose interest and go off into something else. People slip 
slide away from it without even noticing they are doing it. That is why it 
helps to write your own book to stay on track. 

The only thing we all have in common is that we play tricks in 
order to force ourselves to abandon the quest. The counter- 
measure is to persist in spite of all barriers and disappointments. 
Carlos Castaneda 

Just start writing what you think the ultimate truth is and why. Work on it 
a little everyday, and it will grow, and so will your understanding of the 
truth. It keeps you on the spiritual path, so it is important, and everyone 
should do it. 

What you know: Your book will tell you what you know you know, so 
you will just concentrate on and research what you know you do 
not know. 

Your book will evolve and change as you evolve and change. 

It is like working on a clay sculpture. You add a little here, take a little 
there, until it begins to reveal the ultimate truth in a way that you 
understand it perfectly. 

I received the revelations in this book one or two sentences at a time or 
one idea at a time. One thing would just lead to another, and it just built 
into this book. Most of the time I will get just a little change to something I 
have already written. I would just write the ideas I received on a notepad 
until I got a few pages, and then I would turn on my laptop and add them to 
this book. 

The next best thing to knowing the ultimate truth is seeking it. 

Writing a book keeps you seeking and organized in your search. It leads 
directly to God/life. Doing it on a computer makes it easy. It would have 
been difficult in the past, but now you can delete and add stuff easily, and 
you can watch TV while you do it. When it gets complete enough, just send 
it to the contest, and the judges will help you refine it. Do not worry if it 
sounds a lot like this book, it will. 


Judges: Everyone that makes an entry becomes a judge, so by 
competing with the other entries, the entries keep getting better. I think 
someone is going to say what I say in this book a lot better than I do. I 
am not a writer, and I just wrote this to get the ball rolling. I expect this 
first try at it just to inspire other people that will do it better; maybe 
you will. 

I never wrote anything before and never will again. I had to write 
this book. 

I never wanted to write this book. Writing is not easy for a dyslexic 
person. I was waiting for someone else to do it, but I started to think, 
maybe no one would, and we are running out of time, so I had to just in 
case no one else was going to. 

Millions of children: The only question I have is whether I can write 
well enough for anyone else to understand what I am talking about. This 
book is the best I can do. If you can do better, it is your responsibility to 
the human race to enter the contest and enlighten everyone else. There 
are millions of children counting on us to do what we should to give 
them a decent future. We can tell the truth, and it is all they need. 

You can do it while watching TV: When you get your own mind out of 
the way, turn it off, it makes room for the universal mind or collective 
unconscious to come through you. Watching TV while writing is a good 
way to turn your mind off. 

Other books: I have revealed the hidden truth in the Bible, because 
Christianity is the religion I grew up with and know the best. Other 
people need to do the same thing with their religions and religious 
books. The truth in them is fundamentally the same, but comes from a 
different perspective, so they all should be reinterpreted now. People 
need to see the truth in their own religions. 

A new revelation is new truth. I did not know any of the things that I 
have put in this book before they came to me. I just filled in the blanks 
as they appeared. 

Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, there stands a 
mighty ruler. An unknown sage - whose name is self. In your body 
he dwells. There is more reason in your body than in your best 
wisdom. Friedrich Nietzsche 


The key is to not think much. As John Lennon said, you need a blank 
sheet of paper before you can put anything new on it. You have to get 
the bats out of the belfry, make room for daddy, and make room for 
something new to come to you. 

You have to have the desire to receive the truth for it to come, but 
thinking about it does not make it happen. It is when you stop thinking 
that it comes. 

Jesus said, "I am in all things; yet I am beyond all things. Not 
through seeking will you find me, but through peace of mind." 

When a revelation is true, it makes sense and fits into a pattern, which 
has continuity. It is also true for everyone, all the time. That is how you 
know it is true. 

Writing this book is the most amazing thing I have ever done, because I 
watched it grow almost by itself. I write it, but it comes from outside my 
own mind, from the universal mind or Holy Spirit. 

When people read the new revelations in this book they will think, "I knew that," 
because many revelations come to many people at about the same time. 

Deep down, everyone knows the truth, because all it is, is reality, and it is 
self-evident once you begin to wake up. People are just beginning to be 
able to see things as they truly are. 

The revelations are just passing through me and this book to 
reach you. 

They are for you as much as they were for me. If you are ready to 
receive them, you will understand what I am saying. If not, you will think 
I am crazy. 

Automatic writing: Most of the revelations just came to me while I was 
doing something else, mostly while watching TV or listening to music. 

Jesus said, "The words I speak are not my own but the Father's." 


All things that come from beyond the mind come from what Jesus calls 
the Father. Jesus said many times that what he says does not come 
from him, but from the Father, and it comes via the Holy Spirit. I call the 
Holy Spirit the collective unconscious, because it is a more accurate 
description of what it actually is. It was called the Holy Ghost until just 
recently, but was changed to the Holy Spirit because it was more 
accurate. It now should be called the collective unconscious, because it 
is more accurate than Holy Spirit. 

Jesus said, "I have many more things to tell you, but you cannot 
understand them now, but when the Holy Spirit comes, the Spirit of 
Truth, it will guide you all in truth. When the Spirit comes, he will 
make all things clear to you." 

Jesus was hearing what he was saying for the first time as he said it, 
just as the people listening to him were. Revelations just pass through 
ordinary people. 

John and Yoko were taking pictures in central park for a coffee table 
book they were creating. A reporter asked him: "What makes you think 
just because you are a great song writer that you can also be a great 
photographer?" John answered: "Because it is the same thing. You 
have to know what a great song or picture is before you can write a 
great song or take a great picture." 

Knowing intuitively: You have to know what a great or real revelation 
is before you can write a book of ultimate truth or translate and interpret 
what other prophets have said in the past. It is a gift that just comes to 
you, if you want it. This is why people that came after Jesus lived 
misinterpreted and distorted what he said. They interpreted what he 
said through their uninspired minds, and they made his sayings say 
what they thought the truth was or thought he really said, not what he 
actually said or meant. 

Religions just have to separate the truth from the BS in the Bible, 
but they have to wake up and know the difference first. 


The Holy Trinity: A good example of a revelation coming out of 
nowhere is when I learned what the Holy Trinity means. The Church 
teaches that God is three beings in one, which makes no sense. There 
is Jesus the son, the Holy Spirit, and God the father. They are separate 
and one at the same time. I can explain it for the first time. Human 
beings are also three in one. We are mind, body and spirit. The trinity is 
a reflection of us. 

The son of God = a spiritual being in a human body. 

The Holy Spirit = the collective unconscious mind. 

God the father = the creator, the power behind and source of everything. 

Jesus the son represents our physical body in the physical world, just as 
Jesus was a physical man in this world. The Holy Spirit represents our 
collective unconscious mind, which connects the physical world to the 
spiritual world through inspiration and revelations. God the father 
represents where everything comes from, the source of life, the 
balancing force, and everything and nothing. They are three separate 
beings that make up one being. 

Our image: As I pointed out earlier, God did not create us in his image 
as the Bible says. The opposite is the truth. We subconsciously created 
God in our image, including the three separate parts of us. God is in us, 
is us, when we realize the truth and the life. Now you know. It makes 
total sense when you can see it clearly, just like everything else. 

The Catholic Church says that the church represents the body of Christ, 
the bread of life, which is taken in communion to remind us of our 
spiritual nature. Is it just another coincidence? 

Jesus said, "I came to rouse men to spiritual conflict. Do not think 
that I have come to give peace on the earth. No, but rather division." 

Come together: Jesus and the other prophets of the past did a good 
job. The world has been divided and in spiritual conflict. It was 
necessary for us to evolve, but the time has come to do the opposite 
and unite the parts of life, see the whole and come together. 

Christ-like: To come together, we have to all become Christ-like, or 
have Christ consciousness as they say in the east. 


Jesus said, "Therefore I say that if one is unified, one will be filled 
with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness." 

Mankind's spirit is divided from the spirit of God/life by our minds. By 
using the mind against itself, truth against deception, it will be 
overcome, and our spirit will unite with God/life, the creator or source of 
all life. 

Jesus said, "A kingdom that is divided against itself cannot stand." 

Jesus said. If Satan is divided against himself, then how will his 
kingdom stand? And if Satan has risen up against himself, he 
cannot stand, but he will come to an end. 

In other words, you have to use your mind against itself, truth against 
deception. We need the mind to get rid of deception. It is "the way" 
Jesus is talking about. 

Jesus said, "When you make the two one, you will be called sons 
of men." 

To make yourself one with God, you have to use the mind and truth to 
do it. 

The Bible says that Christ will slay the Antichrist with truth. 

When people learn the truth and the life, they will have the mind of 
Christ and will use the truth against the forces of deception to banish 
deception from the earth. 

Jesus and the other prophets of the past caused division. It was needed 
to progress and evolve. The new, fully evolved modern prophets will do 
the opposite of the prophets of the past and unite people, and it is time 
to get started. 


Prophets and madmen: Society is so screwed up that most prophets 
are seen as insane, and the insane are seen as prophets. The truth is 
seen as lies, and lies are seen as the truth. 

The opposite factor: It is a great tool for revealing the ultimate truth. 
You just have to look at the exact opposite of what most people think to 
find the truth. 

St. Peter, the founder of the Christian church said, "You have to see the 
opposite of what you now see to enter heaven." It is the real reason he 
was crucified upside down; it is a sign. 

We become the exact opposite of the way people are now. 
See, Acts of Peter, XXXVIII 

People, mankind, are living as their false, mortal mind-self, and they 
should be living as their immortal spiritual-self, the exact opposite of the 
way they are now. 

This book can turn people's perception of the world right side-up. 

The mind has everyone seeing life upside-down or backwards. People need 
to go through the looking glass, see the mirror image of life to see it truly. 
Example: This is the biggie; most religions say that God is found in another 
place and time, that you have to wait until you die to see God. 

Mankind is dead now. The truth is, God is here now, and you have to be 
alive, not dead. You have to be more alive than people are now to see 
God. God is not invisible as religions say. The exact opposite is true. God 
is the most visible thing in the universe, because everything you see, 
touch, hear and smell is God. God is everything, everywhere, all the time. 

People think God is something extraordinary; God is the ordinary. The 
ordinary is extraordinary when you see it without the mind's interference. 


Magic is in every moment of life; you just need to realize the truth 
to see it. 

This is how you know when you know the truth. If you see the magic, 
you know it. If you do not see the magic in every moment, you do not 
know it yet. 

There are no miracles. It is all a miracle. 

Many eastern religions say you have to look in to find yourself, that the 
truth is within. The exact opposite is the truth. 

People think living on the edge is the most interesting; living in the 
center is the most interesting. 

People think, the more you think, the more you know. The opposite is 
true; the less you think, the more you know. This is because the less 
you think, the more you experience life, and the more you experience 
life, the more you will know the truth of life. 

It is interesting that most of the word "know" is "now." 

People think the spirit is light; it actually has more in common with 

Kids think that life will be better when they grow up. Grown-ups think life 
was better when they were kids. 

People think life is very complicated. The truth is, it is very simple. 

Religious people think that you have to sacrifice this life to get to heaven 
in the next. The opposite is the truth. You have to enjoy this life as much 
as possible in order to get to heaven in the next. You have to enjoy true 
life, not the mind's delusion of life; not animal life, but spiritual life, real 
life, true life, divine life. If you do not have the greatest possible life this 
time, you will not get to heaven in the next. It is all or nothing. 

True religion is real living. 
Albert Einstein 

People are seeing the exact opposite of the truth and believing it is the 
truth, so they could not be more wrong or farther away from the truth. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Living and Dying 

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. 
John Lennon 

Planning for the future: When most people are young adults, they put 
a lot of their effort into preparing for their future. The problem is that the 
future never really comes. After middle age, they may or may not have 
money, but they no longer have youth and the illusion of a dream future. 

People start to realize that their dreams are not going to come true, at 
least not like they dreamed them. Or people did what they set out to do, 
and it was not what they thought and hoped it would be; it did not satisfy 
them for very long. They start reminiscing about the good old days that 
really were not that good. People go from fantasizing about the future to 
fantasizing about the past. They miss the present altogether. People live 
their whole life without really living at all. Their friends start to die, and 
their health starts to go. They start to see that they are heading for 
sickness, old age and death. 

It starts to dawn on them that their life has passed them by, and they 
are heading for the abyss without a clue. Then they tell their kids to do 
the same thing they were taught, because they do not know what else 
to tell them. So it goes, passed down from one generation to the next, 
the sins of the father passed down, the blind leading the blind as the 
Bible says. It is tragic and no longer necessary. 

Jesus said, "If a blind man leads a blind man, they will both fall 
into a pit." 

Prime of life: We may live an average of about seventy five years, but 
our prime of life is considerably shorter. For most men, it is about ten 
years. For most women, it is only about five years, because youth and 
physical beauty matter so much. 

All this effort is to prepare for a future that is sandwiched between youth 
and old age. Those few years are not that great, even for the people that 
are lucky enough to succeed in their plans; even the one in a million that 
realizes their childhood dreams is disappointed. What is the point? Even for 
those few for whom the big dream comes true, those who become famous 
in sports or show business, it only lasts a few years for most of them. 


A spiritual being is in the prime of life all the time. Time does not 
exist; it is a mind created illusion. All there is is the present all the 
time. When you wake up to the truth, time stops from your 
perspective. You just live life. 

I am not saying that people should not prepare for the future. You have 
to do something with your life, and getting an education that will help 
others and help yourself is the thing to do. Working to help others and 
yourself is also the right way to spend your time (present). You can do 
those things and take care of yourself spiritually at the same time. 
Success and money will come and go, no matter what you do, but life is 
always with you, so it is all that really matters. 

Jesus said, "You should seek God first, and all these things will be 
added to you. Do not be anxious about tomorrow; tomorrow will 
take care of itself." 

In other words, if you take complete care of the present, you are taking 
care of the long term at the same time. It is the perfect way to live, the 
only way to live. 

The next best thing to finding God/life is looking for God/life. 

If you take care of the present (live in the present), the future will take 
care of itself, as the saying goes. Always give the present priority over 
the future or the past, and you will be on the right path, the path to 
heaven. Living in the present does not mean that you do not know the 
past and the future. You have to know the true past and true future in 
order to know the truth and live in the present. 

Live every moment, like it is your last dance on earth. 
Carlos Castaneda 

Even though people are always thinking about the past and the future, 
they do not see it truly. The mind is preventing people from seeing the 
present, and it is also preventing people from seeing the true past and 
future. The mind is the problem. Drop your mind, and the past and the 
future cease to exist. 

No one really looks past fifty years. What happens then? 

Many people do not think past the next fifty or sixty years, or past death, 
because they think it is a long way off, or that there is no hope. They 
think dead means dead or they believe in a myth. They could not be 
more wrong. People say to take the long view but actually never really 
do. They think fifty years is the long view. It isn't. 


When you know you are going to die and life is short, shouldn't you 
prepare for it? Doesn't having a long-term plan make sense? 

Someone once said, "People live in quiet desperation." The truth is, they 
live in ignorance. People are so busy playing mind games that they 
never see or even imagine that there is really another way, a way to a 
place that is better than any dream you ever had. 

Ignorance is not bliss. It is the cause of all misery. 

We have to know the truth in order to walk the path to heaven. The truth 
is the path. You have to be able to see the path, all of it, before you can 
go where you really want to go. Almost everyone is lost. Most people 
just do not know it, which makes them even more lost. The definition of 
being lost is not knowing where you are and/or where you are going. 
That makes just about everyone lost. Only the truth and the life can 
show you the way, because it is the way, the only way to true life, 
here/now and heaven after you die. You can find it in the present. 

The saddest thing is someone dying without ever living. 

Lie and die: People live their lives living a lie, and then they die in a lie. 
I was watching a talk show about people that know they are going to die 
soon and how they are dealing with it. Everyone on the show was acting 
like they had come to terms with it. They said they have come to an 
understanding with their death and are now okay with it. They are facing 
death with courage, understanding and a positive attitude. They are not 
telling the truth. 

You cannot bring anyone on a talk show to talk about death if they are going 
to be honest about it, because it will not be good entertainment. A talk show's 
purpose is to make people feel better, not necessarily to tell the truth. 

It is interesting that "lie" and "die" are so close to the same thing. 

The people on the show are doing the best they can do, because no one 
knows the truth, but it is not honest. No one is okay with their impending 
death. The truth is, it is life's ultimate nightmare, even if you know the truth 
and the life. 


Your death is your ultimate niglitmare, period. Tliat is tlie truth. 

It is the worst thing that happens in life, no matter how you look at it. Life 
contains some bad things, and death is the worst of them all. It is the 
way it is. 

People get scared when they watch a scary movie of someone getting 
killed or dying. Try to imagine how scared you will be when it is really 
happening to you. 

Anyone that says they are okay with death is lying. No one can be okay 
with it, but that does not make people feel good, so no one can be 
honest about it. The problem is that it tells people it is okay to be 
dishonest, even when you are about to die, which it is not. Just before 
you die is the time to be the most honest. Otherwise, you send the 
wrong message to the people you care about. 

The reason it is the saddest thing to see someone dying without 
learning the truth is because it is now unnecessary. The truth can be 
known, and people know it subconsciously. It is right there, but they just 
cannot connect with it. 

If you do not know the truth, the worst thing to do is deceive 
yourself and others, because it removes any chance of you 
learning the truth. 

Even when you know the truth, there is not much to feel good about. 
You can feel good that you are one of the first people on earth to die 
knowing the truth, and you can look forward to being reborn in a better 
place, but that is about it. 

If you are in great pain and have a hopeless, degenerative, terminal 
disease, you may welcome death, but that only means that your disease 
is worse than death. It does not make death okay; death still sucks on 
many levels. 

Death sucks: Your death forces you to have to leave everything you've 
ever known. You are leaving everyone you love, and that is never okay. 

Even if you think it is good, it makes your loved ones sad when you die, 
and there is nothing okay about that. No matter how you look at it, it is 
bad. Therefore, anyone that says they are okay with it has not really 
thought about it, is stupid, or is lying to themselves and everyone else. 
Death sucks, and that is the bottom line. 


If you learn the truth and the life, you can die knowing you did the best that 
was possible for a human being. Having learned the truth and the life, you will 
be reborn in a new world where death will never be as bad as it is in this 
realm. It is a lot better than dying in ignorance or a living lie. You will know 
that death is necessary and what is going to happen next (be reborn), but 
death will always be tragic in many ways, and it is never okay. 

This section is about physical death, the loss of your current body. 

Spiritual people die and are reborn every second in the body they are in. 
Think about it; you are not the same person you were when you were 
ten. That person no longer exists. You have died to the person you were 
last year and yesterday and even who you were one minute ago. A 
spiritual person dies and is reborn every second in the present, but we 
are talking about physical death now. 

Physical life is short: If people realized just how fast their physical life 
is going to pass, they would be much more concerned with learning the 
ultimate truth while they have the chance. The truth is, we are all 
slowly dying. 

Ask any old person if life is short or long, ask if their life went by too fast. 

In the modern world, we do not see real death, just movie and TV death 
which is not real. This distorts our perception of the reality of death, the 
certainty of it. People really die. Where is John Wayne right now? Death 
must be real if even he is really dead. In the next few years, we are 
going to start seeing many stars of movies and TV start dying, and it will 
begin to make us realize death is real. 

People are afraid of dying for a good reason; it is by far the worst thing 
that happens to you. It is even worse than it looks or you think it is. We 
become adults when we really realize that we are going to die in a short 
period of time. 

It is the worst thing that happens, and the most certain thing 
to happen. 

That is the naked truth. This makes life and death the most important 
subject there is. We are immature until we can face what we are really 
up against. Ignoring it or just taking someone's word for what happens 
when you die is the biggest mistake you can make. You have to do your 
homework on this subject. It is a requirement to pass the course and 
graduate to heaven. 


People are always surprised when things get bad, they get injured really 
bad or get a crippling disease, like it is their fault or something that 
should not happen. People are always saying so and so did not deserve 
that. Deserve has nothing to do with it, and it just shows how far people 
are from the truth. It is just the balance. 

We all live in a house on fire, no fire department to call, no way out, 
just the upstairs window to look out of while the fire burns the 
house down with us trapped, locked in it. Tennessee Williams 

Titanic: We are all on our own personal Titanic and heading for 
something that will kill us in some horrible way soon. 

Life boat: The only life boat is the truth and the life. If you don't want to 
go down with the ship, you need to start getting into the life boat soon. 

People think that they would not have wanted to be one of those poor 
people on the Titanic or someone in some other disaster, when the truth 
is, they are heading for a disaster themselves. Everyone is, but almost 
no one realizes it. 

People hear about someone being murdered by some psycho on the 
news and think that "it will never happen to me." The person that was 
murdered thought exactly the same way. They could not have been 
more surprised. As the saying goes, never wonder for whom the bell 
tolls; it tolls for thee. 

We are all in a life cycle that averages about seventy five years. This 
means we will be killed in one way or another. Life is filled with ups and 
downs, and at the end of your life cycle, you lose everything; everyone 
does. The worst thing that can happen is guaranteed to happen. As 
Becker said, life is one disappointment after another, with the biggest 
one at the end of it. 

Just because the average lifespan is about seventy five years, it does 
not mean that is how long you live. The truth is that almost no one dies 
at that age. Most people die younger or older, some a lot younger. 

False sense of security: The average lifespan gives people a false 
sense of security. The truth is, you can die five minutes from now. This 
is an important understanding, because if you put off learning the truth, 
you may not get the chance. You have to get on board the life boat 
while you can. 


While we are postponing, life speeds by. Seneca 

Pearly gates: You cannot just think you know the truth; you have to 
know the truth. It is what you know that gets you to heaven. It is what 
you know that transforms you and your life. Knowing the truth is the key 
to the metaphorical pearly gates; the key Jesus metaphorically gave to 
St. Peter and to us through his words. 

We become the exact opposite of the way people are now. 
See, Acts of Peter, XXXVIII 

Everyone ends up doing the thing they have been trying to avoid at all 
costs. You lose absolutely everything you knew, everything that you 
thought was important, a few seconds before it happens. Nothing can 
be worse, and it is going to happen to you, maybe very soon. That is the 
bad news. The good news is that you can be ready for it. 

End of the world: People are always talking and worrying about the 
world ending. We are destroying the environment, going to use 
weapons of mass destruction, there are plagues and pandemics, 
asteroids from space, religious prophecy, etc. We are so busy worrying 
about the world that we are missing the fact that the world is going to 
end soon for us, no matter what happens. 

The world ends all the time. It ends every time someone dies. The world ends 
when your life in it ends. The world ended for everyone that lived in the 
nineteenth century. The world is going to end for the whole World War II 
generation in the next ten years. Even the people that survived the war are 
going to die. No one really wins unless they learn the truth. Everyone alive 
today, the whole human race, will be dead within the next one hundred and 
thirty years, no matter what we do. For most people, it will come a lot sooner. 

Jesus said, "The end is near." 

He was right; the end is near. People think this saying was wrong because 
the world did not end near the time he said it, but they are wrong, because 
the world did end for everyone he said it to within fifty years. 

Your life will go by fast, no matter how long you live. You will be at 
death's door before you know it. The truth is, the world could end for 
you in the next few minutes. It is not something that just happens to 
someone else. It will not happen in your future; it will happen in your 
present, just like everything else. 


The living dead: This is one major reason people avoid the present. 
They know death is only in the present. They think if they avoid the 
present, real life, they can avoid death. The problem is, life is also only 
in the present, so if you avoid the present, you avoid true life, thus you 
are a living dead person. Death happens anyway, so what is the point of 
missing true life? 

The mind has a hard time seeing the truth when it comes to the subject 
of death, because it does not know life, so it cannot know death. It deals 
with it by not dealing with it or by hiding in a myth. 

The elephant in the room: Everyone is trying to ignore the elephant in 
the room, making believe that it is not there. People are in complete 
denial. As a result, you get the biggest surprise of your life at the end of it. 

There is no defense against death. People that collect guns and put in 
cameras and alarm systems are just deceiving themselves. The worst 
possible thing is going to happen relatively soon in one way or another, 
no matter what you do. When it does happen, most people will not be 
ready for it. 

That does not have to be the way it is. You can take anything in stride if you 
know the ultimate truth, and if all your loved ones know the truth, they can too. 

When the worst possible thing happens to a spiritual being, they do not 
lose themselves; they find themselves even more, get closer to God/life 
and get more into the present. A spiritual being was expecting it and 
prepared for it in advance. 

A spiritual person knows the worse it gets, the better it will be, and 
everything is perfect at all times, so they make the transition consciously 
into their next life. 

You are just going over the big drop on the rollercoaster of life, and it is 
just starting to get real interesting. You do not just hope that you are 
going to a better place, you know it. Good, bad, painful, it is all just the 
present to you. 

Die like a man: This does not mean a spiritual person will not scream, 
cry out, suffer and go through anguish like anyone else that is dying; 
Jesus did. A spiritual person is still a physical being. This needs to be 
pointed out, because people think that someone who knows the truth 
and understands what happens after death will go out smiling or 
something, and are disappointed when they do not. 


People think that a spiritual person or someone that knows the ultimate 
truth should die better or different in some way. This caused many 
people that witnessed the death of Jesus to think he was nothing 
special, when he was. It is one of the reasons the Romans tortured 
Jesus as much as they did; they wanted to show people that he was 
nothing special. It worked, because people did not understand that how 
a person dies does not tell you anything. 

You do not know a spiritual being by how they die; you know them by 
how they live. A spiritual person is more aware, and thus feels physical 
pain more than other people, but they will not hide what they feel, good 
or bad. 

You are born in anguish, and you die in anguish. 

Spiritual people will not look or act any differently than anyone else that 
dies. What is different is going on on the inside, and is only known to the 
person dying. 

A spiritual person will not try and act any different when dying to 
impress or prove anything to the living. Men feel they have to hide their 
pain and die like a man. Spiritual people are not men; they are more 
than men, and do not hide anything for any reason. Jesus cried out in 
pain on the cross, because crucifixion hurts. 

The truth is, a spiritual being does not live or die in a false or phony 
way. Death is the worst thing that happens to a life form, and a spiritual 
being is an exact reflection of it. If anything, a spiritual being makes 
death look worse. 

Funerals are designed to distract people from the reality of what has 
really happened. They are intended to put a good spin on death and get 
people past it without them really understanding what happened. The 
objective is to avoid facing the truth. The truth is, your friend or loved 
one just turned into worm food. 

The ultimate surprise: People are always surprised when someone 
close to them dies. Imagine how surprising your own death is going to 
be. Nothing you had ever experienced prepares you for the 
overwhelming power of it, the fear of it, usually the pain of it and the 
helplessness of it. It is nothing like going to sleep as most people are 
expecting. It is the ultimate wake up call. It will be the first thing in your 
life that will be truly different, really beyond your imagination. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Love, Sex and Marriage 

Emotions: Spiritual people will keep all of their positive emotions and 
aspects of their personalities. You will still feel negative emotions, but 
you will not give them life as you did in the past. You can have the good 
mind made things without the bad mind made things; you just have to 
give life to the good emotions and not give life to the bad ones. 

It is self-induced mind control. The mind can and will control itself. 

The mind's new job is to activate only the positive parts of your mind. 
People try to do that now, but they are doing it from the perspective of 
the mind, so it is unnatural and not easy to do. From a spiritual being's 
perspective, it is natural and easy to do. 

And we should consider everyday lost on which we have not 
danced at least once. And we should call every truth false, which 
was not accompanied by at least one laugh. Friedrich Nietzsche 

It is one of the ways that your mind will change itself. It will begin to be 
selective as to what parts of the mind it will give life to. The negative 
parts of the mind will wither away from neglect and the positive parts of 
the mind will become stronger. 

There will be a lot more laughter and a lot less crying. Males will have it 
easier than females, because males naturally can control their emotions 
a little better, but both sexes can do it once the truth is known. 

The way to control your emotions is to simply see them for what they 
are. Once you can see emotions from the perspective of your spiritual- 
self, you see them as just something that your mind creates, and if your 
mind creates it, it can stop creating it, and you will stop creating the bad 
ones. To a spiritual being, positive emotions are just a tool to 
communicate with people and something to enjoy when the time is right 
to enjoy them. Negative emotions are removed from your life 
permanently for obvious reasons. 

People think you cannot have one without the other, that you cannot 
have the positive without the negative. It is a deception created by the 
mind. The truth is that you can have just the positive without the 
negative, and a person that knows the truth just has positive emotions. 


Jesus said that people should not judge life. 

Spiritual beings live life completely, no matter what the situation is. You 
live without judgment of life; you love everything in real life. 

Carnal love is mind love. It is love of just part of life, love of the 
opposite sex, your children, etc. Divine love is loving everything, giving 
your complete attention to life. 

Divine love = attention + compassion. 

Divine awareness, divine love, is mostly just your total attention to life 
and everything and everyone in it. Total attention will give you 
everything, which you can then reflect back out to everyone. Carnal love 
is a passionate, hot form of love and desire. Divine love is a cool, self- 
contained love without desire. 

Love is just being completely in the present. It is that simple. 

Carnal love is of the mind, an emotion, animal attraction, etc. Divine 
love is of the spirit and contains no emotion, just compassion (caring). It 
is spiritual attraction. It works something like gravity and just naturally 
brings people together. 

Have it all: You can have both carnal love and divine love. You do not 
give up anything except the parts of your life/mind you do not like and 
do not need. 

You need sexual attraction to reproduce and power the man-woman 
dynamic of carnal love, romance, family and children. It is a natural and 
necessary part of human life. It can be, should be, and will be much 
better than it is now. 

You need to use the positive emotional parts of the mind to 
communicate with other people, but you use them selectively and 
control them; you do not let them control you. Some normally negative 
emotions also are appropriate in certain situations, such as sadness 
being appropriate when someone dies, etc. Some emotions like crying 
can feel good. You only get rid of the emotions that feel bad or that 
cause trouble. People's emotions are running wild now. 


Phony: It sounds cold and phony, but the opposite is true. Spiritual 
beings never make anything up. A spiritual being only deals in the real, 
the authentic, and never does anything that is fake or phony from their 
perspective. It is as impossible for a spiritual being to be a phony in any 
way as it is impossible for people living in their minds to be true and real 
in any way. When you have control of your feelings, emotions and 
desires, you can use them selectively, and they become stronger, more 
real, and more fulfilling. 

Controlling desire: You have no desires for anything until the time is 
right to have them; then you have complete desire. When the time to 
have desire has passed, you turn it off. You just use desire to enhance 
your life; you do not let it use you. When you laugh, you laugh with your 
whole being, but you only laugh when something is funny. Luckily, a lot 
of life is funny from a spiritual perspective. 

You do not give up anything. You just gain complete control of 
your mind. 

Running amuck: You do not give up your mind or your emotions; you 
just take complete control of them. Having control (awareness) makes 
feelings, emotions and desires much more pure, satisfying and fulfilling. 
It makes emotions and feelings work for you, not against you. Currently, 
this world is run on passions such as hate, revenge, anger, fear and 
envy. These and other negative emotions are ruining life in this world. 
Technology has made it too dangerous for this to continue. 

Whenever you can, you live with the mind turned off. This makes it possible 
to live in a state of total awareness, so you know when to activate feelings, 
emotions and desires, and when not to. You only activate the parts of your 
mind that will best serve the present and the people sharing it with you. 

Good actors are able to control their emotions and activate them on 
cue. The best actors do not fake them; they feel them. A spiritual being 
just uses the same ability to control their emotions in everyday life. 

All the world is a stage, and all the men and woman merely 
players. William Shakespeare 

Automatic: It happens automatically, reflexively, and naturally without 
thinking about it. It frees your feelings, emotions and desires to function 
fully. You live with confidence, and you show your feelings and 
emotions without apprehension or fear of any kind. 


Hide your love away: Mankind hides its feelings or liolds them back 
now, because it subconsciously fears them. Their feelings, emotions, 
and desires are out of control and have resulted in a lot of emotional 
pain, so the fear is justified. 

Out of control emotions can and do wreck people's lives. This has 
caused people to hide their true feelings most of the time, and as a 
result, even when the time is right to show emotions, they are 
emotionally crippled. 

One thing you can't hide is when you're crippled inside. 
John Lennon 

Turn your love loose: When your mind is under your complete control, 
serving the spirit, you no longer fear emotions and feelings, and you can 
start really enjoying them to the fullest. When they are under control, 
you can turn your true emotions loose for the first time. Completely 
conscious people, spiritual people, naturally live in this way. It is the only 
way to live. 

You can let your good emotions fly for the first time. 

You can only turn your mind loose when you are sure you have control 
of it. You also have to be around other people that know the truth, 
people that will understand and not think you are crazy. You will be 
totally free to act any way you feel like acting, and you and everyone 
around you will be entertained by it, because they know it is coming 
from love. People will not abuse this freedom. 

Actors, a few musicians, and artists are the only ones that can do it 
now. It is one of the reasons acting, music, and the arts can be so 

The truth of life will make people more emotional, not less emotional. 
People that live in the truth will live just like children, crying and being 
more emotional than adults do now. The truth frees you to be as 
emotional as the things that are happening around you dictate. If you 
get hurt, you will reflect it as honestly as a child would. It is one of the 
things that will make living in the truth and the life more fulfilling. 
Emotions are good once everyone around you knows the truth and the 
life. You just cannot be that free around people that do not know the 
truth yet. 


Uncool: Do not get me wrong; just because people are free to do what 
they want does not mean they will ever be uncool and make a scene. 
Freedom does not mean you are free to do anything you want; it means 
you are free to do what you should, given the situation. Living in the 
present is as cool as it gets. 

Divine love = open, open = attention. 

Unconditional love: Dogs have it, but mankind does not. If you give life 
your complete attention, it will be more fulfilling for you and everyone 
around you most of the time in this life and all the time in the next. 
Spiritual beings are love. 

You can love something and not like it at the same time. 
Jesus said, "Love thy enemy." 

This is another saying of Jesus that did not make sense until now. In 
addition to their enemy, spiritual people give their complete attention to 
those they do not like and cannot stand. Giving your complete attention 
to everything does not mean you will like everything all the time. You will 
not like the devil/mind. 

Jesus said, if there is something that you do not like, do not do it. 

God/life gave people legs; you can walk away. If you cannot walk away 
from it, endure it until you can. All things pass eventually. Spiritual 
people give everything in the present their complete attention, even if 
they do not like it. 

It is said that a man that fears nothing, loves nothing. The truth is, a 
man that is truly fearless loves everything real (God/life). 

You can be any way you want to be; you can walk away from your 
old self. 

The mind says that people cannot change themselves, that you cannot 
teach an old dog a new trick. This is a deception. You are not the same 
person you were when you were a kid. You are not the same person 
you were ten years ago. You change all the time, but you have not been 
in control of it. When you know the truth, it puts you in control. You can 
now create any personality you want. 


A good example is Gary Grant, the movie star. He was born Arciiie Leacli. 
He clianged from a not so special person into a very special person. 

One day he decided he did not want to be Archie Leach anymore, so he 
created Gary Grant, the charming lady's man, in real life as well as on 
the screen, and he did it without l<nowing the truth, which is impossible 
for most people. 

It is what human evolution is all about now. You change yourself from 
what you are to something better. You do it by just realizing what you 
really are to start with, and then you add what you want to what you 
already have. 

Gary Grant did have the good looks, and that helped to reinforce his 
new persona. It gave him positive feedback, and that helps, but it is not 

Reflections: In many movies and fairytales, the good guy or woman is 
good looking, the handsome prince or beautiful princess, and the bad or 
evil guy or woman is ugly, such as the ugly witch. This is because 
people expect the good to be good looking and the bad to be ugly. 

This often plays out in real life, because people become what other 
people reflect at them. Beautiful people are treated like good people, so 
they become good people. Ugly or different people are treated like bad 
people, so they become bad people. They let other people make them 
what they are, and this is not good. 

This is why movie directors and casting agents cast to type. They know 
that people that look a certain way will act a certain way, and people 
expect them to. 

Reflect the truth and the life: Spiritual people are not just a reflection 
of other people. People that know the truth and the life reflect the truth 
and the life. We reflect beauty, even if we do not have it physically. The 
truth is, you can be anything you want to be without anyone or anything 
to help you, except for the truth and the life. Everyone can 
metamorphose into his or her best self. 


Looks and a name matter, but a lot less than you would think. Just look 
at James Wood, Tommy Lee Jones, Humphrey Bogart, Danny Devito, 
Edward G. Robinson, Snoop Dogg or Steve Buscemi, and you can see 
clearly; looks do not matter if you are bringing life to the table. I am not 
crazy enough to name names with women, but it works with women 
also. All you need is love, as the Beatles said in song. Anyone can be a 
charming person. You just have to let all of life and love in, and reflect it 
back out to the people around you. True life is always filled with love 
and is interesting, so when you let it in and let it out, you shine. 

Movie star in reverse: With movie stars, people see them and like 
them first, and then the movie star reflects that love back at them. With 
a spiritual being, we like other people first. We look at them like they are 
a movie star; everyone is a star to us, and then they will reflect it back to 
us. That gets the divine love going. 

Like first: The secret to getting people to like you is just to like them 
first. When you see people truly, see them as spirits, you cannot help 
but like most people. You just let them know you like them, and they will 
reflect that right back at you. The more you like them, the more they will 
like you. You do not get all gaga over them or even tell them you like 
them. You just do and are cool, and it will come back to you. It is pretty 
simple, isn't it? You just have to know the truth to do it. 

Usually what you put out comes right back to you, but sometimes it 
does not. You have to remember that people (minds) are all coming 
from different places, and their past can intrude on the present, so they 
will not be a pure reflection of the present. This means that what you put 
out will not always come right back to you, but it eventually will with 
most people if you see them a lot. 

I personally do not want to be a ladies man or professional actor, nor do 
I recommend it. It can be a much harder life than most. It is easier and 
thus much better to just do something easy. I am just using Gary Grant 
as an example. 

You sliould not do anything liard, unless it is your true calling. 

If being a professional actor is your true calling, it will be fulfilling, even 
through all the difficulty you encounter. When you learn the truth and the 
life, you will know your true calling if you have one. Most people will not 
have one or need one. 


Once you know the truth, you can project anything and everything you 
want to. As John Lennon said in song, "you can radiate everything you 
are." You can start being who you want to be by just being what you 
truly are in the present. 

Up until you know the truth, you are a creation of your environment and 
twisted mind. Once you know the truth, you are a creation of yourself. 
Which is phony? 

Imagination: When you get control of your mind, when you choose to 
use your imagination, your imagination is much stronger. You do not 
give up imagination or even dreaming if it is about your mate, family, or 
calling in life. It is a good thing when it is seen for what it is, controlled 
and limited. 

We need to use our imaginations to make the world a better place. 

Imagination and emotions are necessary for romantic relationships to be 
all they can be, so you use them to get you to where you want to be, 
and then live them in the present. A spiritual person uses everything 
they have, including the mind. 

Soul mate: Mind games to a point are a necessary part of the mating 
game. It is the way people get to know each other. The closer you get, 
the less mind games you play, until you no longer have to play them. 

They should end completely before you get married. In fact, that is how you 
know if you are soul mates or not. If you have to play mind games to be 
together after you have gotten to know each other, you are not soul mates, 
and you should not get married. This is obvious to spiritual beings. 

Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of a joy, you 
must have somebody to divide it with. Mark Twain 

Why do the rich and famous that can get the opposite sex anytime 
they want get married? It's because it's as good as it gets, and 
anyone can do it. 

Marriage: Women live in the present a lot easier than men do. Men are 
naturally closer to the truth, and women are naturally closer to the life. 
Men are more into the mind, women are more into life and living, so 
together they can help each other know the truth and the life and stay in 
the present. 


A man's job is to get his wife to a never-ending heaven, where their 
family can live together in eternal bliss forever. A woman's job is to bring 
a little heaven to earth now. They both have to know the ultimate truth to 
do it. If they do not, they will not be able to do their jobs, and they 
should not get married, because it will just lead to tragedy for everyone 
involved, especially the children. 

Women know, for romance, they have to first bring men into 
the present. 

They are naturally good at it, and that is why men enjoy being around 
them. Women have the power to bring men out of their heads and into 
the present. Women cannot see the truth as easily as men can, so men 
will lead the way to heaven, but women will make true life easier for 
males to realize here and now. Marriage is a dance, and the man must 
lead for the dance to benefit both equally. Actually, God will be leading 
the dance, if the people dancing know the truth. 

The Bible says woman was created to be man's helper: 

The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make 
a helper suitable for him." Genesis 2:18 

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. 

Almost all marriages will be for life if both people live in the truth and the 
life or are actively searching for it together. The greener grass on the 
other side of the fence will not tempt them. Temptation will not have the 
power it has now. We will truly know better. The truth and the life makes 
superficial things much better, which is great when you're young, but the 
really great thing is when spiritual married people become older and 
fatter, etc. Their love and commitment grows even stronger. 

Spiritual people replace some of the things they liked when they were 
young with new things, which bring them closer together. The superficial 
things of youth are replaced by something much deeper and even more 

With spiritual beings, relationships and life always get better. 


Golden years: Sexual attraction is primarily tied to the biology of 
reproduction, so females have the most sexual attraction in their prime 
reproductive years. It is the way evolution made females to help the 
reproduction process. Biology makes females physically attractive as 
soon as they can have babies, and makes them less attractive when 
that time has passed. We can fight nature with laws when they are too 
young, and we can use surgery when the time has passed, but that 
does not change the truth. When that time has passed, spiritual couples 
flow with it and do not try to fight their biology, because it is impossible, 
and there is a better way to go. You may drag it out awhile with surgery, 
make-up and Viagra, but why? The present is even sweeter when 
people pass their reproductive time. 

Sex is not everything as society tries to make it. It is being 
over played. 

The truth is, sex is a very small part of a relationship. Spiritual people 
make love all the time, and sex is just a small part of it. The devil/mind is 
using it against us. 

Spiritual people make love 24/7. 

Spiritual people are making love while they are just living a normal life. 
They make love when eating, when doing the laundry or watching TV 
together. If they are together, they are making love. It is more accurate 
to say that they are always letting God/life into their lives and reflecting it 
to their mate. It is just a new way of seeing and living life, a better way, 
a way to see the divine in every moment. People make too big a deal 
out of sex, and it makes it worse, not better. If the relationship is great, 
the sex will be great; it is not the other way around. 

After sexual attraction passes, it truly is a human being's golden years, 
if they know the truth and live the life. When that gorilla is off of your 
back, you discover other types of intimacy that are much deeper and 
more fulfilling. 

When men are young, they are blinded to a woman's true beauty by the 
power of sexual attraction. Women are life itself, love personified, and 
when sexual attraction loses some of its power, men can see a 
woman's true beauty more clearly, and it does not fade with age. This is 
another gift of the truth and the life. 


There is something in the way they move, as the Beatles say in song. It 
is the little things, the sound of their voices, the whole package. Men 
tend to focus on just parts of a woman, and in doing this, they miss 

Eyes of life: Some guys are leg guys or breasts guys; a spiritual being 
likes the eyes the best, because they are the windows to the soul. The 
eyes do not age. When you are looking at a woman, you are seeing the 
crown of creation, the state of the art of living things, and the most 
physically evolved life on earth. 

When females are in their prime reproductive years and their physical 
beauty is at its strongest, it is so powerful that it overshadows the rest of 
what they are. When they are in other stages of life, the other things are 
easier to see. There is an X factor that makes them so fascinating. It is 
magic, the magic of love. 

The female of our species is the most beautiful thing in 
our universe. 

Nothing else even comes close, and it has nothing to do with sexual 
attraction. It is not just the opinion of someone that loves women. It is a 
fact. I can just see women clearly. I see them better than they see 

True life = true love = true beauty. 

Not just physical: Most people realize that women are beautiful, but 
what most people do not know is that the mind hides most of their 
beauty, because it hides most of life. Spiritual people see it all, and the 
physical is just a small part of it. 

Females naturally let more life in, so they have more life to reflect 
than men do. The more life you have, the more love you have. It is 
that simple. 

It happens naturally: The nice thing about the relationship is it can be 
so easy if people's minds do not screw it up. Women do not have to do 
anything to make a man happy except be a woman, so they will make a 
man happy just with their presence in a man's life. What makes a 
woman happy is making her man happy, which she can do with no 
effort, by just being what she is, so the whole thing is so easy and 
natural, and that is why heaven on earth is possible. 


Spiritual attraction: The common denominator that brings most 
couples together is carnal love or sexual attraction. The problem is, 
when this fades, so does the relationship, and everyone loses big. 

It is okay for people to come together by sexual attraction, but that has 
to lead to spiritual attraction for the relationship to last. 

Love is not necessarily a byproduct of sex. Love should always 
come first. 

People have it backwards like everything else. People should look for the 
spiritual connection first. If they did, there would not be as many unwanted 
pregnancies, unwanted marriages, STDs, and unwanted children. 

Sex is the common denominator in animals. The truth and the life is 
the common denominator between spiritual beings. 

Spiritual beings will be their best almost all the time. Sharing, love, 
romance and family will be a way of life for most spiritual beings and 
those in transition. 

Animal love passes: People's minds change over time, so it is 
impossible to stay the same as when you first fell in love, or even close 
to it, if you are just in mind love. Couples inevitably grow apart. Minds 
grow apart; spirits never do. The truth and the life are the only thing that 
never changes. The spirit is love. 

True love is impossible without true life. 

You have to know true life to know true love. People can stay together 
forever, even after death, if they both know and live in the truth and the 
life. Carnal love is temporary; divine love is forever. 

Physical things are temporary. Spiritual things last forever. 

Spiritual beings can feel the way that they felt when they first fell in love 
most of the time or whenever the time is right, and it is right a lot when 
you are married. 

You become as sensual as you can possibly be; you become your 

The Bible says that you are raised to the newness of life. In other words, 
love is always new and fresh. In true life, the relationship between a 
man and woman is always new, fresh and interesting. 


Ups and downs: A relationship is just two people sharing life. The more 

life in the relationship, the better. The more life you have, the more love 
you have. God is life, and as the Bible says, God is love. 

Do not get me wrong, the mind sneaks into the life of spiritual beings 
from time to time. Women can be temperamental, men can get bossy, 
and vice versa. Negative emotions come and go in spiritual people just 
like mortals. The difference is that spiritual beings see the mind for what 
it is, thus it will pass much faster and have no effect on the relationship. 

If the ups and downs are out of control, It just means you do not 
know the truth, so keep studying It until you do. The truth solves 
all problems. 

Marriage should be the most wonderful thing possible, but it is not, 
because our own minds screw it up. Carnal love is not as good as divine 
love, because with divine love, you can have them both. 

Spiritual people have both divine love and carnal love. They have 
It all. 

This happens too often: two people fall in carnal love, an epic romance 
follows, and the world and everything in it becomes new and wonderful. 
That is the way it is supposed to be, so that is a very good thing. This 
goes on for a month or a few years, and you decide you should 
get married. 

The relationship gets even better for the next year or two; you think you 
are in heaven. Then you start having kids, and it is even better than it 
was before, but a new dynamic has entered the picture. Another really 
cute and demanding human being is now in your lives, and it can and 
does change everything. 

Women start giving more attention to the child than the husband, 
because she has to, to get the child off to the right start in life. The man 
starts to think that it is time to start getting ambitious and make more 
money to support his family. 

The same energy: This is the place that many people start going in the 
wrong direction. The man finds out that it takes the same energy and 
attention to make money as it takes to sustain a great romance. People 
that do not know the truth can either have a great romance or great 
business, but not both. At least, that's how it appears, but there's a way. 


The problem is that many men go for the business and not the romance. 
This is a big mistal<e, the second biggest mistake you can mal<e, 
because you end up losing everything, including the money. A spiritual 
being can get both, but when there is a choice, and you can only have 
one, a spiritual being always picks romance. You find a balance, but 
lean toward romance. 

You take your work very seriously, but you take your family more 

More than fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. People would not 
get into an airplane if there were a fifty percent chance it would crash, 
but they get into a marriage with more than a fifty percent chance it will 
crash. It is tragic. 

Temptation: When a couple spends a lot of time apart, they can lose 
their connection and the romance in their relationship. When this 
happens to people that do not know the truth and the life, the temptation 
of a new younger woman or more attentive partner can destroy their 
relationship. It is a deception of the mind. 

To a spiritual being, the grass is never better on the other side of 
the fence. 

When a spiritual man comes to that fork in the road after children are 
born, he takes the road to romance with his mate, and they live happily 
ever after. 

The only ambition a man should have is to make his family happy. 

That is why I say it is just best to have a normal, middle class job. It is 
the best thing to do, and it makes it easier to live a spiritual life. You 
have regular hours and can leave your job behind when you come 
home. You can and do always eat together, sleep together, and live 
your lives together. Togetherness is the goal. 

The love of your mate and family is the most valuable thing in the 

The truth is, nothing else even comes close to the fulfillment and love from 
close relationships. This knowledge is necessary to make a love relationship 
as good as it could be, should be, and has to be to get to heaven. You can be 
in the present by yourself, and you have to learn to do that first, but sharing 
the truth and the life with another person helps keep you in the present. 


The trick is to do the opposite of what you think you should do. 

You have to feel good before you can make others feel good. 

Love is reflected in love: People are always worried about how the 
other person feels, and that is the opposite of what you want to do. If 
you feel good, they will feel good. If you feel great, they will feel great. 

You can do this most of the time when you know the truth. You learn 
how to get your mind out of the present, and get yourself into it. 

Naturally, you should do what you can to make your mate happy, but 
the truth is, you are not in control of another person's mind. People can 
only control their own minds, and if they do just that, they will have a 
fulfilling relationship that lasts. 

Live every moment, like it is your last dance on earth. 
Carlos Castaneda 

Sex: It is the most sacred thing that there is. Sex makes it possible for 
spiritual beings to join completely with their mates and create new life. It 
brings people out of their heads and down into their bodies. It centers 
you and brings you to the present better than anything else. Sex in the 
present is as good as it gets. 

Fantasy is okay to get things going, because sex is of the mind, but 
once you get into it, you want to get out of your mind and just be in the 
present with your mate. 

For spiritual beings, it will be like the first time every time, a perpetual 
one-night stand without the negatives. Love is always new. You will be 
making love for the first time, every time, and you become one flesh as 
it says in the Bible. You just have to know the truth and have your mind 
under control, so that you are free to love all the time. 

Sex creates all new life, so it is the balancing opposite of death. 
Nothing is more serious. To not take sex seriously is like not 
taking fire seriously. 

You always have to remember that you do not want any great pleasure 
if it is not in the truth and the life, because it will be balanced by an 
equal amount of pain. 


Spiritual people do not have sex just to experience an orgasm; that is 
what animals do. Spiritual people do it to experience the present in a 
profound way. They do it to have children and/or to get more into the 
present and grow closer to each other and true life. It is not something 
to just play with to get some free pleasure, because there is no free 
pleasure, except in the truth and the life. 

If you are not in love and the time is not right, you should not have sex, and 
spiritual people will not. Young people that know the truth, male and female, 
will abstain until it is right. Casual sex will disappear, because people will 
know better; they will know it is not the way. Spiritual beings know right from 
wrong for certain, so they never do anything wrong, simply because they do 
not feel like it. There will be no sex before or outside of marriage. 

Sex can be the best thing or worst thing for a person's spiritual 
growth. If you feel like doing the wrong thing, it means you do not 
know the truth. 

Rhythm method: With new technology developed to help women get 
pregnant, married people can use it in reverse to prevent pregnancy, so 
no other birth control is necessary. Things like temperature tell when a 
women is fertile or not. 

Masturbation: I need to address the masturbation situation. Even when 
you know the truth, you may still rub one out every so often, and that is 
okay. It is better than going out and hooking up with some whore to get 
that satisfaction. The worst that happens when jacking off, is your 
mother catches you doing it. When you have actual sex, it can cost 
money, get her pregnant, give you an incurable disease, get you killed 
by her old boyfriend, or all of the above. Thus, jerking off is definitely the 
better option if the sex drive is over-powering. 

That said, religion is right on that subject. You should not do it, but it is not 
just that you should save yourself for your true love; it has to do with the 
balancing force. You do not want to get any unbalanced pleasure, unless 
you are prepared to receive an equal amount of pain, because every 
physical pleasure is balanced by an equal amount of pain as certain as the 
sun rises and sets. There is a lot of concentrated pleasure in an orgasm. 
In fact, it is the most concentrated pleasure found in these bodies, so 
every orgasm you have equals a lot of pain and negative feelings. If you 
are going to play the balance game, you may as well do it backwards, and 
just give yourself pain first. Go get a hammer and smack your toes with it. 
That will guarantee you a lot of pleasure down the road. 


When you see the truth of the balance, you realize you do not want any 
pleasure that does not come from knowing the truth and life, because it 
is the only pleasure in the universe that is not balanced, because it is 
not physical, and thus not part of physical law. It is not even to be called 
pleasure. It is fulfillment, bliss. 

Until you learn the truth to the point that it goes subconscious, it is best 
to stay in the middle of pain and pleasure, or it will just make learning 
the truth impossible. It seems a little boring at first, but then it turns out 
to be where God lives. 

You only want to have sex when it is true love and thus spiritual sex. Any other 
kind will damn everyone involved in every way, but this is only after you know 
the truth. All the sex you had before you knew will be forgiven, but not now. 

Just remember, when you are jacking off, the hammer on the foot 
is being created as you do it, and it will stop you from doing it. 

No one is making true love now. Our minds are making it impossible. 
They think certain parts of their bodies are not big enough, that other 
parts are too big, that they are too old, etc. The comparison game gives 
people an inferiority complex and other false, unnecessary neurotic 
conditions. It not only ruins their relationships, but manifests in most of 
the world ills, from wars and crime to depression, loneliness and broken 
families. Seeing the truth and the life turns this around, and it will not 
only lead to personal fulfillment, it will change the world. 

Making true love: Like everything in life, it is just a matter of 
perspective, and knowing the truth gives you that perspective. The way 
to do it right is simple, so it is easy to remember while making love. This 
is it: Just try to feel what the other person is feeling, and not what you 
are feeling. You make yourself (your mind) disappear and live through 
the other person, feel what they feel, feel what you do to your partner as 
if you were them as you do what you do. 

This Is the definition of being unselfish. It is not possible to do it 
completely, but by putting yourself in the body of your lover as much as 
you can, you meet in the middle and become one flesh as the Bible says 
you are supposed to. If you are a male, the goal is not orgasm, because 
that ends it. The goal is not to have an orgasm, so you can do it as much 
as you want. The goal is to make the other person feel as good as you 
can, as long as you can, because the better they feel, the better you feel. 
Most of spiritual love is romance, affection, and foreplay, not just the 
intercourse. That is just the end of it. It takes practice, lots of it. 


The following excerpt explains the situation more in depth. There are 
some things that are not true, such as that we once had the ability to 
mal<e true love and lost it. We never had it, but we can have it now. 
There are some nuggets of truth mixed in with the things he says that 
aren't true, so read with that in mind: Barry Long - Making Love, Sexual 
Love the Divine Way - 

Modesty: Just as men should not use their greater natural power of 
physical strength to overpower and control women, women should not 
use their naturally greater power of physical attraction to overpower and 
control men. In some places in the world, this is taken to extremes. 
Some women in the eastern world are forced to cover themselves up to 
take away some of their power of attraction, which is not good. Some 
women in the west do the opposite and dress and act in a way that 
maximizes their power of sexual attraction, which is not good. When the 
truth is seen, women will live in the middle, and be modest ladies. This 
will be the right way to be. Woman are a powerful force in this world, 
and not until they see the truth and take control of their natural power 
will the world find peace. 

Children: We will tell them the truth and live it with them. They will learn 
from us, and we will learn from them. We have to stop lying to children; 
it is the worst thing we can do to them. 

People tell them Santa Claus is real and that getting rich is the best 
thing to do. Santa is fun and should stay, but he does not have to be 
real, so why tell kids he is, knowing they are going to find out you lie? 
We are lying to them, and we need to do the opposite. We need to bring 
them up knowing the truth is the most important thing in life. We are 
now teaching them that deception is the way. We now show them that 
adults are lying hypocrites that do not know the truth, but they will not 
admit it from the very start. It has to stop if we want to survive. 

Overpopulation: Bringing children into the world is the most important 
thing we can do, because the more we bring in, the more souls that will 
get a chance to get to heaven, but we have to manage it better. 

The Bible says, "Be fruitful and multiply." 

The world only seems over-populated because of the way we distribute 
the space and resources. This world could support a lot more people 

without crowding anyone. We could easily double the population with no 
problems, but only if we know the truth and have the basics of survival 
and quality of life for everyone. 


Birth control: We will have to control the births in the over-crowded, 
very poor parts of the world, until we get them as productive and 
organized as us. We will do this by giving everyone free birth control 
technology and other incentives to not have more than one or two 
children until they can support more. Poor countries are having more 
children than they have the resources to support, and this causes 
poverty and all the tragic problems that come with it. The births have to 
match the available resources. As a country becomes more productive, 
they can have more children, but not until then. It will be a good 
motivator for people to become productive. Once they see the truth, 
they can use the rhythm method. 

Adoption: Spiritual people will be into big families, but will adopt more 
children than they have themselves, and only have as many children as 
they can support. 

Family: Spiritual people care about family, friends, the world community 
and the environment. Life will consist of really living with them and 
making life better. 

Cool love: People that know the ultimate truth and become spiritual 
beings have love for everyone and everything. It is a cool love which is 
different than hot, passionate carnal love. You can only have carnal 
love, hot passionate love with one person, so the most important love to 
have is cool love, because it will define the majority of your relationships 
in life. Most of your relationships are with friends, family, work 
associates, and other people you come in contact with in life, so 
understanding cool love and living in cool love with all these people is 
essential to having a fulfilling life. 

New kind of love: The way it is now, is all or nothing. People just give 
all their love to carnal relationships and family. Mankind needs to learn a 
new love relationship that can include everyone else. It is the kind of 
love that is missing in this world and needs to be found now in order to 
create a heaven on earth. 

In "The Present (with religion)," I said there were three possibilities for 
where humans go in their next life, and one was that we can stay where 
we are. I did not mention that you could bounce back and forth with your 
pet or farm animals, I say it in other places. If you do, you are not 
evolving up or down, just staying at the same level. It could happen, then 
both souls go to heaven. This could also happen with husband and wife. 
You may switch places in the next life span. The man has to lead. If the 
wife needs to lead, it means she will come back as a man in the next life. 


It is also possible that you and your pet or spouse can go to heaven in 
your next life, if you have all you need and if you are so close you 
become one flesh with them. You could even do it with your children or 
anyone you become one flesh with. You can take a wife or a pet that 
does not know the truth to heaven if you become one flesh with them. 
The important thing is to love and know them so well that you become 
one flesh. It is not a sexual thing as many believe; it is a love thing, a 
matter of attention. Remember, divine love = attention. This is why 
predator and prey switch places. This is advanced learning, so you may 
have to be committed to helping spread the truth for a while before you 
can understand it. 

Unconditional love: Unconditional love requires one condition, and this 
is that people must know the truth. If they do, they will have real 
unconditional love for everyone and everything in life. This is because 
they will love God (everything), and be a living reflection of God, and as 
the Bible says, God is love. 

Cool love is the love Jesus, Buddha, and all the prophets were 

Cool love is love without sex, unless you get married. Then you can 
have cool and hot love, the ultimate love, but you have to start with cool 
love to have the ultimate love. Cool love is made of truth, respect, 
understanding and attention. 

Girls have to keep their legs together until marriage; it is up to them. A 
man that pushes it does not know the truth and is a loser. If he really 
loves you, he will wait. If not, he is not worth your love, and you're better 
off without him. 

People living in the mind will give you pleasure and pain, so it is a waste 
of time. You have to find someone into the truth and the life that can 
give you cool love if you want to be successful in life and love. 

I know it is hard to resist. The devil is described as being beguiling, and 
it is. The devil mind will appear to out shine and be more attractive than 
spiritual people. Don't be deceived. Jesus and Buddha did not have 
any animal magnetism, so that should tell you something. Spiritual 
people are attracted to spiritual people; animals are attracted to 
animals. What are you? You are what you do. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Truth Contest Symbol 

Truth Contest symbol: My goal has always been to say what the truth 
of life is in the shortest possible way. Some people may thinl< it tal<es 
the thousands of pages written by Osho and IVIartinus, others the 250 
pages of The Present (with religion), others the 101 pages of The 
Present, others just the first 3 pages. For me, it is the Truth Contest 
symbol. Without words it shows the three Ts; Infinity, Immortality and I 
AM (Self). After you have been a prophet long enough to pay your 
entrance fee to the divine collective unconscious, the symbol is all you 
need to remind you of the truth of life. That is important, because it 
matters most when you are about to die. 

For example, say you were on board the jet in the video below. You 
would not have time to mentally lock on to any words, but with the 
symbol alone, you could leave the jet and become an infinite, immortal 
spirit before it was forced on you when the jet hit the ground. 


Actually, you do not leave the jet, you just are not just the body in the 
jet, you expand out and into infinity and are deathless, with God/life, 
thus you are not lost with your body when your body is killed. This 
minimizes the fear and discomfort. Those things are what keep animals 
in the animal cycle. Death and rebirth in the animal realm happens 
because of being overwhelmed by those feelings. 

Mansions in heaven: If you have been a prophet for a long time, given 
a lot of time and/or money, you've built a place in heaven, have laid up 
treasures in heaven, so even if you're overwhelmed, you will still go to 
heaven. That is what Jesus is referring to when he talks of mansions in 
heaven. The word itself derives (through Old French) from the Latin 
word "mansio", which means "dwelling". You do not have the kind of 
mansions rich people have in the animal realm; you do not need that in 
heaven. That said, you have paradise, all you want. 

In John 14:2-3 we read, "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it 
were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And 
if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you 
unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also." 


The Bible says that each person that knows Jesus will be rewarded 
according to what good deeds he performed here on Earth. Spreading 
the truth of life as he did is the best deed, the best work you can do, for 
you are doing the will of God. 

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth 
nor rust doth corrupt, where thieves do not break through nor 
steal. l\/latthew 6:20 

Our symbol represents how our souls, which are nothing, have 
individuality. Single cell life started as a bubble that thickened into a 
membrane, the cell membrane that keeps what is outside out, and what is 
inside in. Our individual spirit is defined the same way, a bubble of mind, 
represented by the white circle around the black center, which represents 
nothing. You will notice the symbol has a thinner wall than the drawing in 
the beginning of "The Present" that represents the animal mind blocking 
out true life. That is because the symbol represents the divine mind, and it 
lets all of divine life in. We will use this symbol to aid in our meditation, to 
help us reduce our animal minds to the thinnest possible barrier, just 
enough to keep our individuality, but let in all of divine life. 

For a more detailed explanation of the symbol, see the Nature of 
Nothing section in "The Present" at 


"The Present - Insights" 

Spiritual Sustainability 

Chapter One: One More Bad Death 

...if caught without a fast painless option (gun/drugs) or time. The way I 
see it is the death experience/environment is part of the current cycle 
and is unavoidable for long. It needs to be dealt with the same way we 
deal with everything that happens; we let our knowledge of the divine 
truth be our guide. 

One more bad death: You will not know if you know the truth until right 
before you die; that is the moment of truth. Being honest about death in 
the animal realm will motivate you to make this the last time. We are 
playing a very serious game, and forgetting that it is, is one of the 
biggest problems. 

I would not let the fear/pain/shock of what is happening send me into 
the dead man's spiral to perdition. If you do not know what a dead 
man's spiral is, you need to read our insight titled: Heart Over Mind? It is 
one of my favorite short stories. To make a short story shorter, it is a 
condition where your senses, emotions, etc. tell you things are OK when 
actually you are going to experience a violent death. 

I am using it as an analogy to say I am not going to let the outrageous 
environment I find myself in to throw me off the path to a heaven. Just 
like religious old ladies, I believe in an afterlife in paradise. The 
difference is, my reason for believing it is based on the truth of life, not 
some old misinterpreted BS. 

The environment of eminent violent torture and death is why there are 
so many animals. It removes anything except your animal instinctive 
reaction. This reaction would give you no possibility of being reborn as a 
life form better than an animal. 

If an easy life has allowed you to live your life as a nice guy, without 
being an animal except for sex and other semi-violent, but no one gets 
hurt worthwhile activities, you are an animal, but just do not know it or 
acknowledge it. This ensures that when your time has come, you die 
animal and are reborn animal. Evolution continues and you come back 
to a world much like you just lived, live another life, evolve a little more, 
then get whacked and start over. That is the best you can do. There is 
also the possibility that you start over at the bottom of the food chain. 


On the other hand, if you have learned the truth of life and you really 
have checl<ed it and really know it, you have the possibility of going 
some place besides the animal realm, a place without all the negatives 
of the animal realm, a place religions call heaven. It all depends on your 
perspective, who you are, what you are, what you have been doing in 
your current life, and most importantly, that you have changed to live in 
the divine truth of life. 

You cannot fake it. You have either evolved past the animal, or you 
have not. You leave the animal realm, or you don't. You have never left 
it before, or you would not be in the animal realm now. No one would 
leave a heaven for the animal realm, so it means you have never been 
there. That also means it is hard, if not impossible to escape. You have 
been living in the animal realm for millions of life times. There is 
evidence in all religions and in science that a heaven is possible. If it is 
possible, the truth is the only possible way to get there. 

If you know it, you have a real shot. If not, or you are not sure, you need 
to commit your life to getting sure. This may be your best chance in 
millions of lifespans to do it, so you have to go for it 100%. You have 
nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Judge yourself: Even people that know the truth and the life will most 
likely have one more bad death to endure. This is why you have to give 
all you can before it happens, because you will judge yourself when it 
happens. You have had millions of bad deaths to get to this last one. It 
can be the end of a very long, savage, painful, scary road if you know 
the truth and life and take the next step. 

I personally am on that path. 

You are going to have one last bad death. It could be horrible, but it will 
pass, and you can kiss the beast goodbye forever. 

If you lived a good, successful life with friendship and love in your life, it 
will be easy to think you do not need the truth, for this life or the next, 
but no matter how good you do in this life or your next life, you have to 
go through that bad death again. That by itself is reason enough to try 
and get out of this realm. 


"The Present - Insights" 

On the Edge 

On the edge: This section will be for things that cannot be seen clearly 
yet, things we are worl<ing on, next step stuff. It is lil<e what quantum 
mechanics is to physics; it is at the edge of our understanding. The only 
thing I know for sure is they can be known, and will be known at some 
point, as opposed to things that cannot be known ever, like 
understanding infinity. 

I know all the things in the books and other insights sections are true 
beyond a reasonable doubt. Everything that can be checked has been 
checked. The things in this section are the things I do not know and 
would like to know. Because I want to know them, my mind is open to 
the answers to these questions, and when the time is right, they will 
come to me from the collective unconscious, or via someone in cyber 
space, like a team member. 

The veil: There is always more to learn, but the things that are not in 
the book are not there because they are things you need to realize 
yourself. I have a file called "The Edge" where I put things I get from the 
collective unconscious that I know are true, but they are too far out to 
put in the books. They will sidetrack people, and can do more harm than 
good. What you leave out is as important as what you include in a book 
about the truth of life. You do not discuss or try to define things on the 
edge of what the mind can understand, things like infinity. There are 
many things like that that I understand and every truth seeker will 
eventually understand after it comes to them directly from the collective 
unconscious when the time is right for you to get it. In other words, 
some truth should not be known until the time is right to know it. I say 
this in the books, but it's one of those things that needs to be said often, 
so people do not go off chasing the answers to questions you cannot 
know now, and if you did know the answer, it would hurt your quest to 
get to a heaven more than it would help. That is why there is the veil I 
talk about in The Present (with religion). I talk about this on the first 
page when I say what the word apocalypse means. It will be true, as the 
Bible says, that the veil will lift for most people at about the same time, 
but it is lifted for some people sooner; they are called seers. Seers have 
to know what not to say, as well as what to say and when to say it, and 


what to let people see for themselves at the time that is right for them 
personally. Everyone has the veil lifted at different times for different 
things. Commitment to seel<ing & spreading the truth mal<es it happen, 
because the more you want it and give to it, the faster you get it. 

The source is the collective unconscious or universal mind. It has 
different levels that manifest as different forms of life. Every species 
represents a different level of the collective unconscious. That is why 
evolution happens faster than it could happen with natural selection 
alone. For example, a species evolves a poison, or camouflage, as a 
defense from predators. Much of it develops through natural selection, 
small changes over many life spans. The offspring that has a chemical 
or skin coloring that helps it survive survives longer, so it can reproduce 
more offspring with the traits. The ones with stronger chemicals or 
better camouflage survive longer, thus those traits get stronger and 
better, but at the same time it connects with the corresponding level of 
the collective unconscious, making it stronger, but the evidence and 
speed it happens shows the collective unconscious leads the way, not 
the biological change. 

Right now we are changing into spiritual beings. Hooking up to the 
source of a spiritual being is what is going to make it happen, in 
combination with our evolving technology. This is why getting the animal 
mind out of the way is key to doing it. 

Being Reborn in Heaven 

How it happens: I see it as when you die, you become nothing, which 
means you are everywhere. When it happens: I see it as it does not 
matter; it can be a trillion years. Your soul will wait until there is a 
heaven-type environment, if there is not one now somewhere in infinite 
space. The odds, the Bible, and evolution say it exists now. Why it 
happens: It happens because you have finished evolving; you know the 
truth of life, know how the animal realm works, and know how a heaven 
would work. You are connected to it as you are connected to the animal 
realm, but you see you are leaving the animal realm and feel the pull of 
the heavenly realm. 


Know the unknowable: There are many worlds like Earth, inside and 
outside of our bodies. We live in an infinite universe, and we are 
immortal. Those are things you can know for certain. One day, your soul 
will be in a permanent heaven. It is the goal of all conscious life. We 
have been close many times, have been in temporary heavens many 
times, and have fallen back down to the bottom of the evolutionary line. 
How it works exactly is one of the things you cannot know for certain. It 
is mostly beyond the animal mind, so you need some faith in the truth 
and evolution. It is not blind faith; it is based on everything you can 
know. When you know everything that can be known, you know the rest 
in a way that cannot be explained to anyone else. It is not for people 
that do not know the knowledge that can be known. As the Bible says, 
you will know the unknowable. 

Human beings are always doing the same thing at the same time on 
Earth, just like monkeys, wolves, or foxes are doing the same thing 
everywhere in the world at the same time. Behavior is determined by 
environment, your body and your surroundings, but that does not 
explain it when it comes to humans. We all began to speak at around 
the same time everywhere (within a few thousand years). The fossil 
evidence, cave paintings, etc. show we all changed at about the same 
time as described on page 36 of The Present. It proves the invisible 
force I call the collective unconscious is real. Let us know if you can find 
any evidence for or against this. 

Infinite is far out and far in... 

How what we do mentally creates reality... like the butterfly 
flapping its wings in America and causes a storm in China... 

If you see how you receive information, it helps you see it for what it is 
(mind). You see, hear, smell, taste, feel through eyes, ears, nose, 
tongue, skin that is attached to nerves. Light, sound, etc., is changed 
into an electrical impulse that travels through said nerves to a big 
bundle of nerves in your head. Your consciousness lives in this network 
of nerves. Your soul does not experience the environment directly. It 
has to be transferred and translated by your senses and nerves. In 
other words, it has to be turned into reality. If something intercepts, 
blocks or distorts these electrical impulses, like a drug or injury, it will 


change your perception of reality, but not cliange reality, because there 
is an infinite number of intact beings all experiencing the same thing, so 
reality always stays the same. When the drug wears off, or you die and 
are reborn in an intact or unaltered body, reality will be the same again 
for you. It goes both ways; mind creates reality by manipulating matter 
on the level it lives. Men use their minds to build a building, or focus 
energy into movement, such as a war. These things that manifest as 
reality for us also help shape the reality for beings that are in other 
dimensions, very large or small from our perspective. We are (our 
universe) an atom in a larger universe, and the atoms in us have infinite 
universes in them, so what we do (the building, war) affects the bigger 
and smaller universes and serves to create the same reality for all living 
things. Infinite goes in forever as well as goes out forever, so the above 
information is not just far out, it is far in too. 

Dogs and Cats 

It is not only possible, it is probable that pets, especially cats and dogs, 
are human next if they have an enlightened owner, and can go to 
heaven with this human. 

This is the logic and evidence behind that statement: 

We know for the balance to be accurate, predator and prey have to 
switch places as they both evolve. It may only happen when they are 
not too far apart, such as deer and lion, as opposed to whale and 
plankton. The balance means fairness, cycles, the eaten becoming the 
eater. Souls being equal, they would have to switch places for the 
balance to be perfect. The extreme closeness that happens when the 
prey dies in the mouth of the predator could be direct attention needed 
for the switch. Attention is love in the spiritual world, and both predator 
and prey have total attention with each other during a kill event. 

If you give your pet your total love, it is the equivalent attention spread 
over the pet's lifetime. It is at least equal to the minutes of the kill event. 

You may say that there are more rabbits than wolves, so how can they 
switch places? The only answer is that it does not have to happen right 
away. A wolf can be a rabbit right away, but a rabbit may have to wait 


millions of years to balance it. Other planets and dimensions could 
easily be involved in creating balance. Remember, we are dealing with 
infinity, so time and distance are not an issue. Also, all animals are 
close to the same level mentally, so a rabbit could be a predatory fish, 
and it would be equal to a hawk, etc. 

My dog and I are soul mates. We travel together now, and will be in and 
out of each others life forever. My dog is going to heaven, because that 
is where I am going. It can be the same for you and your pets. See the 
"Dog Heaven" insights section at the end of this book. 

Parallel universes, and planets 

In an infinite universe, there are many planets very similar to Earth. 

If we evolved from bacteria, and other animals were are all the other 
human beings, it does not add up unless you take into account that the 
animal realm, human realm, and spiritual realm can exist on many 
different planets. There are whole universes inside us, in the atoms of 
our bodies, from which we can move back and forth as we evolve. 
There are millions of planets where trillions of life forms live in a perfect 
heaven. That more than compensates for the trillions of life forms on 
this planet that live on the animal level. 

You also have to keep in mind that most animal life below human is at 
the same level, so souls or consciousness can and do bounce back and 
forth from species to species, predator to prey, and prey to predator. 
Once you reach the level of primate, or higher mammal, such as 
dolphins, whales, dogs and cats, you do not go to lower species again, 
just to higher life forms until you get to human and get a shot at leaving 
the animal realm forever. If you get it and do not take it, you start over at 
the bottom of the food chain. 


"The Present - Insights" 

The Truth About Drugs 

Drugs, like all things physical, have a good and a bad side. Drugs alter 
your body chemistry. Some drugs can keep you alive longer, and some 
can stop pain. Some can help open your mind up for brief periods. Drug 
addicts skip the things and just go to the good feeling. The problem is, 
they need a drug to do it, and it is not true life. Why not just skip the 
drug also? 

The Bible says, "Be vigilant and be sober, because your adversary is 
like a lion." It also says, "Be drunk not on wine, but be filled with 
the spirit." 

Do not lie: If you do not know the truth and the life and are not fulfilled, 
street drugs will make you feel better. That is the truth, and lying to 
people, especially children, is much worse than drugs. We just have to 
tell the whole truth, and tell it often, especially to children. Street drugs 
can make you feel better, but only for a while. 

We just have to tell the truth to solve the drug problem and 
all problems. 

You feel good when you use so-called recreational drugs, because they 
give you a shot of physical pleasure and can get your mind out of the way, 
and they open you up. They give you a taste of the present. The problem is, 
the present is distorted, and being physical, they swing back the other way 
to balance the good feeling they gave you. Therefore, you can use drugs to 
feel good if you do not mind feeling equally bad in one way or another. 

Drugs show that your mind is largely a chemical reaction. Hormones 
and chemicals can and do change the way you feel, your behavior, and 
even the way you think. People on hard drugs like cocaine and heroin 
feel like everything in the world is perfect when they are high. The next 
day when they are going through withdrawals, they feel the complete 
opposite. It shows that pleasure is balanced. 

Recreational drugs really do not do anything for you, and they can hurt 
your quest for enlightenment as much as they can help. If drugs are 

used for spiritual reasons to open you up, you can do the non-addictive 
ones until you can open up without them, but they have to be used in 
moderation, and you have to be honest with yourself as to if they are 
really helping or making you feel that good. 


The truth is, most of the time, they do not. Hard drugs feel really good 
for a short period of time when you first start using them, then the rest of 
the time you use them, they just make you feel normal, but instead of 
stopping, people use more and more of them in the hope of getting that 
feeling they had when they first started. The truth is, they never make 
you feel that good again. Even if you stop using them for twenty years 
and start again, they still do not give you that feeling you got the first few 
times you used them. Only the truth can give you what you want. 

Better than drugs: That good way they made you feel the first time you 
used them is close to the way a spiritual person feels all the time; the 
moment seems perfect and fulfilling in and of itself. Truth and the life 
makes you feel better than that. You can feel like that forever, and it 
costs you nothing. 

You can get high on life, but only if you know the ultimate truth. 

If people were educated with the money now spent on putting drug 
users in jail, we would not have a drug problem. 

The truth will stop drug abuse. 

If people were just taught at a young age the truth about drugs, no one 
would use them, because the truth is that they hurt you a lot more than 
they help you. 

The drug education in schools today is all BS and kids know it. We just 
need to have real drug addicts come to the classes and just be 
themselves, and no kid would want to be like them. Real drug addicts 
are very sick people. 

Addiction: When you use hard drugs, you become addicted, and you 
can lose your chance to get to heaven. Why take the chance with drugs 
when there is a better way now? 

Chase the dragon: The Bible calls the devil/mind the dragon that 
deceives the world. Heroin addiction is a great example of this. The first 

few times you do it, the dragon and the pleasure it gives you sits right 
on your lap and is your best friend. All you want to do is be with it all the 
time, but it starts moving away from you, and you start chasing it. You 
can only keep up with it if you are ready to die. 


People will spend all their money, sacrifice their job, friends and family 
chasing it, but it just gets farther and farther away, and they never catch 
it again. No one ever has caught it, because it is impossible; it was a 
deception, an illusion to start with. It was a very real and satisfying 
illusion of the present, but not the real thing. 

Instead of giving you the life it promises, the dragon takes it. It kills you 
financially, socially, emotionally and spiritually, and it will kill you 
physically, so it is only really good when checking out. Heroin is the 
devil in chemical form, unless you are checking out (kill yourself on 
purpose). In the past, when the truth could not be known, addiction 
could be forgiven, but not now. 

When you can stop hard drugs, you do not want to. When you 
want to stop, you can't. 

Hard drugs: The first few weeks, you feel great for an hour or two and 
do not feel bad at all, so you figure, "why stop using them?" As you use 
them more, you feel good for less and less of the time, and you feel bad 
more and more of the time. Within a month, you start getting physically 
sick everyday when the drug wears off. You have withdrawal symptoms. 
It makes you feel like you have the flu when you do not have the drug. 
When you get drugs, it only makes you feel good for a few minutes, but 
makes you well for a few hours. Then you get sick again. That is an 
accurate description of a day in the life of a heroin addict. 

Addicts like to be by themselves, alone in a motel room with their drugs. 
They like to be alone because they do not want or need anything other 
than their drugs and the feeling it gives them. Other people just distract 
them from their high. 

The truth drug: It is the same reason spiritual beings like to be alone. 
They do not need or want anything other than God/life. Other people 
can just bring you down, unless they live in the truth and the life also. If 
they do, they make the present even better. The difference is that 
God/life does not cost any money, makes you feel even better than 
drugs, and never makes you sick. 

No one that reads this will do drugs, because no one would want to live 
like that. This is why real education will stop drug use. Heroin is said to 
be the worst, but other hard drugs work the same way; they just make 
you suffer more mentally. 


Addiction is one of the devil/mind's most powerful tools. It enslaves 
people, and only the truth and the life can really free people. 

The reason that organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous worl< for many 
people is they use the truth to help people. They tell people to take life 
one day at a time, in other words, to live in the present. Tiiey tell people 
there is a higher power that they have to surrender to (the balancing 
force). They tell people to embrace the truth and the life. The problem is 
that people cannot know the truth and the life completely without 
knowing the ultimate truth. If people learn the truth, there will be no drug 
addiction. It will just fade away as just another stupid thing that people 
who lived in the illusions of the mind used to do. 

If my generation has proven one thing, it is that drugs can hurt you more 
than they help you. I wish there was a drug that would really help open 
your mind without the negatives, but there is not. It would be the 
ultimate wonder drug, but it is impossible, so do not expect it to happen. 
You have to know the truth. 

Ecstasy: Ecstasy or MDMA is probably the closest thing to it. It gets 
you closer to the present and keeps you there longer than any other 
drug. The problem is, in a way, it screws you up the worst if you get 
addicted. The withdrawal is mostly mental, so it takes a long time to feel 
normal again. You pay the highest price mentally if you abuse ecstasy. 
It is just the balance at work. Taking it a few times, just to see how good 
even a little taste of the present is, can be a good thing if you know the 
truth, but I do not recommend any drug. 

The real present is a lot better, but ecstasy will get you closer to it for a 
few hours than normal people are now. The trick is not doing it very 
often and in moderation. I am not recommending it, because it is not 
necessary, and you take a huge risk that you will abuse it and pay a 
very high price. 

Happiness pill: There is no happiness pill, and there will never be one. 
I am sure the big drug companies are working on it, and they will no 
doubt come up with better ones than we have now, but they will just 
make you feel better longer, and the negative will come even if it takes 
years or the next life. 

Even if they do come up with something that completely fulfills you like 
the truth and the life does, what happens when you run out of the drug? 


You cannot take it with you: You lose everything physical. That is why 

using drugs to get into the present will never be as good as using the 
truth. You never run out of truth; it is always in abundant supply, 
because it is literally everything real. I take prescription drugs. 
Prescription drugs are okay, but only if you need them. 

In the future, they may come up with a drug that really helps everyone open up to 
life, but the ones around now do not. They are just a powerful trick of the devil. 

Once you know the truth and the life, you will never use hard street 
drugs, because you feel better than drugs can make you feel. 

Drugs and alcohol can bring you to the present, but it is a distorted, false 
present, a defiled present, a diminished present, and it will cost you in one 
way or another. It is just a very powerful and dangerous form of fool's gold. 

Psychedelic drugs: I am not recommending it, but if you take LSD, or 
other drugs that stimulate your mind to create very real hallucinations, it 
will show you just how powerful the mind's powers of illusion are. A 
person that knows the truth and the life can always tell the difference 
between illusions and reality, because they know reality, and they know 
it never changes. Illusions are not governed by laws of nature; reality is. 

People like Hoffman, Alport and Leary thought that psychedelic drugs 
revealed a hidden, normally unseen part of reality. They were wrong, 
because they did not know the truth. They just distort your perception of 
true life; they do not change life. 

They had it backwards. We want to expand our life, not our minds. 

The hallucinations are very entertaining if you know the truth, because 
you know they are not real, but if you do not know the truth and think 
they are real, it could be very dangerous. I know of a person who 
clawed his eyes out thinking it would make him see better. He blinded 
himself, and that is not a good thing. 

LSD bhngs you to the present, but it is a distorted present, a false present. If 
you look at real life with the intensity people look at things under the 
influence of LSD, you would see real life is more interesting and amazing 
than any illusion can be. You look at things more intensely on LSD, because 
it is new. When you learn the truth, you start looking at things as new all the 
time, because they are new. Once you know the truth, LSD makes the 
illusions of the mind easy to see, so it has some therapeutic value, but it is 
not necessary, and like other drugs, the possible bad things that can 
happen are not worth the good they can do. 


That said, entheogenic use can transform a normal conditioned mind, 
and put it into the truest form of learner, the ego-less human creature. 
This is an underestimated and misunderstood property, which ultimately 
can lead one to truth, more so than the BS we see in everyday society. 

IVIost drugs just make you feel good for a short period, and this can be 
addictive. You have to replace them with something that makes you feel 
even better than them after you are hooked, or you will never be free. Even 
after addicts manage to kick a drug habit, they always have the craving to 
some degree. They have to spend the rest of their life missing the drugs. 

The truth about drugs: What goes up must come down. The higher 
you go, the farther and harder you will fall. When you first start doing 
drugs, you are amazed at how high you can go. After you have been 
doing tliem for a while, you are even more amazed at how low you can 
go. It is better to just be where you are and learn to see life the way it 
truly is; that is the truth. If you know the truth, you could do them safely, 
but if you know the truth, you would not do them. 

The bottom line is, street drugs make life worse, not better. 

You can drink and get a buzz as long as you do not do anything stupid. 
Not driving is the main thing. Violence or any anti-social behavior is 
grounds to have to stop drinking. Buy a key chain breathalyzer; it is 
cheap and you will know when you cannot drive. If you do not have one, 
you should not drink alcohol away from home. 

The present is better than any drug, but you have to open it to find out. 
That said, whatever gets you through the night is all right, as John 
Lennon said, as long as you know what you are doing and the price you 
are going to pay. 

Drugs are only good things when you're sick, in pain or checking out. 

I would be a hypocrite if I said some drugs such as marijuana at some 
times do not help, but you are playing with fire. Marijuana can lead to 
harder drugs. 

The Bible says, therefore let us not sleep, as do others, but let us 
watch and be sober. 

There is now a better way to get into the present. It is free and 
lasts forever. 


Just remember that Jesus did not do recreational drugs. 

I talk about Jesus and focus this book on the truth in Christianity, 
because America is a Christian country, and we need to change 
America to change the world. It is the only country that has the power to 
change the world in time to save the human race, so we have to reveal 
the truth in Christianity first. 

We have to follow Jesus, and he did not do recreational drugs, so we 
cannot do them if we are to follow him. True Christians do not need 
recreational drugs. 

If a drug makes you feel better than normal, gives you pleasure and a 
feeling of peace and understanding a thousand times, but does the 
opposite just once, that tells you it is an illusion of the mind. All drugs 
have a down side equal to the up side, so people that do it for the 
pleasure are not getting anything, because it balances out. Do you 
really want pleasure that creates equal pain? 

Don't chase pleasure: What most truth seekers forget and need 
constant reminding of is that spiritual fulfillment is not to be confused 
with pleasure. You can feel crappy and even be suffering in great pain 
and be fulfilled. This is not heaven; there is pain here. Fulfillment is 
more than just pleasure. 

A woman in childbirth is in great pain, but fulfilled at the same time. 

People start out seeking truth and fulfillment, but end up chasing 
feelings of pleasure, and they get on the merry-go-round of physical life. 
You need to be in the center and just watch the wheels go 'round, as 
John Lennon said in a song. 

Fulfillment is better than pleasure, and it is possible to have it forever. 
You can only have pleasure half the time and pay for it with an equal 
amount of pain, so you do not seek it. You seek only fulfillment, even if it 
does not always feel good, and it won't. That is a tough thing to explain, 
and people have to discover what I am talking about for themselves. It is 
the goal, it is the Present, and you can only get tastes of it in this life 
because of other minds. 

Some people try to help it happen with drugs, fasting, isolation, rituals, 
etc. They are not only unnecessary; they get you off the path of just 
accepting what is, no matter what it is. In this world, everything real, 
including physical pain, is God/life. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Reform Political System 

Everyone knows our political system needs to be cleaned up. 

Politics: Like everything else, our government has everything 
backwards and upside down. In a true democracy, the people are in 
charge, not the elected officials. Elected leaders are public servants and 
should do the will of the public. That is not happening now. The so- 
called public servants spend much of their time and our money serving 
themselves and their party or support group. 

To fix the system, we have to make a few changes to the system. 

We will remove the incentive to be corrupt. Outlawing campaign 
contributions and favors has been tried and does not work, so we have 
to create a political environment where more money does not help in 
any way. We have to really level the playing field for everyone. 

Every state has different procedures and requirements to get on the 
ballot. This makes it time consuming and expensive to get into a 
national election. We change it to make it easy to run for office for 
anyone who wants to run for office. 

Webpage: All candidates will have to have a website that is in a form 
like all the other candidates. It will be an equal and uniform presentation 
of the candidates. When an election is coming up, an email is sent to 
everyone to notify them. You then would click on a link that shows you 
who the candidates are, and you are provided links to their websites 
that will tell you all about them. You can ask them questions by just 
emailing them. Every site will have a message board, so people can 
debate the issues and their proposed plans for us. 

Vote on the issues: All the websites will be identical to each other, so 
we can see in black and white where the candidates are on the issues, 
and we can compare apples to apples. 

The way it is now, it is a popularity contest; people vote more for 
or against a candidate's personality than where they stand on 
the issues. 


Debates: We will use the websites to narrow the field down to just a few 
people, and then we will have televised debates. The public will 
compare the candidates through televised debates paid for by the 
government. The problem with the debates now is the candidates are 
being allowed to avoid the questions, and this needs to be changed. If 
the candidates do not answer the questions, are evasive, or make a 
statement, they are penalized or kicked out of that debate. 

Vote online: We will all be able to register and vote online. We will be 
given a security code when we register and/or use our social security 
number. People think that voting online could be tampered with easier 
than a ballot box at a fixed location. It is not true; anything can be fixed, 
especially ballots, because we have had hundreds of years to figure out 
how to do it and get away with it. The truth is, voting via the Internet can 
be much more secure. Voting has to be made easier to get a true vote. 
An online voting method would be the easiest, and it could be made 
secure by allowing it all to be seen electronically as it happens. A lottery 
would pick three independent auditing companies from all the 
accounting firms in the US to check the system's integrity before and 
after every election. 

Vote all at once: The way it is now, the Iowa caucus picks our 
candidates for president. No one in history has won that has not come 
in first or second in Iowa. It is monkey see, monkey do. Less than one 
percent of the US population picks our candidates. What is wrong with 
this picture? We have to all vote at once, or the people that vote first will 
influence the people that vote after them. The monkey see, monkey do 
effect can win elections. This is why we have to vote online for it to be 
fair. If people do not have their own computer, they can use a friend's, 
or they can go to the library and use the ones there. 

Polls: We have to also ban popularity polls, because of the same 
monkey see, monkey do effect. Nothing should affect the outcome of an 
election except votes. 

Where does the money come from? Politics takes a lot of money; 
where does it come from? The people that provide it are the people that 
control our country. The real power of the political office is getting to 
spend everyone's tax dollars. You control the purse strings. If you need 
money to further your political career, which you do with the way things 
are, it is very tempting to make deals with people that build freeways 
and schools and other projects paid for with tax money. 


Lobbyist: Lobbyists that work for special interest groups need to be 
outlawed. They now influence all government action by giving money to 
candidates directly and offering them lucrative jobs in the private sector. 
This subverts democracy. 

The way the system is now forces good people to make deals for 
money just to get in the race. It forces good people to be corrupt to be 
elected and stay in office. We need to change it so that it does the 
opposite and favors fair play. It is that simple. The sooner we change 
the system, the sooner things will change. 

As long as great amounts of money are needed to get into public office, 
the people that supply the money will be in charge. The people that 
supply the money will get laws passed to benefit them, and they will get 
our tax dollars. That is not fair, moral, or a true democracy. It is a 
corrupt system. 

The media: Our reporters in the media are basically well intentioned 
people, but they do not report the complete truth when it comes to 
politics. Anyone that tries to loses their job or loses access to the 
candidates, so they help keep the secrets. They have no choice but to 
keep the money secrets to stay in the game. Again, the system 
indirectly forces people to be corrupt to be in the game. 

Everyone will be forgiven for what they did before the truth was revealed 
if they change when they learn the truth. There are no bad guys, just 
people that do not know the truth, people that have been misguided and 
given no good or fair options. 

Tlie people in power can stay in power if tliey cliange their ways. 

Abolish the party system: We need to abolish the two party system. 
Everyone should be an independent. Powerful political parties subvert 
true democracy. The people do not elect public officials as much as 
democrats or republicans do. The way it is now, the people do not even 
pick the candidates; the parfies do. We can only vote for the candidates 
that they give us. How is that a free election? 


Divide and destroy democracy: The truth is, everyone is liberal and 
everyone is conservative. It depends on the issue. No one is totally a 
conservative or totally a liberal on every issue. The two party system is 
just a tool of the people in power to divide people and to corrupt and 
control our government. The two parties just make a conflict possible, 
and that conflict can be and is manipulated by the rich and powerful to 
control the government. It makes a true democracy impossible. 

The powers control both parties. Money, organization, and political 
power is what decides who is elected to public office. If you do not play 
ball with one of the parties, you cannot even run a campaign that has 
any hope of winning. 

Outlaw speechwriters: The candidates have to write their own 
speeches or speak spontaneously. This is how we find out who people 
really are. We do not want to hear what speechwriters say; they are not 
the people running for office. There will be no teleprompters at debates; 
only a few notes will be allowed. When our public servants are working 
with other people to resolve issues on our behalf, they will be winging it, 
so we need to see how good they are at doing it. 

The new, high-tech way of running elections described above does not 
require the money and organization that a political party provides, so 
they are no longer necessary. Let's get rid of them and all powerful 
special interest groups, and then we can have a true democracy where 
the people are really in charge. 

With the two party system, only a few chosen candidates can run for 
office. Using inexpensive websites to promote candidates means 
hundreds of people can run for office, giving us a much greater choice. 
We would have eliminations to narrow the field until we have under ten, 
and then we go to the televised debates. 

We have to take the money and access issues out to have fairness. 
The Internet and TV have made traditional political parties obsolete. 

We needed the party system in the past, when candidates had to travel 
around making political speeches. They do not have to now, so we no 
longer need the infrastructure to support it. We no longer need 
expensive political conventions, the electoral college, or any of the other 
trappings of the political system. They all corrupt and subvert a true 
democracy. Technology has made all old style politics obsolete. Thanks 
to technology, true democracy is now possible. 


Free elections: We can now make free elections really free and fair. 
When you register to vote online, you are automatically sent all the 
information on candidates, when election will be, etc. All you will have to 
do to get further information from different candidates is to search the 
net, and then press a button to vote for the candidate of your choice. 

We should not let the traditions of the past in religion or politics 
hurt us. We keep the good things and delete those things that are 
no longer good. 

Experience: Candidates are always acting like experience is important, 
that the most experienced politician is best qualified for office. The 
opposite is true. The longer someone is in politics, the better they are at 
politics, not better at running our country. They also cannot help but get 
deeper into corruption. If the candidate has been in public office just a 
few times before, it is a good thing, because we can see how good or 
bad they were, but newcomers can do the job just as well, and this has 
been proven true. 

The most important things are honesty, integrity and intelligence, not 
experience. Candidates should spend their time figuring out how to 
make the public's lives better when they get in office. They should not 
be spending their time figuring out how to make their lives better, raise 
money, and promise favors when they get in office, but they have to 
now to stay in the game. 

We want the best leaders and managers in office, not the best 

Take the politics out of elections: The current election system creates 
great politicians, wheelers and dealers, not necessarily great leaders or 
problem solvers. Our leaders are forced to spend more of their time 
making deals to get re-elected than running our government. We have 
to turn that around now. 

The bi-partisanship between the political parties is paralyzing and 
corrupting our government. Republicans side with republicans, 
democrats side with democrats, and the party with the most members 
wins. The issue is secondary. Politicians do not vote on something's 
merits as much as to empower their party or enrich themselves 
financially or politically. Politics should not have such a powerful 
influence on our government. It is an outrage, and it will destroy us. 


If they do not want to play fair, do not play with them until they do. 

Don't vote: People think voting is the way to change things; the 
opposite is true. The way things are now, there is no point in voting, so 
everyone should stop voting until the system is changed. If hardly 
anyone voted, they would get the message, and things would change; it 
would lead to real election reform. 

It is going that way now. Fewer people vote now, because they know it 
does not matter; the game is fixed. We just have to take it all the way 
and not vote in any elections where one candidate has advantages over 
another or there is any BS. 

Spiritual people recognize the truth when they see it and also BS. 

Can you imagine protesters with signs that just say "Don't Vote"? It 
would be so shocking that it would get all kinds of publicity, and it would 
work for that reason. 

We make voting mandatory for everyone when we reform our political 
system. We make it easy by voting on the Internet. People would use 
their social security number or driver's license number to prevent voter 
fraud. If people don't vote, the penalty could be a fine or loss of your 
driver's license. 

Crooks: Everyone will be happy when things begin to change, even the 
crooks, because most crooked politicians really do not want to be 
crooks. They just think they have to be crooked to win, and they are 
right. Most people think the ends justify the means, because it works. 
Cheating works, and it should not. The reason even the crook will 
welcome a new, fair system is they are beginning to wake up to the fact 
that they are going to die along with everyone else if we do not make 
the change and make it fast. The survival of everyone depends on it. 

The way it is now, the biggest hypocrites, liars, and best deal 
makers win. 

We all lose: We have to change things so that honesty works, and 
everyone will benefit. Until then, the bad guy wins too often, and we all 
lose, even the bad guys, because the human race will not survive if 
things are not changed soon. 


A candidate's website will tell you all about them and what they will do if 
they are elected. Their platform on all the issues will be spelled out. 
What they plan to do, why they are going to do it, and when they will do 
it must be documented. This is the only way we will we be able to 
compare apples to apples and make a truly informed selection. As it is 
now, we do not know what we are voting for. 

In the first round of eliminations, we should not even have pictures 
or the names of candidates, so people will only vote on the issues. 

Accountability: Elected officials will be accountable for what they 
promise and do. Empowered watchdog groups will compare what they 
say to what they do or try to do. If they do not do it, they will 
automatically be removed from office without pay. The person that got 
the second most votes will take their place. 

So-called spin doctors are socially acceptable liars. They're the worst liars. 

It will be illegal to lie, deceive or mislead the public, even by private 
companies. Advertising on TV will no longer be able to tell the truth in 
small print. Small print will be outlawed. All public deception, especially 
by people running for office, will be outlawed and punishable by large 
enough fines and long enough jail sentences to stop it. They will also be 
banished from office for life. 

It's not only legal to lie and steal from people, it is institutionalized. 

Earmarks will be outlawed. Adding pet projects to other bills is the 
source of a lot of corruptions. It is an obvious and outrageous flaw in our 
system of government. Anything that is going to cost taxpayers' money 
will have to be authorized separately and stand on its own merit. That 
way, we will have a record of who is spending our money and what they 
are spending it on. 

Technology has progressed enough to end all unfairness in politics. 

Transparent Government: Everything the congress and the senate 
does will be recorded by TV cameras and microphones, and available to 
be accessed on the Internet by any citizen at any time. The minutes of 
every meeting will be published on the Internet. Closed door hearings 
will be banned. We improve C-SPAN and notify all people automatically 
of any important bills being voted on. All citizens will get emails 
everyday to alert them of how their money is being spent. 


Open book: Public office will mean just that. If you choose to get into 
public office, you must give up your right to privacy completely. You will 
have no private life at all. Everything you do, everything you buy or sell, 
and everyone you associate with will be made a matter of public record. 
We have the right to know what people we trust with our money and 
lives are doing. If people want privacy, they will have to get into another 
line of work. Public servants will have to log a written record of what 
they do everyday, just like a captain of a ship, and post it on the 
Internet, so that anyone can access it. 

Watchdogs: Professional watchdogs will be drawn by lottery from the 
public, just like juries are now, and be paid by the government to watch 
what our political leaders are doing and to make a monthly report that 
will be linked to the public official's website. Nothing someone does or 
says in public office will ever be deleted or not be available to the public. 
If anything is, they are out. We have to consider fixing a vote or 
deceiving the public the worst thing a person could do, and a conviction 
of the offense will result in automatic punishment. 

Trust: You cannot trust anyone that does not know the ultimate truth, 
because they really do not know right from wrong. They wear two hats; 
one for the public and one for themselves. You can trust people that 
know the truth, simply because they know right from wrong. They know 
that helping others is helping themselves and the world we all live in. 

Public servants: We have to take the profit and power motive out of 
people's reasons for running for office. We have to make it the type of 
job that only people interested in helping and serving others will want. 

High office isn't to play big shot and feed someone's ego and wallet. 

People more interested in helping themselves will get into some other field. 

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world 
will know peace. Jimi Hendrix 

The people will run the country: Voting on the Internet will be so easy 
that everyone concerned will vote on any big issues, issues that will cost 
them money, or issues that affect their way of life. Public servants will 
just make the little decisions and do the day-to-day work. They will no 
longer be the big shots they are now, just civil servants, working for our 
benefit, not theirs. The age of the big shot politician is over. We will 
just have public servants. 


True democracy: On the first day of the month, everyone can just go to 
a website that lists issues that are being decided, and you just can 
check a yes or no box to vote on what you want to happen. Everyone 
should do this every month, so the public will really be in control of what 
is happening. This is the only way to have a true and fair democracy, 
and we can do it now. Being involved in one's own life is the way it 
should be and has to be, and it will be easy. 

Written simply: All issues to be voted on will be written simply, so 
everyone can understand it. The pros, cons, and cost-benefit of 
something people are voting on will be explained in no more than one 
page. Things such as cost, how long it will take to do, and potential 
benefits and problems will be spelled out. 

We will elect officials that are good at coming up with solutions to 
our problems, good at explaining the issues simply, and good at 
doing what we tell them to do efficiently and at the lowest cost. 

Most public offices will only be paid a middle class wage and will have 
the same medical benefits that people that work for minimum wage 
receive. This will encourage people that want to play big shot and help 
themselves more than us to get into some other field, and that is the 
way it should be. Even high offices like congressmen, senators, and the 
president will just make two or three times the average middle class 
wage, and get the same benefits working people do. 

This will do two things; it will just attract the right kind of people, people that 
want to help others more than themselves. People that just want to enrich 
themselves will go elsewhere. It will also improve the pay and benefits of the 
people at the bottom of the economic ladder, so that they can live a decent life. 

Government of the people: All political leaders have to come from the 
middle class or lower. Fat cats should be disqualified from public office, 
because we can see how they live, and that they are overly interested in 
power and making money. We want to keep those kind of people out of 
public office. 

A representative government must represent the majority of the 
people, and rich people are not the majority of the people. This should 
be obvious, but people cannot see it now. You can be rich or be a 
leader; you cannot be both and be representative of the majority of the 
people. Our leaders (representatives) have to live like the majority of 
people live to know the real problems of the majority of the people. This 
in and of itself will begin to change the world. 


Taxes/government: Poor people should not have to pay any income 
taxes. The more money people make, the more they will be taxed, but 
not so much that it removes the motivation to make a lot of money. Tax 
laws will be simplified, so you do not need a lawyer to understand them. 
Complicated tax forms just benefit those that can afford lawyers, while 
they hurt everyone else. 

Sales tax: Most tax revenue should come from sales tax, especially 
from junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, luxuries and any non-necessities. 
Higher taxes should be on anything that hurts people, or costs society 
or the environment in any way. For example, we raise the taxes on 
incandescent light bulbs so they cost more than compact florescent 
bulbs that use a forth of the energy. We tax gas guzzling cars so they 
cost more than hybrids, etc. We raise tax income and help the 
environment. It does not hurt the companies that make the old 
technologies, because they just start making more of the new 
technologies. It does not hurt the economy, because it creates more 
jobs to develop and manufacture the new products. 

It Is most fair, because the people that spend the most on 
themselves pay the most In taxes. If you don't want to pay taxes, 
just don't spend money. 

Reverse the tax system: It would simplify the tax system; we would 
barely need an IRS. We just reverse the system. Why tax what you 
make? Why not tax what you spend? You need no tax forms or any BS. 
It's the same amount of money. People spend everything they make 
sooner or later, so the tax base would be just as big, even bigger, 
because people could not hide what they spend like they hide income. It 
will just make the system fair and easy. Tell your congressman today. 

Science of democracy: A new science needs to be created just to 
study how to make democracy work in the most efficient and fair way. 
Once we wake up, everything I say above will just start happening, and 
the past will be the past. 

Once we get America's political system right, we need to do It for 


"The Present - Insights" 

World Government 

World government: A world government is the only way we will be able 
to control pollution, manage our limited resources fairly, and prevent 
destruction of the natural environment. It has to happen, or the earth will 
become uninhabitable. 

How can people think we can survive without managing all our 
resources? We need a world government to manage our resources 
and ourselves. 

If America stops using something dangerous to the environment, this 
does not mean other countries will. We banned DDT, but it is still being 
used all over the world, and it is the same with just about everything 
else we have banned. 

Nuclear disarmament: It cannot happen without a world government, 
simply because even if everyone agrees to do it, we cannot trust 
everyone to do it. No one tells the truth when it comes to nukes. 

You cannot put the genie back in the bottle when it comes to 
nukes. We do not even know how many there are. 

Genetic engineering: The only thing that can improve the human 
condition more than genetic engineering is the truth. Genetic 
engineering is the second most important thing. Just as the truth can 
transform us mentally and spiritually, genetic engineering can and will 
change our food and our bodies physically. 

Good/harm: Genetic engineering has the potential to do the most good, 
but it also has the potential to do the most harm. Without a world 
government, it will not be controlled enough. It is just a matter of time 
before someone accidentally or intentionally creates a virus or mutation 
that will kill every human being on Earth. It is not a matter of if, it is a 
matter of when, and we know it will be soon. 

Only a world government can enforce the expensive control and 
security needed for creating new life forms. The potential profits 
and benefits are so great that people will cut corners and take 
risks that will kill us all. 


The human race will have to be united in order to control the new and 
dangerous technologies we have developed and are in the process of 
developing now. Forests will be cut down, oceans will be fished out, 
water will be polluted, and species will go extinct if we do not have a 
world government. We do not have a choice if we want to survive. This 
will become obvious when people wake up. 

No one can spend the money for the long term and stay 

Win/win: When we stop something and take someone's job, we do not 
do it until we pay to train them to do something that makes even more 
money. We do not just throw people out of work. We give them 
something better, so they want to do it. We do not use force, the stick, if 
we can use the carrot. You cannot really stop something effectively 
unless the people doing it are given a better way to go. 

Population control: It will take a world government to manage 
population and resources. The population of a country cannot be 
allowed to outpace their ability to support and educate their children. 
People starve and the beast comes to life. In nature, when there are not 
predators to control the population, the population grows until the 
environment cannot support them, and then they die off. It is a natural 
cycle that the human race is in right now. We have overcome all our 
predators, including most diseases, and our population has 
been exploding. 

The overpopulation/starvation cycle has killed us many times in 
the past. 

People think we are so special and different from other animals, when 
the truth is, we are probably just living through another overpopulation 
starvation cycle. 

We can do it again, or we can start to manage the whole world for the 
benefit of everyone. Right now, every country is working for their own 
local self-interest, and the way things are set up, they have to, to survive 
and compete. 


Long term: We cannot work on any long term solutions to problems we 
know are coming and stay competitive (stay in business) without a world 
government. We should be stockpiling enough food to feed millions of 
people for a long enough period of time to survive the droughts and 
other natural disasters that we know are coming. We have to be able to 
move farmland to suit the weather, regardless of ownership. We need to 
anticipate and stockpile antibiotics, vaccines, and other medicines to 
deal with the flu pandemics and other plagues we know are going to 
come. We need to be able to go through the natural disasters we know 
are coming without the social chaos and political upheavals that will 
compound the disasters. Not working on the long term is certain doom. 

Divided we fall: Separate nations will never be able to stop using 
destructive technologies and depleting natural resources or prepare for 
future disasters on their own, because they are competing economically 
with other nations. The way it is now, governments can only spend 
money on immediate problems in order to stay competitive with other 
countries. Long term planning and spending is an absolute necessity for 
the long term survival of the human race, and we cannot do it now. It is 
impossible for us to survive as separate competing groups. The only 
way to survive is if we stop competing with each other, and that can only 
happen with a free, democratic world government, and we have to 
create it soon. 

The government's main job will be to make sure everyone has a 
good job. 

Most problems such as crime, injustice, and religious fanatics come 
directly from poverty. Thus, the government's main job will be to keep 
people productive and making money. There will be many new 
government jobs created for people whose job is to find or make people 
good jobs. 

If there is not enough work in private industry, the government will 
create jobs to keep people working. If people do not know how to do the 
job, they will also pay to train people to do the jobs they find or create. 

President Roosevelt's New Deal did it to pull the country out of a 
depression. Big public projects like dams improved the country. He just 
put people to work doing things that had long term benefits for our 
country. It ended the bad economic times. This should be an ongoing 
program to keep everyone working all the time. 


The New Deal was not perfect and did cause some harm, because we 
were competing with otiier countries, but we have learned from it and 
can do it now in a way that will work perfectly. The dams we built then 
are still benefiting us today, producing clean, free electricity, and 
providing irrigation for much of our food production. We could start 
building other ways to take our electricity from the sun and ground, such 
as solar cells and geothermal energy. Everyone would win. 

Not bad guys: The oil and coal lobbies have been and are now a 
powerful force against developing other less expensive and cleaner 
energy. Businesses have to do what is best for their stockholders; it is 
their job, so it is not really their fault. It is the system's fault, the 
government's fault. Businesses are run by people that have families. 
They do not want to destroy the world anymore than anyone else, but 
they cannot change without government help. It is why slavery lasted so 
long in our country. Most people knew it was wrong, but many people, 
especially in the south, could not stay in business without them. Thomas 
Jefferson kept slaves for this reason. It took government intervention 
and a war to change things. Things are different now; we can change 
anything, and we do not have to wait for a war. 

Instead of beating on the oil companies, we should be giving them big 
enough incentives to make it profitable for them to do what we want 
them to do. They are in the energy business, and if we give them 
enough incentive, they will develop new energy systems like solar and 
geothermal. They do not want to kill their kids. 

Government intervention is necessary to do what is in everyone's 
long term, best interest. Businesses cannot do it and stay 
in business. 

The problem is that government has the same problem business 
has. They cannot work on long term problems and get re-elected. 
They are forced to just do things that will keep them in office. This 
has to change first. 

The free enterprise system is the best system, but it has a down side, 
and that is what government is for. It keeps free enterprise working fairly 
and in the best interest of everyone. Government will just work for 
everyone, keep the balance. 


The more people who work, the more that gets done. The more people 
who benefit from that work, the more tax money there is, and the more 
government projects that can be undertaken. We will never run out of 
ways to improve life, so we will never run out of work if we stay 
organized. We all just have to wake up. 

Work for everyone, everywhere, all the time: You always hear people 
saying that if we had the money we could rebuild our infrastructure, 
solar power, etc. There is a powerful illusion that prevents people from 
seeing that we can do anything we want to do, build what we want, 
create good jobs and make things better for everyone, everywhere, and 
we can do it anytime anywhere. 

It is work that creates wealth, not wealth that creates work. People 
have it backwards, and when they see the truth and turn it around, this 
world will turn into the paradise it should be, could be, and will be. 

When people wake up, they will realize that we can do anything we 
have the technology and will to do. 

What we really need is some inspired, enlightened leadership. 

Paradise: There will be a world government, and it will make sure 
everyone on Earth has work, food, shelter, freedom, education, medical 
services, protection and equal opportunities. It will be every human 
being's birthright. All these great things cannot happen without the truth 
being known and a large population of spiritual beings. This is why the 
truth must get out soon. If it does not, there is no hope for the human 
race. We should and could all be living in a heaven soon. 

As Jesus said, we just have to find the truth and everything else 
will follow. 

The truth is, making other people wealthy will make us wealthier. 
The more money people have, the more they will have to spend on 
our products. 

Not socialism: It may sound like socialism or communism, but this is 
not what I am talking about. A government of and for spiritual people will 
reflect the new life form we have become and are becoming. It will be 
the first true democracy. 


Free market: To have a free market that works the best, we have to 
have a few rules for the free market to work the way it should. 

We have to have a few things we can count on, such as a level and 
dependable playing field. We do not have to throw the baby out with the 
bath water. People always swing from one extreme to the other, and it's 
the middle ground where life works best. They go from capitalism to 
socialism, when there is a middle way. 

Level playing field: We socialize (regulate) a few things to make a free 
market work the way it should. Energy-banking-insurance-medical- 
education-politics, an economic safety net (welfare), and a few other 
things. We control and regulate them, so they are always fair and 
always there. It would make a level playing field that everyone can 
count on, live in, work and prosper within its framework. 

We (the government) pay for education through college, because it pays 
off for a country to have highly educated citizens. We pay for medical 
care, because a healthy population is more productive. We pay for 
insurance, like earthquake and flood insurance, because in major 
disasters, the government ends up having to pay anyway. People who 
choose to live in areas that have earthquakes or floods will have to pay 
a premium to do it. The government can choose to use that money to 
build levees or cover losses, etc. If the government mandates 
insurance, such as they do with automobile liability insurance, they 
should provide it, so it will be available to everyone at the lowest 
possible cost. It should not be a profit making business like it is now. 
People should not profit from what people are forced to do. 

Medical care: It will be available to everyone for just a nominal fee for 
those who can afford to pay, and free for those who cannot. It will be the 
best it can be. 

Americans are always saying "look at Britain, Canada and other 
countries that have more government controls," and point out they do 
not work as good as the American system, and this is true, but that does 
not mean we cannot make it work. We are America, not them, and we 
make things work better than anyone. 


Greed: The insurance, banking, energy, the financial markets, and a 
few other businesses will need some regulations and government 
control until the truth kills the greed in people's minds. Most parts of the 
economy will be free market capitalism, with much less government 
control and regulation than we have now. Deception will be outlawed 
and enforced in all business, so this in itself will clean up most 
problems, especially in banking, the stock market and real estate. When 
you remove the tool of deception from the crooks, they will die out and 
go extinct. 

Buying low and selling high is only a good thing if you earn the 
profits. You can get money from work, determination, risk, virtue, 
intelligence, or luck, not by inside information and inflation. 

Speculation will only be allowed for IPOs (initial public offerings) 
of stock. That is necessary to get new business off the ground, but 
after that, the price of a stock will be what it is really worth, based 
on its hard assets, income, and future potential if you were to sell 
the company. 

You will never have to worry about the basics to live, because the 
government will provide them for all; we do not want anyone to starve or 
be pushed to desperation. People will not be afraid to take the big risks 
in business to pioneer new technologies, etc. This safety net will help 
the economy. It will be a true democracy and a free market system that 
works for everyone. 

As long as our minds are out of control, society will be out 
of control. 

Governments do not change the way people are; only the truth can do that. 

It is impossible to design a system so perfect that no one needs to 
be good. T.S. Eliot 

Governments in the past have tried to force people to change, to share 
the wealth, and it has never worked, because any change has to come 
in the people themselves first. Real change starts with people and 
moves out to government. 

It starts at the bottom and moves up, the opposite of the way it is 
now. Jesus said to learn the truth first, because it makes the 
change happen. 


Many governments, such as communism, have tried to share the wealth 
without success. The reason those forms of government came into 
being is because sharing the wealth is a good idea, and people know 
equality is the best way deep down. What they did not know is it could 
not work without the people themselves changing. It is human nature 
that needs to change for the world to work right. 

Justice in the life and conduct of the state is possible only if first it 
resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens. Plato 

Jesus said, "A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit." 

Not Communism: Communism is not a good form of government, and it 
will not work, because it tries to make people something they are not. 
People have to be free to be inspired and productive. Communism has 
been tried and we now know for certain that it does not work, and it has 
resulted in every injustice imaginable. 

Life without liberty is like a body without a spirit. 
Khalil Gibran 

People have to change themselves for the world to change. Real 
change only happens when the people themselves change. 

Truth + freedom + justice + prosperity + God/life = heaven on Earth. 

Trying to control people leads to injustice, corruption, violence and spiritual 
death. Freedom does the opposite when combined with the truth. 

A free market, capitalistic democracy is the best form of government. 

As the people in America learn the truth and are transformed into 
spiritual beings, capitalism, free markets, and democracy will begin to 
work for the benefit of everyone. Democracy could not work the way it 
should until now. It is not just the system that is flawed; it is the 
people in it that are flawed. 

George Washington, Jefferson, and the other founding fathers were 
right. The American form of government is the best form of government, 
but only if we become good enough people to make it work. We are not 
now, but we may be soon. As the population of spiritual beings on the 
planet grows, government will grow smaller because it will be needed 
less. People will do the right thing without anyone telling them to. At first 
government will get bigger, and then smaller. 


Division illusion: As people become more aware, they will see how we 

are all one people on this planet. People will see we are one species. 
They will see how minds made borders that separate people, and they 
have resulted in most of the wars. In the future, borders will only serve 
to preserve local culture and traditions. 

Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid. John Wayne 

As we see the truth, borders, along with all other things that separate 
the human race, will begin to disappear. We will wonder how we ever 
saw people as being different from ourselves. It all looks so stupid and 
wasteful from a spiritual being's perspective. We will stay different, but 
come together in the truth and the life. 

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Utopia: You are probably thinking that I am talking about a Utopian 
society. You would be right. It could not work in the past, because 
people in the past could not know the ultimate truth, and they did not 
have the technology needed to do it. 

Not until the creation and maintenance of decent conditions of life 
for all people are recognized and accepted as a common obligation 
of all people and all countries - not until then shall we, with a 
certain degree of justification, be able to speak of human kind as 
civilized. Albert Einstein 

People are people: When the truth is seen, all life with human DNA will 
be seen as the same, and we will strive for equality in everything. We 
will respect all life and the environment that makes it possible. We have 
to cut the crap now, or we will drown in it. We will see that total equality 
is the only path to heaven, and the only way to avoid our own 
destruction. It is Utopia or death. It is life or death. 

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of 
compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of 
nature and its beauty. Albert Einstein 

Do the right thing: It will not be socialism, communism or any other 
ism, because people that know the truth, spiritual people, will not have 
to be told to do the right thing. Spiritual people do not have to be told 
what to do by a government. They will just naturally share and do the 
right thing. It is their nature to do the right thing. They know that helping 
others is helping themselves. 


We now have to make a choice between spiritual and physical life 
or death. 

Illusion of freedom: We will never be free until we are free from the 
devil/mind. We will not be truly free until we have the freedom Jesus is 
talking about. Everyone, politicians, the media, schools, business, 
churches, all institutions are controlling us with an invisible force that 
masquerades as freedom. "We are all trapped in the same hypocrisy," 
as Michael said in the Godfather. 

The Bible says, "We fight not with flesh and blood, but against invisible 
hosts of evil." The invisible force is our own animal mind, the beast within. 

People want to be know and live in the truth, but they cannot 
because of this invisible force. It is our own mind manifesting, projected 
in all our institutions, and only the truth can free us and save us. When 
people see it for what it is, when it can no longer hide in the dark, it will 
die as a vampire does. 

As the Bible says, the light will save us. 

The start: This book is like light, and as the truth in it spreads, it will 
grow stronger while deception grows weaker. It really will be a David 
and Goliath story. Now, it is just this book against the whole world. In 
the Bible story, David wins. 

Conspiracies: People want to think that there are powerful, secret 
societies doing all kinds of mischief that affect our lives and destinies. It 
is not true. People cannot control themselves, let alone other people, for 
very long. 

There are many secret societies that are trying to do this and that, but 
they are not smart enough, and they do not have enough time or 
cooperation from others to really do anything besides make themselves 
feel important for a short period of time. They cause plenty of 
unnecessary trouble, but that is all. 

Greed and need for control that starts conspiracies destroys them. 


Every once in a while, someone comes along in these so called secret 
societies that has real leadership qualities, and he really starts to do 
something. Just as his diabolical plans start to look like they are going to 
work, he gets old and dies. Then his party animal sons and other people 
that follow him cannot do anything, and the great plan falls apart. 
People do not live long enough to really pull off any complicated, secret 
plans. Everything underhanded people do has a built in self-destruct 

Omerta: It means "silence." It is an Italian word the mafia used. People 
in their criminal business have to be loyal and not talk to outsiders about 
what they do. The problem is, criminals by definition are people that you 
cannot trust. They screw people for a living, so it is not surprising that 
they will screw the people they work with. This is why organized crime 
will never be a bigger problem. It is the same with conspiracies and all 
underhanded endeavors. 

Man proposes, God disposes. 

There are many rich, powerful people in many groups, and they all have 
their big plans, but self-interest and greed make them work against each 
other. People cannot get along or keep secrets for long enough to pull 
anything major off. 

Conspiracies are weak: Hidden plans do not have as much power as 
the plans everyone can see, because the plans that are not hidden, 
such as democracy, pass easily from generation to generation and can 
develop over hundreds, even thousands of years. Secret conspiracies 
are inherently weak by comparison. 

Conspiracies will never be able to alter our destiny. 

People want to believe in conspiracies, because they want to believe 
there are people in this world smart enough and powerful enough to 
control the world. They do not want to believe this world is run by the 
people that appear to be in power, or no one, and that this world is out 
of control, and we cannot blame them. However, the truth is, what looks 
like the truth, is the truth. Of course, all leaders are influenced by 
powerful people, but they are still the leader, and they can do what they 
want to do if they really want to do it. 

Rich people are too busy being rich people to cause too much 


There are unseen rich and powerful people pulling strings, but they are 
just making themselves more rich and powerful for a short period of 
time. There are many groups, secret and otherwise, that are successful 
in spreading lies and misinformation, but almost everything is lies and 
misinformation in one way or another, so it doesn't affect things much. 

Illuminati: If there is an llluminati, they are not very illuminated and are 
nothing to worry about. They do not know the nature of reality, or they 
would not be trying to control it. They will not be able to change it, no 
matter what they think. 

There are no bad or good guys, just people that know the truth and 
those that don't. Many will learn the truth and change their ways, 
and many won't. 

Government conspiracies: Many people think there are all kinds of 
government or military conspiracies that hide the existence of UFOs, 
etc. The truth is, the government is not an entity in itself; it is just people, 
mostly low paid civil servants that could not keep a secret about 
anything for long. What about all the other governments on Earth? Are 
they all in a conspiracy to hide the truth from the people? There are no 
big government or military conspiracies hiding anything. 

There are legitimate government and military secrets, but no 

People that try to perpetrate conspiracies and people that want to 
believe in them are just playing mind games while wasting their time 
and real opportunities. The world will only change when people change. 
People are corrupt now, so the world is corrupt now. When people are 
not corrupt, the world will not be. 

All the protesters out there, thinking they are fighting big brother, are 
actually the people helping big brother most. Big brother (the animals in 
power) love people that make people think there is an effective 
opposition to them, when there isn't. The only way to take them down is 
with the truth. If all those protesters would help spread the truth, big 
brother would not stand a chance. The people hurting our world need 
their deceptions and lies. If we expose them, shine a light on the 
deception, they will die; they will disappear just like vampires exposed to 
daylight. We wouldn't kill them or even hurt them; we would help them. 
That is how the truth works; everyone wins. It converts the bad guys into 
good guys. It changes animals into spiritual beings. 


We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in 
the twinkling of an eye, the dead shall be raised incorruptible and 
we shall be changed. For the corruptible must put on incorruption 
and the mortal must put on immortality. 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 

Doesn't matter: It does not matter what people do to change our 
outside world; it is the inside changes we make that matter. If we 
change our inside world (our minds), the outside world will be a 
reflection of that change and be a paradise. 

Only real power: The real unseen power behind everything that 
happens is the collective unconscious, and the balancing force, God/life. 
It will not be unseen for much longer, because we are beginning to 
wake up. 

Big brother: There will be no big brother; the opposite will be true. Do 
not worry about more cameras and greater knowledge of what everyone 
is doing. Good people have nothing to hide; only bad people do. 

Cameras do not lie, people do. The more cameras we have, 
the better. 

The beast in us needs to be able to hide its work to survive. Cameras 
and other surveillance systems show the truth, so that part of our minds 
fears them. Cameras and other so-called intrusive technology will help 
the truth and hurt the deceivers of the world. We need to bring 
everything into the light of day; the sooner the better. If we had a 
camera in every streetlight, it would stop crime. 

The mind/devil is like a vampire; it cannot live in the light of day. 

Invasion of privacy: The truth is, no one is watching you through most 
of those cameras. Video is just being recorded, so If a crime is 
committed, they can look back at the recording and see who did it. 
Cameras are actually not much of an invasion of privacy like most 
people think. They are a great deterrent to crime and the best evidence 
to convict criminals. They make life much safer, so they are a good 
thing. The more cameras we have, the better. 


People are always saying that one day we will have an implant in our 
hands and no one will be able to buy or sell without it. They act like it 
will be the work of the devil, take away our privacy, and that it is a bad 
thing. The opposite is true; all good people will welcome that 
technology, because it will just make it harder for the bad guys to rip you 
off. You cannot have true accountability without knowing the truth. The 
more surveillance, the better. Surveillance is only bad if you are a bad 
person or you have a bad government. If you fear the government, you 
fear the beast will control the government. The beast always has up 
until now, but that has to change, or even the beast will die. If there is a 
corrupt big brother, all is lost for everyone, even the rich and powerful. 
The world of the beast will end by the truth or by the death of everyone. 

The rat race will be over, and the rats will have won. 

Never give up our rights: We do not want to give up our rights. To the 

contrary, we want to make wiretaps and search and seizure more 
difficult. We never want to suspend Habeas Corpus or any of our hard 
earned civil rights. 

Big brother will learn the truth: The government and our world will not 
change until the rich and powerful, the people in control, learn the truth. 
They will change, because they will realize that it is in their best interest 
to change. 

Life is short: The rich and powerful will realize that their own death is 
going to ruin all their big plans; that the balancing force will make them 
poor and under the thumb of the powerful in their next life. They will 
learn that this world and the whole human race, including their family 
and friends, are going to go extinct in the near future, if they and others 
like them do not see the light and stop trying to control and dominate 

We are all just pawns in a bigger game, especially the rich and 

The majority of people in power will learn the truth and become spiritual 
beings in the near future, or everyone will be dead, and most people 
can see that now. The rich and powerful are going to have to learn that 
they are not winners. They are actually the biggest losers in our history, 
because they will have destroyed the human race. The rich now have 
the human race and their fate in their hands. 


The accelerating progression of technology makes a world 
government and total surveillance an absolute necessity to save 
the world. 

The only question is, who will control it; the beast or God/life? It will be 
very good or very bad, depending on who gets control, and it could go 
either way. 

If the beast wins, the human race is finished. Just make sure you 
know the truth, so you will go to a world without the beast in your 
next life. 

This life span is not long, so it is no big deal. You can endure anything 
for a few years if you know the truth. The beast has always won in the 
past. You have lived with the beast in control for millions of years; what 
is a few more? We may not be able to beat the beast in this world, but a 
spiritual being will live the rest of their life trying, just because that is 
what a spiritual being does. 

Save yourself: All you can do for certain is save yourself. If the majority 
of people just saved themselves, the world will be saved too. What 
happens to others is not up to you. Other people are on their own 
evolutionary path. You can only do what you can do. The saying, you 
can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink, is true. Your 
job is learning the truth and spreading the truth on the internet. 

If the spirit wins, there will be no need for cameras or even laws. 
However, until then, we will need them to help stay in control of 
what we can control. 

Revolution: Do not even think about overthrowing the government. It 
would just make things worse and give the beast more power. The 
government is not the problem, mankind is the problem. Deception, the 
beast within, is the problem. As John Lennon said in the song 
Revolution, "You say you want a revolution, well you know, you better 
free your mind instead." You have only one revolution to fight, and it is 
in your head. Do not worry about anyone else, because it isn't up to you. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Corrupt Church and Dogma 

The Bible says that Jesus came to save us, that he is mankind's 

Was Jesus a failure?: If you believe what the church believes, you 
have to believe that Jesus was a failure. The way the Church believes, 
less than one percent of mankind will go to heaven. That is failure by 
any measure if he came to save mankind. 

To believe Christianity in its current form is to believe Jesus failed. 

Current so-called Christians are saying with their beliefs that Jesus was 
a failure. Most people are missing this fact. They are saying Jesus can 
do anything, except for what he came to do. If Jesus is a failure, so is 
Christianity. Christians either have to admit Jesus failed or is failing to 
do what he said he came to do, or admit the Bible has been 
misinterpreted. Which is it? 

The truth is, it is not Jesus that has failed mankind; it is 
Christianity that has failed Jesus. 

Jesus saves: Jesus was supposed to be mankind's redeemer, not just 
save a few devoted followers that have blind faith in a religion that 
makes no sense. If we begin to face the truth, it still may not be too late 
to save most of mankind. 

The Bible says, in John 9, "Once I was blind and now I can see." 

Hidden in plain sight: Jesus in the form of the truth and life is here 
now, being hidden in plain sight by the devil mind. As he said, he is in 
spirit and truth. 

Mind is always a Judas, it can never become a Christ. Judas was 
the most knowledgeable disciple of Jesus. All the other apostles 
were illiterate; he was the most cultured. And it is natural, not 
accidental, that he betrayed Jesus. The heady people are always 
betrayers: they don't know the beauty, the grace, of love, of 
commitment. They are traitors — the head is a traitor. Osho 


New Pharisees: The church of today is just as closed-minded as the 
Jewish religion when Jesus lived. It is doing the same thing they did by 
not accepting the things that Jesus said. They are not seeing and 
accepting the second coming of Jesus, because of their inflexible 
dogma. Nothing has changed. 

Saved: You are no longer blind and can now see the truth. Just forget 
what you thought the truth was, just realize it was a deception of the 
mind, and you will begin to see what Jesus came to show mankind, and 
you will be saved. 

Everyone is waiting for a savior, when you need to savior (save 
your) self. 

IVIake sense: Preachers are always trying to make sense out of their 
beliefs. In doing it, they are acknowledging that it is important for the 
truth to make sense, and are indirectly saying that the truth needs to 
make sense to be true. The problem is, no matter how hard they try, the 
current interpretations of what Jesus and other prophets have said do 
not make sense, no matter how many ways you twist it around. The new 
interpretations do make sense and are self-evident. 

Truth will have no gods before it. The belief in truth begins with the 
doubt of all truths in which one has previously believed. 
Friedrich Nietzsche 

The interpretation of the sayings of Jesus that make sense should 
supersede the interpretations of Jesus that do not make sense, because 
that makes sense. 

The past is the past: The people that believed in a religion in the past 
and believe in them now have not done anything wrong. Most of them 
have done the best they could do with the information they had to work 
with, but now they have new information. It is just like it was when Jesus 
came the first time. 

It is a new day: Now that you can know the truth, you have to 
acknowledge it and change accordingly, or you will be lost. You will be 
committing a mortal sin. 

There are no longer any excuses for believing in a myth. 


Jesus made sense: Everything that Jesus truly said is simple and 
makes sense. The truth always makes sense. The best way to know 
what Jesus really said and did not say is to give it the common sense 
test. It is pretty simple; if a person or even a child with average 
intelligence cannot understand it, it is not something Jesus would say. If 
it takes a scholar to explain it, it cannot be the truth, because Jesus said 
the child-like (babes) and the uneducated can understand it. The truth 
has to be simple to be for everyone. 

Believing in myths: Many people believe in one of the many different 
religions, because they just want to fit in and go along with everyone 
else. It is tradition, part of the culture, so they think it must be true. 
People have the need to be part of something, be in an old and 
accepted social group. It is mostly monkey see monkey do, the need to 
belong and be in a group, just like monkeys. 

To admit a belief merely because it is a custom - but that means to 
be dishonest, cowardly, lazy! - And so could dishonesty, 
cowardice and laziness be the preconditions for morality? 
Friedrich Nietzsche 

Many get involved with religious myths just because they do not know 
what the real truth is. They cannot just believe death is the end; they 
subconsciously know it is not the end. It's not that people believe in a 
mythical God so much as that they cannot live life without believing in 
something besides what they see. 

Worship: What they really have is hope that if they worship, praise, 
pray, make offerings, and tell this imaginary God how great he is, this 
imaginary, invisible, egotistical God may turn out to be real or become 
real, and save them from all the horrors of this world. The tragedy is the 
opposite is going to happen. 

No choice: People look around and see the magic of life and say this 
cannot all just happen by chance, and they are right. Religion offers an 
explanation that goes past death, and until recently, nothing else did. It 
was the only game in town, so it naturally grew and became a big part 
of human culture. 


Hammer or nail: In the past, you had to choose between being the 
hammer or the nail. Naturally, most people would choose to be the 
hammer, even if the beast was holding it, especially if the beast was 
holding it. Just recently, science has offered people another choice, but 
it is cold and incomplete. Science and religion have been the only two 
choices people have had, so they had to choose one, even though 
neither gives people the ultimate truth that they are seeking. 

New choice: This book offers a third option for the first time. It is new 
revelations of the truth that are a combination of science, religion, art, 
philosophy, past and present, common sense, and everything else that 
reveals the truth. With the new truth, you do not have to be the hammer 
or the nail. You can be something much more, and you can get rid of 
the hammer and nail altogether. 

Everyone can be right: For the first time, people have a third choice 
that incorporates the others, a choice that does not require them to give 
up their current belief system. It says everyone is right, if you know how 
to see the truth. It has to be the way, because any other way would 
cause conflict, not peace. It also makes sense and gives people a 
complete picture of the ultimate truth. You do not have to give up 
religion and science to embrace the third way; you get into them more. 
You get into everything more. The present encompasses everything. 

It is all true. If you know what the truth is, you can see it in 

Mine the truth: The fact is that not all the written truth or mind truth is 
found in one place. Bits and pieces, nuggets of truth, can be found in 
the words of different prophets, philosophers and poets. The richest 
deposits are found in religions. You have to sift through a lot of waste to 
find the nuggets and put them together to get a complete picture. It's 
why Jesus says you have to seek to find it. 

The truth is forcing us to come together: It is a very good thing that 
the truth is not all in one place. It is no coincidence that the truth is 
spread out in all the different cultures of the world. It forces us to unite to 

get the complete picture, and we have to unite for there to be peace on 
earth. The collective unconscious, or Holy Spirit if you prefer, knows 
what it is doing. It gives us all a real chance. 


The easiest way to know what the truth is and what it is not, is to 
understand that if it does not include everyone, it cannot be the truth. 
The so-called Christians of today exclude everyone except themselves 
from heaven. They believe everyone except themselves are going to 
burn in hell. According to their belief system, all Jews, Muslims, Hindus 
and most of the rest of the world are going to burn in hell forever. It 
means that Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln are burning in hell right now, 
just because they did not believe as they do. They also say that the God 
they believe in is a God of mercy that loves everyone. 

This is why it is the message and not the messenger that is important. If 
a prophet's message is interpreted correctly, it will include everyone and 
benefit everyone. If people worship the messenger, there are different 
ones, so you cannot help but misinterpret the message. It will lead to 
conflict and war. 

The Bible says that the church exists to bring forth the ideal man. 

If this is why the church exists, it has not accomplished its mandate yet. 
The reason it has not is because it has been misinterpreting the Bible 
and prophets. 

The church: The myths in the Bible were created in the same way the 
Greek, Egyptian, and all the other God myths where created. In addition 
to wishful thinking and creative story telling, people who wanted wealth 
and power motivated the creation of myths. Example: organized 
religions in Europe around the middle ages only promoted myths that 
would help them get and keep power over people. If people knew God 
was in the present and they did not need a priest or the church to get to 
heaven, they would not have any power over them. 

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as 
false, and by the rulers as useful. Seneca 

Constantine 312 AD: When the Roman emperor Constantino made 
Christianity legal and the favored religion of the Roman Empire, 
Christianity became a political tool. Because it did, it became the most 
successful religion in Europe. 


The Council of Nicaea 325 AD: Constantine and the council of Nicaea 
created the Bible (the canon) and Christianity. The Bible is not just one 
book or the only Christian book as many people think. It is sixty six 
different smaller books that came from different times and places, and 
they were just put together. There were hundreds of different books in 
the second and third century about what Jesus said, and they were all 
competing with each other until the council picked what they wanted 
and systematically got rid of the competitors. 

They did not pick the books that were included in the Bible by the 
evidence. They were chosen by popularity and what helped the people 
picking them most. 

This book puts together the truth from all the books and fills in 
the blanks. 

All the books: I have drawn on the other early Christian books as much 
as the Bible. This book puts the truth found in all the books together for 
the first time. 

When the church joined with the Romans, they officially sold 
out Jesus. 

We cannot be sure anything that happened before Constantine really 
happened, because they systematically destroyed evidence of anything 
that did not support the new form of Christianity they created. They 
destroyed any documents and people that contradicted them. From then 
on, Christianity was set in stone. Example: Most of the original apostles 
of Jesus were supposed to have been tortured to death without 
recanting their belief. Christians say "why would they have done that if 
the story of Jesus was not true?" They are right, they would not have, 
but that was supposed to have happened before Constantine and the 
Council, so we do not know what anyone really did. 

When Jesus was sent to the cross, no one stood up and risked their 
lives to save him, but people years after his death were supposed to 
have given up their lives. 


They say that thousands were martyred without recanting their beliefs. 
That just does not ring true. In real life, most of them would have 
recanted, even if they really believed. Torture can make most people 
say anything the torturer wants them to say. The torturer will say they 
recanted, even if they do not, to save their job, but we do not see that in 
the official record. That means the records have been doctored and 
sanitized, as the CIA would say. They cooked the books. 

Jesus may have recanted for all we know. The Romans and the Jews would 
have said he did, even if he did not, just to justify what they did to him. We 
will never know, because the records have been destroyed, doctored and 
sanitized over the years by people like Constantine, the council of Nicaea, 
and the other people involved in the corrupt, early church. 

Thrown to the lions: Most Christians believe many martyrs were 
thrown to the lions in the Colosseum. It is just a myth. There is no 
record of it ever happening. The Romans did a lot of bad things, but 
they did not feed Christians to lions. 

Propaganda: It is called propaganda, and it is standard for new rulers 
to change and manipulate the truth to support the people in power. After 
Constantine, there was almost nothing in the official record to contradict 
the state approved story of Jesus. Any competing stories of what Jesus 
said were changed or destroyed along with the people that believed in 
them. They were the enemies of Jesus before Constantine, and after, 
they were still the enemies of the truth and the life, but now they had the 
church on their side. They said there were no other competing 
doctrines, that there was only the one that is currently in the Bible. It 
wasn't until just recently that we knew other gospels even existed. 

When power hungry, ruthless and immoral megalomaniacs like 
Constantine start using myths to get and keep power over other people, 
a myth can turn into a mainstream religion. That is how Christianity 
became what it is today, and it is still being used as a political tool to 
create wealth and power. 

People will say that people will not lie and make up things about God, 
but the evidence says that is all they do. If they did not, how were the 
Greek, Egyptian, and all the other God myths created? Someone has to 
be making things up. 


The Church sold its soul to the devil when it got in bed with Rome. 
They joined with the Romans that crucified Jesus, and Peter, 
their founder. 

Think about it; the stories of the Bible are about the struggle of the 
righteous, peace-loving believers in Jesus against the evil brutal 
Romans. They were the devil. The 666 in Revelation is a reference to 
Nero, an emperor of Rome in early Christian times. The Romans 
tortured and killed Jesus and then they become the Holy Roman 
Church. The Christians joined with the beast; it is a historical fact. 

It was not as if Constantine was converted to the ways of Jesus. He was 
not into peace and love. He was one of the most ruthless and brutal 
emperors. He even killed his own children and a wife. He just used the 
religion as a political tool. 

Like most religious things, the Bible is backwards and upside down. 
People are thinking Genesis is about something that happened a long 
time ago, and it is about what is happening now. Revelation is supposed 
to be about now and the near future, when it is mostly about the 
beginning of Christianity and nonsense. 

Most of both books and the rest of the Bible are misinterpretations, or 
meant for people that lived in the past. Trying to find truth where it does 
not exist is just a deception to distract people from the real truth that the 
books contain. 

I am not saying that all Catholics are the devil now. I am a Catholic, and 
I love the religion, but the truth is the truth, and what happened in the 
past happened. 

Spiritual people do not let the past defile the present. The past has 

Everything that happened in the past, no matter how bad, had to 
happen for us to be where we are now. I would not be writing this book 
if I had not spent all that time in catechism classes. The past is the past, 
and it must be kept in the past. 

You have to keep in mind that people in the past could not know 
the truth. 


The church of the past was controlled by men that did not know the 
truth, but believed tliey did. This turns the beast loose, and no one was 
more brutal or corrupt than the early church. It has been a long, bumpy 
road to get to the truth. 

When you look at all the big, expensive castles and cathedrals built in 
middle age Europe, you can see that the royal families and churches 
divided all the wealth between themselves. The people that had to build 
them and pay for their wealthy lifestyle lived in crushing poverty. It was like 
the church and royals were in a competition to see who could spend the 
most of the poor folks' money. They were in a competition to see who had 
the biggest and most expensive buildings, and who could dress in the 
most gold. 

The kings wore a crown; the pope wore three, one on top 
of another. 

I do not know which was worse or more power hungry, the popes and 
bishops, or the kings and noblemen. They were both into conspicuous 
consumption at the expense of the people they were supposed to 
be helping. 

In addition to taking their hard-earned money, their freedom, and 
misleading them, the church often took their lives. The church killed and 
tortured people in holy wars, purges and inquisitions. The holy 
inquisition burned at the stake over seventy thousand people, mostly 
poor women who the church said were witches. They could not have 
done it without the myths and the people that believed in them. Myths 
are the most dangerous things that exist. 

The church that created and interpreted the Bible that most people say 
they believe in was so corrupt that they were selling passes to heaven. 
They were called indulgences, and a rich person could buy one and 
have his sins forgiven. 

The church was so corrupt that Martin Luther started the protestant 
religion in protest of the corruption. It is impossible for any big 
organization that needs money to function to not be corrupted over time, 
unless they know the truth. 

Jesus said that you have to separate the wheat from the chaff. 
Jesus is saying that you have to separate the truth from 
the deception. 


Clean house: The truth is actually in the Catholic religion in spite of all 
the early corruption, but like all religions, they need to clean house, so 
to speak. They need to separate the wheat from the chaff, the truth from 
the deception, as Jesus said. 

The church now is not responsible for what happened in the past, but 
they need to acknowledge the truth now that it has been revealed and 
can be known. 

Jesus said, "A corrupt tree cannot bring fortli good fruit." 

The Catholic church says that the canonized version of the Bible is the 
only legitimate source of the truth of Jesus. Jesus is saying in the quote 
above that the canonized version of the Bible is not good fruit. The Bible 
contains most of the ultimate truth, but because of the corrupt people 
that put it together, it is not as good or as complete as it could have 
been. To say it in a Bible-type metaphor, it is like an apple missing a few 
bites. Knowledge is missing; it is incomplete. 

When and if the Christian Church wakes up, they will realize that many 
of the gospels that were not included in the Bible contain things that 
Jesus said that are essential to understanding his message. 

Power of the church: The Catholic religion is the original and was the 
only Christian church until about five hundred years ago. Because of the 
corruption, they lost many of their followers. Many other Christian 
churches were created starting with the Protestant religion. It then 
splintered even further into countless other off-shoots, such as the 
Methodists, Baptists, Mormons, etc. This has weakened Christianity. 

Divide and conquer: That's what the devil/mind has done to Christianity. 

When the Catholic Church wakes up and sees the light, most other 
Christian churches will come back into the fold, so to speak, 
because Christians need to unite to fulfill their purpose and 
change this world into a heaven. The Bible says, thy kingdom 
come on earth in Matthew 6:10. 

The Shepherd: Jesus, the good Shepherd, is going to bring his flock 
back together. Christians have strayed away from each other and will 
come together. 


Democracy: When the Catholics and other religions wake up and see 
the truth, they will put the past behind them. They will keep most of their 
old traditions and rituals. They will melt together and keep the rituals 
and traditions that serve the truth, and drop the ones that do not. They 
will still have leaders, but the church will become more democratic, and 
what stays and what goes will be voted on by all Christians. Jesus (the 
truth and the life) will be the true leader. 

The other gospels: The things Jesus said that were not included in the 
Bible are the key to seeing the light, and I use many of them in this 
book. A Bible created by the misguided and corrupt church of that time 
cannot be trusted to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There 
are at least fifty other gospels that were not included in the official 
church-approved Bible (the canon). 

The early Church under Emperor Constantine and his mother tried, but did 
not manage to find and destroy all the banned sayings of Jesus. Search the 
Internet for the Gospel according to Thomas, Peter, Judas, Mary "Q," and 
you'll see many things Jesus said that were not included in the canonized 
version of the Bible. These other Gospels contain some things Jesus said 
that were banned from the official Bible, because they reveal you can be 
with God in the present and you do not need the church to do it. The truth is, 
we do need the church, if it wakes up. 

The Church believes in a book created by an evil Roman Emperor, not God. 

Like the included gospels, the other gospels have also been distorted, 
edited and misinterpreted. Much of it is not what Jesus said or meant, but 
they reveal more than just the church approved Bible. You have to seek 
the truth in life. 

The tree of life is not corrupt, so its fruit is complete, perfect, good fruit. 

Recognizing the truth: Once you begin to wake up, you will be able to 
see the distortions and misquotes in the Bible and other religious 
writings. A spiritual being recognizes the truth and deception when they 
see it. You will know what Jesus would say and would not say, know 
what he would do and would not do, because the mind of Jesus will be 
in you, and it is what you would say and do if you were living in the 
same time and place Jesus did. 

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. 
Philippians 2:5 


"The Present - Insights" 

Learning and Education 

Thrills: There will be no need for risk taking and thrill seeking. The 
feeling you get is the way people with completely open minds feel all the 
time. Risk and danger clear your mind for a few seconds, which is why 
people like to do risky things. Spiritual beings already have clear minds 
most of the time. Just being alive is a thrill. The present is a perpetual 
surprise; everything is new and interesting all the time. Boredom does 
not exist in the present. 

Is not life a hundred times too short to bore ourselves? 
Friedrich Nietzsche 

A spiritual being sees all life as never-ending adventure. You go from one 
fascinating, thrilling moment to another just walking around your house. 
Spiritual people do not have to do anything to get a thrill out of life. From a 
spiritual being's perspective, just being alive is the greatest thrill. 

Mind drugs: The mind produces drugs to deal with dangerous 
situations. This is another reason why people like to skydive and do 
other so-called thrilling things. People get addicted to adrenaline, 
endorphins and other brain chemicals produced in dangerous situations. 
The problem is that these drugs can be even more dangerous than 
being addicted to street drugs. These same mind drugs make people 
feel happy when they win, fall in carnal love, have sex, or get what they 
think they want. They make you feel good, but they distort the present, 
and they are not as good as the happiness you get from just being 
fulfilled by true life. 

People get addicted to mind drugs just as they do to street drugs. 

Dangerous things do bring you into the present, which is a good thing, 
but fear and adrenaline distort it. The truth gives you something better 
without any drugs. You do not have to do anything except open up to 
get the thrill of being alive. 

If you need danger to get into the present, you do not know the truth. 


Fighting also brings you into tine present, but it is the worst way to get 
into it. It is the way stupid men and other animals get intimate with each 
other, and it is too costly and dangerous to do in real life. It is just for the 
ring, movies, and video games from now on. It is much less costly and 
dangerous, and with your new, enhanced imagination, it is almost as 
thrilling, and you can do it a lot more. 

Competition: The need to compete is a mind-made desire. In the past, 
people had to compete to survive; it was survival of the fittest. People 
had to compete for limited resources. It also was needed for evolution, 
but the times have changed, and now the opposite is true. We are at the 
end of evolution, and to take the last step, we have to stop competing 
with each other. Why compete with ourselves? 

This is why we must become spiritual beings before our resources are 
depleted again. Once they become depleted in the world, the spiritual 
will not have a chance. If we see the light, it will not matter what 
happens; we made it. 

l\/lankind must make the change into spiritual beings while we have 
enough resources for everyone. This is a very rare situation, and it 
will not last long if we do not wake up and share and conserve 
what we have. 

Spiritual people do not compete ever, except in games. They naturally 
just always do their best at whatever they are doing. They do everything 
with their whole being and attention. They never do anything to beat 
someone else. 

Even in situations of self-defense, you do not do it to beat your 
opponent. You do it just to survive, because your life is worth as much 
as the life of anyone else. 

In sports or business, if people win or do better than the competition, 
that is good, and if they do not, that is also good. You do not need 
animal aggression and greed to succeed, just love. You win by always 
doing the best you can. 

Best man: The best man does not win. The person that was best at 
what they were doing at the time and place wins, but it will balance out. 


The balance only applies to individuals, because teams, businesses and 
other groups of people are not immortal living beings. If a sports team or 
business loses or fails, it does not mean it will win to balance it, but the 
people involved will win and lose in complete balance. 

Competition is healthy and necessary in some things, such as business and 
politics, but it is unhealthy in other things, such as resources and wealth. 

Sports: All activities that draw people into the present, that you can do 
better in the present, will become more popular. Sports are in this 
category. Winning will be even more sweet in the future, but no one will 
get upset when they lose. 

As it is now, one team wins and one team loses, and the losing team 
gets as upset as the winning team gets happy, so they cancel each 
other out. Only people that live in the mind and do not see the whole 
can enjoy that. 

It is no big deal when it is just a game, but when it is war, fights to the 
death, the loser really loses. People relate to the big winners in war 
without thinking about the big losers. People think about how great it 
would be to be a conquering hero. People like Napoleon must have felt 
great, but the many armies and thousands of people he defeated and 
killed felt very badly, and they were people too. 

Winning is not everything; it is exactly half of everything. 

Win, win: A spiritual being always sees both sides of everything, so 
they would see a positive and a negative to counter-balance it. If no one 
gets upset when they lose, it is a win-win situation, and spiritual beings 
would enjoy that. All sports will become more popular when people see 
the truth. 

Sports can and will bring out the best in everyone when spirits 
are playing. 

Golf is becoming more popular, because it forces players into the 
present. It is a good example of how a game can help people get into 
the present. You cannot think and get a little ball in a little hole five 
hundred yards away in four strokes; it is impossible. The environment, 
the smell and color of all that grass also helps. 


People play games because of the feeling they get, and they get that 
feeling because games give them a little taste of the present. The 
present Is fun to be in. 

Win, win comes natural to spiritual beings, and it is the only game 
we play. 

Space exploration: There is nothing out there, at least nothing worth 
the price of getting there. We will begin to spend that money making life 
better here. When it is perfect on earth, then we may start going out in 
deep space again. 

People grow up watching Star Trek, and they think that going into outer 
space is the way of the future. It may be, but not until after we do what 
we can with life right here on earth. 

All these programs about the future show how technology has 
progressed, but human beings are still the same as they are now. 
Technology has evolved, but mankind has not, and we have the same 

In Star Trek, they had the most powerful ship in the universe, but they 
had the same age-old conflicts we have always had. Kirk would have to 
kick ass in a fist fight, or get physical with some good looking alien to 
save the universe. In real life, the bad guy wins most of the time, 
because they are often the aggressor. 

Animals cannot control the power of the technology shown on Star Trek; 
they would destroy themselves. The truth is, both technology and 
human beings have to progress for there to be a future. 

The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which 
we live. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We 
have guided missiles and misguided men. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Spending billions on space is the same as spending money on physics. 
Nothing that fundamentally changes mankind is going to happen, and 
we need to change mankind for real progress to be made. 


The only reason we will go to space in tlie future is for practical reasons, 
such as putting more satellites into orbit, or to destroy or divert 
dangerous asteroids, etc. People that are interested in anything farther 
out will have to explore it with telescopes. If we cannot do it 
inexpensively from earth, we will put it on a back burner until we solve 
our down to earth problems. If there is other life out there, we will wait 
for them to come to us. Hopefully they will not just find dumb animals. 

Only scientists that work in the space industry really want a manned 
mission to Mars. It is the next logical step, as they say. We have sent 
many unmanned probes to Mars, and we know there is nothing of any 
value there. They are always saying there may be life on Mars, 
microbial life. 

Big deal. There is more life on earth, and we should deal with the place 
where we know life is first. If we do, we can be certain that there is 
intelligent life on earth. 

We need to discover life on earth before we go looking 
anywhere else. 

I like watching those shows about the universe. There are always these 
scientists all excited like little kids about finding that there are volcanoes 
on one of Jupiter's moons. It is interesting to people like them, but 
almost no one else, and it is certainly not worth the billions of dollars we 
had to spend to get there. 

Going to other planets has taught us something very important. It 
has taught us that it costs more than it is worth. 

What are these people thinking? Millions of children are starving; would 
they really rather spend the money going to Mars than feeding them? 

Once we have taken care of our own poor and disadvantaged, we can 
start thinking about things other than earth. The money we waste is an 

Brilliant people: The greatest waste is the brilliance of the people 
working in the space program. Our best and brightest scientists and 
engineers are putting their efforts into something that will hurt mankind 
more than it will help it by wasting so much money and talent. 


If we channeled all this money and talent into down to earth problems, it 
would do more to change this world than almost anything else. These 
people should re-focus their talents and energy to saving this world. 

Inner space is the new frontier, not outer space. The opposite is 
true again. 

We should put the money into genetic and stem cell research. It will 
benefit the human race much more than space travel. Genetics are the 
new frontier. 

Cost/benefit: All public funds for science will focus on practical down to 
earth matters. More money than we spend now will go to research into 
medical science, education, communication, clean and free energy 
production, environmental protection, and other sciences that make life 
better and more safe for everyone. 

Technology: It will continue to develop to make life more safe, easier, 
etc. When we wake up to the truth, we will be much more creative and 
inspired, and it will translate into technologies we cannot even imagine 
now. We may be able to cure cancer with the money spent to go to 
Mars. We could certainly help the poor. 

We will create technology that helps our biological evolution, to lengthen 
our lifespan and to stop aging, illness and severe pain permanently. 

We can and will do all those things with the help of genetic engineering. 
We will eventually create a heaven on earth. Until we do, we will be 
trying to. 

The arts: There will be a renaissance in the arts like the world has 

never seen, especially in music and the performing arts. Almost 
everyone will express themselves artistically. Life will be seen for the 
great art it actually is. 

The ultimate purpose of art is to bring people into the present. 

Good art forces you into the present, because it can only be seen in 
the present. 

Andy Warhol showed with his famous soup can picture that anything 
can be art if you look at it with your total attention. 


The ordinary becomes extraordinary wlien you see it in the present. 
God/life is the ultimate artist. I see everything as art; a blank wall is art 
in my eyes. 

The defining function of the artist is to cherish consciousness. 
IVlax Eastman 

The art of work: When you have to think for work, you do. When you 
do not, you do not. Spiritual people will work hard when they work, and 
they will be known for the highest quality work and attention to detail. 

Work will be necessary as long as we need shelter and need to eat. 
When working, a spiritual being thinks when they have to, does not think 
when they do not have to, and knows when to do each. Spiritual beings 
are inspired and creative in everything they do, and they give any job 
they take on one hundred percent; they become their work. They do not 
do what they do for the money; they do it to help others. The money is 
secondary. They don't daydream at work. 

Some jobs will require more thinking than others, but spiritual beings will 
do them all better than they are being done now. When you get rid of all 
the negatives and live life with clarity, you become what you do, and 
everything is done better. 

You will still have ambitions, though they may change a bit to reflect 
your new spiritual perspective. People will work pretty much as they do 
now; they will just take it a little easier, be more productive, and enjoy it 
a lot more. Being a nurse, policeman, or fireman are the best type of 
jobs, because they force you to live in the present. You do not have to 
think much, and you can help people directly. 

The worst jobs can be the best: The mindless, repetitive type jobs are 
the next best, because you do not have to think to do them. You can live 
in the present while you work, which is a very good thing. I am into 
mechanical things (hotrods), so I can tell you that you can do those 
kinds of jobs better completely open to life. 

People think repetitive jobs are the worst, and that is one of the reasons 
they are being replaced by machines, but the opposite is the truth. They 
are only bad if you do not know the truth. If you do, they are a lot of fun 
and very satisfying. 


Jobs where you do not have to think make it easy to become a spiritual 
being, but jobs that force you to think more have their advantages, such 
as making more money to give to others. Doctors are a good example 
and good work. 

One still works, for work is a form of entertainment. But one is 
careful lest the entertainment be too harrowing. One no longer 
becomes poor or rich: both require too much exertion. Who still 
wants to rule? Who obey? Both require too much exertion. Anyone 
that does not agree goes voluntarily into the asylum. 
Friedrich Nietzsche 

TV: If you do not know the truth, it is very bad for you, because it will 
separate you further from the truth and the life. If you do know the truth, 
it is a good thing, because when you are watching it, you are not 
thinking, so it gets you comfortable living without thinking. It also informs 
and educates you if you watch the right programs. Just watch life like 
you watch TV, without thinking about it. 

If you know the truth, watching TV becomes a modern form 
of meditation. 

When you watch the History Channel, realize that you were there, and 
history will take on a new dimension. We can finally really know our true 

When you watch the animal channel, realize you were those animals at 
some time. Put yourself in their skin, and realize that it was you at one 
time. It is very good for you to get in touch with your true past. Watch 
the news and be those people. 

We have lived everywhere on earth as every species in our evolutionary 
line at least once. We have done it all, and that is why we are now ready 
to leave the animal realm. We only began to be able to see our past in 
the last generation. 

TV and movies show you how brutal and savage the past was, and 
once you realize that you can leave it forever, you will want to. In the 
past, people could not actually see the way it was in the past; all they 
knew were myths. 

Scary movies are a safe way to experience the horrible violence of 
real life. 


People think that all the violence on TV is a bad thing. The opposite is 
true If you know the truth. The violence and drama on TV gives people a 
safe release of our violent, instinctive natures. Violence in movies and 
TV do the opposite of what people think, and they reduce the amount of 
violence in real life. 

If you know the truth, it allows you to be shocked and to vicariously 
experience events and behaviors that are too dangerous to experience 
in real life. Seeing the violence of the animal world is necessary to stay 
in touch with our past. It motivates us to get out of the animal realm 
while we can. 

If you watch reality shows like "The Real Housewives of Orange 
County", and flip to "American Justice", or other shows that show crimes 
and victims, you can see the top and bottom of modern human life. You 
can see how good and how bad it can get. It is good to do, and we are 
lucky we can see how people really live. 

The rich people in Orange County think that they are never going to be 
a big loser or victim, but they will be. If not in this life, they will be in the 
next. What goes around comes around. They will be the victims seen on 
the crime shows. 

TV also shows you the nonsense and great things created by the mind. 
As your real life begins to reveal itself, real life will keep getting better 
until you naturally stop watching TV much. Until then, watch as much 
TV as you want; it will not hurt you as long as you know the truth. You 
will stop when your real life is truly better. 

Sleep: There is a time to leave true life, to rest from life, to be semi- 

During sleep, your mind is not turned off. In fact, it is blocking your life 
senses almost completely. It makes you semi-unconscious in order to 
do maintenance on itself and other parts of your brain and body. 

When you begin to know the ultimate truth, you will sleep a lot more. 
You sleep more at first because your mind will need more sleep to 
reprogram itself to become the mind of a spiritual being. 

Mind/brain: New knowledge actually changes you physically. Memories 
and other aspects of your mind are created and saved bio-chemically in 
your brain. 


Knowledge causes your brain to change, making you change 

As you read this book, the physical make-up of your brain is actually 
changing; thus, your environment is changing. You are becoming a little 
different physically. Anything you learn changes your brain chemically a 
little bit. The more time you spend with something, or the more impact 
something has on you, the more you are changed. Your brain is actually 
changing physically right now. 

Knowledge can physically change you into a new species, a new 
life form. 

During sleep, your mind locks in the new information or experience in 
your brain and the collective unconscious. That is why new knowledge 
and experiences can change your life permanently. A spiritual being's 
brain discards most things the animal mind would hang onto, the 
negative baggage. The spiritual mind gets the bats out of the belfry, so 
to speak. You live with a totally clear and open mind. The mind is like a 
weight in a submarine, and when you let it go, you rise. 

During sleep you are also better connected to the collective 
unconscious. This is why creative people say they keep a writing pad by 
their bed side. It is because they often wake up with their best, most 
inspired ideas. 

One should guard against preaching to young people success in 
the customary form as the main aim in life. Albert Einstein 

Education: Schools will start telling the truth. The truth will be the most 
important thing to learn regarding any subject, especially life. History 
class will tell the story from both sides. There will be classes in the 
ultimate truth, and the art of living alone and with others, etc. 

Jesus said, "We should raise our children in love and the truth." 


Show actual case histories of how various lifestyles affect life in the 
future. These will be shown to kids in elementary school, so they will be 
able to change before they get set in their ways. Only show true stories; 
document people's lives from beginning to end, and show their 
complete history to kids, so they can choose which life they want to live, 
if any. Show the true consequences of certain behaviors. Kids would not 
get into drugs and gangs if they knew what it would cost them in the 
long run. 

They would not think the tough guys were cool if they were shown that it 
leads to poverty and jail. Show kids what "The Fonz" looks like at thirty. 
He will not look so cool living in poverty with a beer belly. 

I realize that this is a generalization, but you tell kids that it is. You just 
tell them that most of the people that are cool in school become very 
uncool later in life, and people that are uncool and get good grades 
become the cool or popular people later in life, when it matters more. It 
usually matters more to be cool later in life, because you may have a 
family to support. With the truth, kids can be cool in school and be cool 
later in life. 

Jesus said, "Raise your children in Love and Truth. Cover them 
with Love and show them the Way of Life through your godly 
example, so that they will not have cause to depart from it." 

Violence is the last refuge of a lowlife. 

Bullies: Kids from first grade up will be given a phone number and e- 
mail address where they can anonymously report bullies and other bad 
behavior, and they will be encouraged to use it. Someone will be 
available to respond to and deal with all complaints. The age of the 
tough guy is over. They ran the world for millions of years, but now their 
time is over, and they will be the biggest losers if they do not change. 
Bullies will be dealt with harshly and removed from the school if they do 
not change their ways. These tough guys are not so tough when 
they meet the police, are they? They always end up meeting them. 

Kids should not have to endure bullies and other animal behavior when 
in school. Good citizenship will be rewarded; bad citizenship will not be 
tolerated. Bullying can ruin a kid for life if they do not know the truth. 
Kids that know the truth will know that bullies = idiots. They are farts in 
the wind and will pass. 


Kids need to be taught that someone who says something 
negative about you is really saying something negative about 

Kids need to learn how to not let the beast bring them down to that 
level. People bully other people just to get attention and feel powerful. If 
we teach them the truth and the life, they will have the attention and 
power of the universe, so they will not become bullies. This is one of the 
reasons kids have to learn the truth. 

Cameras and microphones will be everywhere except toilet stalls. 
Parents will be able to access these cameras over the Internet, so that 
they can check on their children anytime they want. This will give 
parents peace of mind and the ability to help their kids more. Kids do 
not need privacy; they need control and guidance. 

The cameras will make kids be on their best behavior, because they 
never know who is watching. Full-time implied parental surveillance will 
do more for schools than anything else, and cameras will be one of the 
best investments we can make. We have to stop kids from taking on the 
animal pack mentality, power games, and social behavior that they 
currently do in school environments. We need schools to do the 
opposite in these critical formative years. Cameras will be the key. 

Change the world: Have old people come into the schools and tell kids 
what happened to them and why. All we have to do is show (not just tell) 
kids the real truth to change the world. It would give old people 
something important to do. 

This will give people at the end of their life the chance to pass on what 
they have learned and what they would do different. It will be great for 
old people and great for the kids. The best education is real life and 
older people passing on the truth. 

Technical and vocational training for work and how to find and apply for 
jobs will be mandatory, so everyone can make a middle class living at 
the very least right out of high school. They should offer what they are 
now offering in private trade schools in public schools. Show kids that 
middle class is the way to go. 

Teach kids that being in the middle class is the best place to be. 


Good investment: Trade schools should be paid for by the government 

and be available for free to anyone, even adults. It would be a good 
investment for the government, because people will make more money 
and pay more taxes. 

High school kids should have real world classes and actually work with a 
professional and get real experience to see if they really want to do the trade. 
The schools should also be an employment agency, so that everyone has the 
choice of a good job or college right out of high school. Have competitions in 
practical skills that you can use to make a living. Schools will actually buy and 
run some small businesses, such as a Burger King, so that students can 
actually run them and learn about running them and what it is really like. 
Money made from these businesses will go to supporting the school system. 

Equality in sports: Only sports in which size does not matter should be 
in public schools. Games like soccer, not football and basketball, unless 
they are divided into different leagues by age and size. Equality and a 
fair playing field in sports will be mandatory. Right now, only the biggest 
kids get into the major sports supported by everyone's tax dollars, and 
that is not right. Smaller kids are being discriminated against. This 
causes inferiority complexes and lots of trouble later. 

If a school wants to continue playing and supporting sports such as football 
and basketball, they will have to have a separate league for kids less than six 
feet tall and less than two hundred pounds. This league will have to have 
equal support and promotion, or those sports will be replaced by others. 

There should be classes in managing money, taxes, marriage, having 
kids and divorce with actual case histories. Kids have to know how 
serious marriage is before they fall in love and go off the deep end. 

IVIost important: The most important thing we can teach our children is 
that they are immortal spiritual beings. We have to tell them that they 
will die physically no matter what they do, so the life in their current 
bodies is not everything, not even a very big part of everything. We 
have to prepare them for the long run, not just the short time they are in 
their current bodies. 

We will teach and compare all the major religions no later than middle 

school, so kids can decide for themselves which, if any, religion they 
want to get involved in. We will not turn children into the walking dead 
as we are now. Education will concentrate more on the practical science 
and art of living. 


The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives. 
Albert Einstein 

Education will be free and available to everyone through college as long 
as they have average grades or better. The best schools will be for 
people that study the hardest, get the best grades in academics and 
volunteer service and citizenship, not for those with the most money. 

Eight-hundred million people cannot read or write. That is about 
one out of every six people in the human race. This hurts 

Inspired kids: The schools will be run the same and everyone will be 
treated the same, but the kids will not be the same and will be 
encouraged to be unique and different. Originality will be encouraged, 
rewarded. We need inspired thinkers. 

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in 
higher regard those who think alike than those who think 
differently. Friedrich Nietzsche 

High school: It is a semi-tragedy for most kids now. Instead of being 
the best time of life, the beautiful physical and mental transition from 
child to adult, it is a trauma and a form of post-traumatic stress disorder 
that ruins the rest of a person's life. This unnecessary waste and 
tragedy will be changed with the knowledge of the ultimate truth. 

Puberty: The time when the most powerful physical/biological changes 
happen and the sexes are put together is no time to not pay attention. 
Peer pressure, sexual attraction, rejection, and facing adulthood is the 
perfect storm for people, and we are just letting it destroy many. A real 
education is impossible the way it is now. Ignorance of the truth 
squanders what could be the most fulfilling spiritual and physical time of 
life. It creates mind problems that go so deep that they are almost 
impossible to overcome. The way it is now, is the worst way to prepare 
young people for the future. It can be changed, so it must be 
changed now. 

The ultimate truth will make the education system be all it can be. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Crime and Law 

Criminal justice: There will be no death penalty. The truth is, we are all 
on a death row. Being born carries the death penalty. Killing people a 
little sooner for killing someone else is not an effective deterrent, and it 
does not reduce the amount of murders. It just makes us murderers. It 
actually hurts the people doing the executing worse than it hurts the 
person being executed. People that condone killing for any reason other 
than true self-defense are lowering themselves to the animal level, and 
that includes all of society. 

Do not hate criminals. Hate what they do and begin to show them 
the light. 

Prisons will be safe and comfortable. Convicts will live alone and not be 
allowed to interact with other prisoners except in structured settings, 
such as jobs, school, church, etc. When convicts are allowed to mix with 
each other in an uncontrolled environment, such as prison yards, it 
creates worse animals, so it will not be allowed to happen in the future. 
In the United States, over 50% of all inmates commit new crimes and 
return to prison. This tells us that the current system is not working and 
is a waste of money. It needs to be changed so that it does work. 

Punishment: The deterrent value of punishment has been proven to be 
ineffective, so prisoners will be treated well. They will all have big 
screen, high- definition TVs in their private cell or room as long as they 
behave, learn a trade, do a job, and take self-improvement classes. 

The TV will be built into the wall, and it will have special programming that 
will help change animals into spiritual beings. The programs will be 
entertaining, but designed to re-educate people over a period of time. The 
TVs will not be in the prisoner's control. The programs will show convicts 
what really happens to the victims and family of the victims of crime, so they 
will learn the true cost of their lifestyles. At least half of the TV programs will 
be to teach convicts a trade, improve their impulse control, teach them the 
ultimate truth, etc. If convicts do really well, they can earn better food, 
access to other TV programming and other benefits. Just controlling the TV 
and food, if done properly, will control most prisoners and motivate them to 
do the right thing and change their ways. 


The cells or rooms will be built so there is nowhere to hide anything. All 
surfaces will be smooth and connected, so that they cannot be moved. 
The material will be a plastic that will be indestructible, easy to clean, 
and soft enough, so that it will be almost impossible for inmates to hurt 
themselves or staff. They will be allowed only a few possessions. The 
space will be to sleep, watch TV, eat, clean themselves, urinate and 
defecate, nothing else. Food will be delivered to them through a secure 
opening. The inmate will be nal<ed except for one pair of a one-piece 
bathing suit, lil<e shorts. They will be comfortable and not tear. A shower 
system will wash and dry them and the whole cell automatically, and 
everything will go down a special drain that cannot be plugged, because 
they will have nothing to plug it with, not even toilet paper. Their butts 
will be washed. The environment will have one purpose, and that is total 
control, safety, comfort, and isolation. Cameras will monitor and record 
them twenty four hours and seven days a week. The goal is to change 
them and free them as soon as possible. 

All communication with the outside world will be reduced to one short 
verbal recording or conversation a week. This will make it easier to 
control contraband and outside influences. The inmate will have no way 
to cause the staff any trouble. They will use gas to medicate or render 
the inmate unconscious if necessary. The temperature, lighting, food, 
medication and TV will be to make the inmate comfortable and educate 
and change them safely and effectively. 

It may sound severe, but crime is severe, and it justifies doing what has 
to be done to stop it. What is described above will be the least 
expensive and most effective way to do it. We have to show that crime 
will not be tolerated. 

A prison operates on the merit system. We will do everything to change 
them for the better, and nothing to make them worse. Some will have 
untreatable mental defects and will never change and never get out, but 
most will be able to change their ways and get out in a much shorter 
period of time than now. 

Prisons will exist to separate criminals from the public, each other, and 
most of the staff for as long as it is necessary. Inmates will 
communicate with staff, medical personnel, teachers, etc., through the 
TV via closed-circuit sound and video. Everything will be recorded to be 
analyzed by medical and behavior specialists. 


Criminals will be confined for the same reason that we confine other 
dangerous animals in a zoo. Cameras will be everywhere and record 
everything that happens; there will be no privacy. We will use 
tranquilizer darts to knockout dangerous criminals, just like dangerous 

Tracking system: For non-violent crimes, people will have the option to 
wear a tracking device that will monitor their every move outside of 
prison. The tracking devices could be a small, rechargeable, locked-on 
ankle bracelet that will transmit a signal every minute to the cellular 
phone towers and communicate with a computer. The device will give a 
GPS location every minute, and it will alert the police when a convict is 
in the wrong places or with the wrong people (other people with 
bracelets), not at work, in bars, etc. If a convict gets within ten feet of 
the forbidden people or places, the closest policeman is automatically 
notified, so they can be arrested. If the tracking device is cut off or not 
recharged, the police will know in one minute and be able to surround 
their last location and arrest them. The technology for the tracking 
system is available now and will cut the prison population at least in 
half. This will save billions of dollars and allow non-violent offenders to 
live a normal, productive, tax-paying life. 

Gangs: Gangs are currently the biggest problem in our criminal justice 
system, and they are different from other criminals. No one wants to live 
the life of an outlaw, as an animal, if they have a better option. If we give 
it to them, we can prevent thousands of kids from becoming criminals, 
and we can turn gang members into productive, tax-paying citizens and 
family men. 

Respect: They are always saying they want respect. They use violence 
to intimidate people to get respect. That is the same kind of respect a 
rattlesnake gets. It is not the kind of respect a real man wants, but they 
see no other way. 

Kids get into street gangs because they do not see any better options. 
We just need to give them something really better to do. Things will not 
change until we do. It will cost us less in the long run if we do the right 
thing now. Cities build community centers with a bunch of ping-pong 
tables and think that it will make a difference; it does not. We have to 
give kids a completely new, fulfilling life. 


People that have committed crimes as a result of being in street gangs 
can be rehabilitated fast. When prisons are changed to do what they 
should be doing, gang criminals can turn their lives around in a very 
short period of time. 

We should give all gang members in prisons the option to get out 
if they join the army and fight America's enemies. They are 
fighters. It would solve our military recruitment problem and our 
prison overcrowding problem. 

The choice will be the army or jail. If they cannot follow military rules, 
they go back to prison. I am sure many will be motivated to change their 
ways just to get out of a long prison sentence. If it is four years in the 
army or ten years in jail, many will be motivated to join the army. It 
would be good for the army, and good for the people. When they get 
out, they could start a new, productive life. 

Psychopaths, sociopaths, serial killers, child molesters, rapists, violent 
racists, repeat offenders, and others that continually and intentionally 
hurt innocent people may have to be imprisoned for their whole life, but 
most gang members do not have to be. They truly can be rehabilitated 
as long as we offer them something really better. This will cut our prison 
population at least in half again. 

Most gang members have a code of ethics and are loyal to other 
members of their gang. They only hurt other gang members or threats 
to their gangs. They see themselves as soldiers, and they are in a 
sense. Let's make them real ones. 

The truth is, society is responsible for the development of gangs. We 
created the problem, so it is our responsibility to fix it. We should give 
every gang member a second chance, even gang members that kill 
other gang members. 

Jesus said, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." 

Everyone will be forgiven for what they did before the truth was 
revealed, if they change when they learn the truth. There are no bad 
guys, just people that do not know the truth, people that have been 
misguided. Once gang members get a chance and a better way to go, 
they will change, and they will be no danger to society. We turn a 
negative into a positive. 


Guaranteed Jobs: The way it is now, criminals are just released out 

into society, and because of tlieir past, they cannot get a good job. This 
results in frustration and often a return to crime and prison. We not only 
need to teach criminals a trade that will allow them to make a good 
living in the outside world, we need to give them a good job when they 
get out. The state needs to own companies that will give paroled 
prisoners the job they have been trained in prison to do. This will 
change criminals into self-supporting, productive citizens. It is one of the 
most important missing links in the rehabilitation process. 

These businesses will have more security than normal businesses. 
They will be set up to deal with a work force made up of 
previous convicts. 

The management will be past prisoners, and they will be able to help 
and keep an eye on new people that are released. All paroled people 
will also be required to wear the tracking device. This will make it much 
safer for society, and it will turn criminals into productive citizens. 

Restitution: Paroled people will have to work at these special work 
places until they have paid restitution that the court sets to their victims. 

Fear of punishment will not change things, and we now know that for 
certain. It can even make it worse with our current prison system. Many 
people are coming out of prison worse than when they went in. People 
are victimized when we put them in uncontrolled situations with other 
prisoners. The prison yard is a machine that makes brutal animals. They 
do not benefit the prisoners or society. Throwing people that commit 
minor crimes in with murderers and other hardened criminals puts them 
in great jeopardy, turning them into animals just to survive. Many people 
had to murder in prison to stop someone from killing or raping them or 
subjecting them to some other abuse. The current system creates 
murderers. What would you do? What we are doing to people is 
criminal. We are the murderers, because we created a situation where 
people are forced to murder to survive. 

The drug business: It is the drug business that causes most of the 
trouble in prison, so we just let them earn the drugs they want. We 
make sure they cannot hurt themselves or others, and we let them 
destroy their life in their cell if that is what they want. This will stop the 
prison drug black market that causes most of the violence and abuse 
in prisons. 


However, their sentence will not even start until they are clean from 
drugs for one year. This will motivate them to stop or to not do drugs. If 
they choose to keep doing drugs, they never get out. They also have to 
learn a trade before they get out, and when they get out, pay restitution 
to their victims or have to come back. 

They will not want to use drugs if using them prevents them from being 
released, and we educate them about drugs and help them get off them. 
If we give them another, better way to go, it will save many lives and 
billions of dollars, so we have to. We make drugs so cheap that it puts 
the crooks out of business. 

Free to hurt yourself: Everyone, in or out of prison, should have the 
right to ruin their lives with drugs if they want to. Once people know the 
truth about drugs and are shown a better way, most will not do them. 
Those that still want to should be allowed to legally, as long as they are 
prevented from hurting others. Trying to stop drugs is not possible, and 
it causes too many problems. 

If we are going to outlaw drugs, we have to outlaw alcohol and 
cigarettes also. If people are not going to be allowed to hurt themselves, 
we have to do it across the board. Making conflicting rules is one of the 
reasons people do not have respect for the law. If a law is not 
consistent, it must be abolished. 

We live in a country where torture is legal and marijuana is illegal. 
Bill Maher 

Black markets: When people wake up, drugs will be legalized. They 
will be taxed just like cigarettes and alcohol. Some of this new tax 
money will be spent on education, rehabilitation clinics, and the prison 
system. Why not let the problem pay to stop the problem? Outlawing 
drugs has just created a black market and violent gangs. It puts billions 
of dollars into the pockets of a criminal underworld. It supports many 
people that hurt many people. 

Black markets feed the beast and make it much stronger. 


The same thing happened when alcohol was outlawed in the twenties. It 
created a black market and gangsters, and we had to legalize it just to 
stop all the gang violence. We need to legalize street drugs for the 
same reasons. The gang problem is much worse now than it was in the 
time of Al Capone, and a lot more people are being killed. We are just 
wasting billions of dollars and wasting peoples lives. Making drugs 
illegal is a good idea that just does not work. 

Drugs do not cause violence. Getting illegal, expensive drugs 
causes it. 

Drugs do not cause violence. Alcohol makes people more violent than 
any illegal drug. Alcohol kills more people than guns, but it is legal. 
When a law is causing more problems than what it is outlawing, 
intelligent beings change it before it causes more damage. Good 
intentions do not always work; this must be seen. 

We could be putting a huge amount of money to better use. The money 
now spent to convict and jail people for drug offenses could be spent on 
education and rehabilitation for people that get addicted to drugs. 

Forbidden fruit: When you try to deny people something, you activate 
a very bad part of human nature. Some people, especially teenagers, 
always want what they are denied; it just makes them want it more. 
Many people are tempted and will always want the proverbial forbidden 
fruit. This part of our human nature is shown in the first book of the 
Bible. It tells us that forbidden fruit caused the downfall of mankind, and 
it is doing it in reality. It shows how great the problem is, and the only 
way to solve it is to remove all forbidden fruit that does not hurt 
other people. 

We are saying that drugs make life better: When we outlaw drugs, 
we are indirectly saying that drugs are better than normal life. We are 
saying that everyone would do them if not for the laws. It gives the 
opposite message than what people think it is giving, but no one sees 
this truth. If doing drugs was really better, no one would be going to 
expensive rehab centers to get off them, would they? This fact proves 
drugs really do not make life better, and this needs to be pointed out to 
kids before they get addicted to them. 


The best cure for drug addiction is education and giving people 
sometliing tliat feels better than drugs can make them feel. The only 
thing that will do it is the ultimate truth and the complete fulfillment that 
follows. The truth will stop drugs. We just have to ask kids: why don't 
most doctors and policemen do drugs? If drugs were really a good 
thing, most doctors and cops would be using them, because they can 
get them easily. The reason they do not is that they know that drugs 
really are not a good thing. Doctors and cops see how drugs lead to 
tragedy; all we have to do is show everyone what doctors and cops see. 

If you give people everything they want, along with the truth, they will 
always do the right thing. The opposite of what people think will happen, 
will happen. If kids were shown the truth about drugs in elementary 
school, not just BS, no one would get into drugs, because the truth is, 
drugs ruin your life. No one will do anything that will hurt them once they 
are sure it will. We feed kids so much BS that kids think that when we 
say drugs are bad for you, that it is also BS. 

Choice: The truth is, we should legalize everything that does not hurt 
other people, and let people make up their own minds about how they 
want to live. The law should only be to protect people from other people, 
not to protect them from themselves, because the truth is, nothing can 
do that. 

What the world needs now is less laws and more truth. 

People should be free to choose what they want to do with their own 
lives. People are not stupid, and they do not need other people to 
decide what is good for them. Those kinds of laws are wrong, 
impossible to enforce, and they create a dangerous and costly black 
market. The only way to stop people from doing one behavior is to give 
them something better to replace it with. If we give people the truth and 
the life, it will stop drugs, crime, and all self-destructive behavior. 

The bottom line: Everything should be legalized that does not hurt 
others, but all advertising and other things that promote them should be 
banned also. Instead, commercials will show people the truth and 
educate people on the dangers of certain products. People are smart 
and will respond to the truth and always do the right thing, but only 
when they know for certain what the right thing is. 


The people that are for keeping drugs illegal appear to be the good, 
moral people, the good guys, and it gets them elected, but the opposite 
is true. They are actually the most responsible for all the drug 
related murders and violence that stem from illegal drugs. 

Making drugs illegal seems like a good idea and that it would help 
society, but in reality, nothing is hurting society more. What is worse: 
thousands of kids murdered, millions of lives ruined, wasting billions of 
dollars, or legal drugs? Wake up people. 

Being for legalizing drugs does not mean you are for people using 
drugs. You will be against the use of drugs and support education 
about them. 

The cost of blindness to the truth: It is just like the current war in the 
Middle East. It looked like a good idea to try to stop terrorism, so it was 
a good political move, and most politicians promoted it for that reason. 
The truth is that it has made the threat of terrorism worse and has cost 
thousands of our best young people their lives and the lives of hundreds 
of thousands of innocent people, including women and children, in the 
Middle East. It has also wasted over six trillion dollars, and continues to 
cost us four-hundred million dollars a day. The worst cost is the damage 
to America's image in the rest of the world. 

Vietnam was even worse. It cost us over fifty-eight thousand American 
lives, and we killed over three million people in Vietnam, at least a 
million innocent women and children, for absolutely nothing. 

Losing face: Once we commit to one of these epic disasters, we have 
problems getting out of them, because people do not want to admit they 
made a mistake that wasted all those lives and money. It is why it took 
us more than ten years to get out of Vietnam and why we are now 
having trouble getting out of conflicts in the Middle East. 

It is the same reason we do not legalize drugs, and it has cost 
many more lives than war, much more money, and it is literally 
destroying our society. 

The sale of opium is giving regimes in the Middle East billions of 
dollars they use to kill American soldiers with. If we legalize drugs, 
it will stop it. 


When spiritual beings make a mistal<e, even a big one, they change it 
the minute they become aware of it. There is nothing wrong with mailing 
a mistal<e, as long as you fix it as soon as you know it is a mistake. 
What makes a mistake a disaster is when people do not fix a mistake, 
especially when people are being killed and major damage is occurring. 

Everyone will be forgiven for the past. 

We need a strong military: Don't get me wrong; we have to fight fools 
and fanatics, and we need to have the strongest possible military until 
the world is educated. We are not out of the woods yet. 

Some will be lost: When we legalize drugs, some people will misuse 
them just as they do alcohol, but the problems will be a fraction of the 
problems caused by continuing to do what we are doing. There will still 
be street gangs, but they will not be as big or dangerous as now. 

Now we will have the ultimate truth, so the problem of people abusing drugs 
and alcohol will be much less than it has been. People that repetitively drive 
under the influence or do other things that endanger other people will need 
to be confined. We should just put the people that choose to be loaded all 
the time together in a controlled situation, so they cannot hurt other people 
or themselves more. 

We could create camps for these lost souls that are comfortable and not 
like prisons, but they are controlled, and the people that choose this 
lifestyle will not be allowed to hurt other people. It will let them be with 
each other and have one big, never-ending, semi-safe party. It will not 
be punishment; it will be the biggest and best party in history, and many 
people will go there voluntarily, but most people will get enough of it, 
see the light, go out, join the human race, and get involved in the 
ultimate party of true life. 

If you give people true freedom and what they think they want, they 
will find they do not really want drugs, alcohol and other self 
destructive vices, get educated, get over it, and be ready for 
something better. 


Gambling: Gambling is the same as drugs, but a little different. It 
should be legal for the same reason. When people learn the truth that 
tells them they cannot win if they gamble a long time, it will not stop it or 
make it less popular. It will do the opposite and make it more popular, 
because people will do it in moderation. Las Vegas and other resorts 
help bring you in the present and will get more popular. However, you 
do not want to get your fun for free or make money; you want to pay for 
what you got. People have to stay in balance, or they will fall. 

When people do things in truth, they do them right and 
everyone wins. 

Crime: We will still need police and the justice system until all people 
begin to live in the truth and the life. There will still be violence, crime, 
and other anti-social, stupid behaviors until less evolved people wake 
up, and they will have to be controlled until they can be educated in the 
truth and the life. We will need police, but a lot less of them if we 
legalize drugs and other vices. 

Technology will eventually stop most crime. 

Tracking devices, security cameras, and other things, such as reliable 
lie detectors, will make it very hard to get away with any crime. This will 
need to be done until everyone knows the truth. The best solution is for 
mankind to become spiritual beings, because there will be no need for 
laws of any kind. 

Forgiveness/compassion: Spiritual people do not hurt people, even if 
they are hurt by them. There will be no more "eye for an eye." It just 
blinds everyone. God/life creates perfect justice. It does not need us to 
punish people or take revenge. People should see everyone in prison 
as if they were a brother. If we did, we would do the things I 
recommend. We have to do what the truth dictates. 

Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful. 
Friedrich Nietzsche 

You have the choice of behaving like an animal or a spiritual being. If 
someone else acts like an animal, it does not mean it has to drag you 
down to their level. 

The Bible says that vengeance is for God, not us. 


Violence is the only way some people can experience intimacy. 

Intimacy: One of the reasons some people do violence to others is to 
create intimacy between them and their victim. The problem is, some 
people are so mentally screwed up that it is the only way they can get it. 
We have to show them a better way, show them how get intimacy 
without hurting others. 

Violence brings people into the present, but there is a better way to 
do it. 

There is good intimacy and bad intimacy. Violence is bad intimacy; making 
love is good intimacy. Intimacy with life itself is the ultimate intimacy. 

A person that knows the ultimate truth has intimacy with God/life. 

People cannot really enjoy intimacy without knowing the truth. It opens 
people up, and that is what makes intimacy, intimacy. People that live in 
the mind never experience true intimacy. Even violence just gives 
people a taste of the present. Making other people feel good is good 
intimacy; making other people feel bad is bad intimacy. Only animals 
that do not know the truth are into bad intimacy. 

The truth = intimacy. 

When someone does something horrible to someone, people always 
ask, why? No one ever gives them the simple answer, because it is too 
ugly, and they think others will do it. Some crimes are committed to get 
money, but the worst criminals do what they do simply because they like 
to. It turns them on; it makes them feel powerful and in control, and it 
gets them the undivided attention of their victims. 

The primitive mind: Criminals experience the same feelings as an 
animal predator when they attack and hurt people. We were animal 
predators for most of our evolution on earth, so it is a very powerful 
instinct and feels very good. This is why it is so powerful and 
dangerous. Only the truth and life feels better. When you know the truth, 
you can make these violent instincts work for you. Whenever they arise, 
you use them as a cue to become more aware of the truth and the life. If 
you do this, you turn a very bad thing into a very good thing. 


It is sad that just because people do not know the truth, they will destroy 
another person's life and their own just to get a little attention from their 
victims and a taste of the present. It is a tragic and unnecessary waste 
of life. It shows how valuable the present is. People will do very difficult, 
costly and horrible things to themselves and others just to get a little 
taste of it. When people learn they can get everything they want for 
free, without hurting others and with no consequences, people will 
change, and so will our world. People will always do what feels best. 

Never feel like it: Spiritual people do not commit crimes, not because 
of fear of punishment or for rewards for being good, not even because it 
is right or wrong, but just because they never feel like it. Helping people 
turns them on. 

If people are good only because they fear punishment and hope for 
reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. Albert Einstein 

It is not in a spiritual person's nature to hurt others or be unfair in 
anyway. Spiritual people enjoy helping other people, not hurting them. 
There will be situations, such as self-defense, when violence will be 
unavoidable, but never for pleasure, profit, revenge or to punish people. 
That is what animals do. 

Without the real truth, there is no real morality, no real right 
and wrong. 

Consequences: There are huge consequences to violent animal behavior. 

Criminals now think, "look what my victim is going through and 
they did not do anything to deserve it, so deserve must not have 
anything to do with bad things happening," and they are correct. 

When you know the truth, you know if you act like an animal after your 
know the ultimate truth, you go to the bottom of the food chain. There is 
no greater consequence; thus, the truth is the best deterrent to 
animal behavior. 

In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy, but in passing 
it over, he is superior. Sir Francis Bacon 


No fault: It can be said that no one is responsible for the crimes they 
commit, and it would be true if they do not know the truth, but this does 
not mean we should let them go. We have to protect ourselves. We are 
just as important as anyone else. Thus, criminals will be incarcerated 
when they commit crimes, regardless of fault. We can stop spending so 
much money trying to show how criminals were abused in the past to 
use it as a defense. There is no defense; if you commit a crime, you go 
to jail. It is that simple. Going into a criminal's past is not only a waste of 
money, it gives them publicity and attention that some actually want. We 
should not give them anything that can reward or motivate crimes. 

Eye for an eye: Spiritual people will set the example to the animals of 
the world. We do not act like animals just because they do; we change 
them by not letting them change us. We do not blind them more; we 
give them our vision. 

If you purposely treat others badly, you are acting like an animal, not a 
spiritual being. We are as interested in the welfare of others as much as 
we are interested in our own welfare, because we know that we are all 
essentially the same. 

Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would want others to do 
unto you." 

Jesus actually said, "You will do unto others as you would want 
others to do unto you." This is because you will know better. 

It seems like a small difference, but it actually is a very big difference. A 
spiritual being "will" treat others exactly as they would treat themselves, 
because you will see others as if you were them. You will, because you 
spiritually are them. 

You would not hit someone else with a hammer for the same 
reason you would not hit yourself with a hammer. 

It seems inconceivable unless you see true life. When you see true life, 
you actually see others as yourself, and you would never intentionally 
hurt yourself. You see yourself in all other people; you see past their 
temporary devil/mind. 

He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, 
and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an 
impartial eye. Buddha 


See the truth: With the truth, you see all people older than you as if 

they were your father and mother, all people younger than you as your 
children, and people the same age as you as brothers and sisters. The 
truth is, we are all related. 

We were like them: You always treat others as you would want to be 
treated. We were like them in the past. You would not have to go back 
too far in your own evolution to get to where you were a violent animal. 
Today's criminals will evolve past it as we did, and the better we treat 
them, the faster they will do it. As Jesus taught, you forgive everyone, 
because animals cannot be blamed for behaving like animals. All we 
should do is separate them from us and try to change them. 

Spiritual people do not defile the present with what happened in 
the past. 

We do not think of revenge. Animals that harm others will be confined 
until they change and it is safe to let them out. If they never change, 
they never get out. Habitual criminals and people that have done very 
bad things, such as child molestation or murder, and people that have a 
good chance that they will do it again, will never get out. Society cannot 
be asked to take the chance. People forfeit the rest of their lifespan for 
some crimes and repeated offenses. People that are never getting out 
can be allowed to socialize with others like themselves, because it will 
not matter, and it would not be humane to keep them from socializing a 
bit. We isolate only people that are going to get out. 

Some animals are not ready to evolve further and cannot be changed, 
so they have to be separated from civilized society for life. We build as 
many prisons as we need to, and we make them work, no matter the 
cost, because it will be less expensive than dealing with criminals out in 
society. People that kill for animal reasons are too dangerous. It costs 
them their freedom for life, not to punish or even for its deterrent value, 
but for the public's safety only. This should be the rule, except for gang 
killings and very young killers, etc. 

The reason for all crime is that people do not know the truth. 

All people see is BS and no truth. It is no wonder people act as they do. 
Once we show them the truth, most will change, and so will the world. It is 
that simple. 


"The Present - Insights" 

America Must Lead 

The great Satan: America needs to be seen as the good guy once 
again, because we really are the good guys; we have just been living 
too much in our heads, and we have gotten lost. 

Have it all: America now is the most materialistic and least spiritual 
country in the world. When Americans learn the ultimate truth, they will 
become the most spiritual country almost over night. We will have it all, 
material and spiritual, and we will be in a position to give it all to the rest 
of the world, and we will. Once we start being who we really are, we 
will not have any problems, only solutions. 

We are the leaders of the world. We have to start leading in the right 
direction. People in the world are looking at us and wondering if we are 
the great Satan as some people are saying, or if we are an angel that 
will save the world. It is time to show them the truth. We are an angel 
that is going to save everyone we can. 

Help ourselves: Before we help the rest of the world, we have to help our 
own country. We must concentrate our resources on straightening out our 
own country first to build a model for the rest of the world to see and follow. 

First, help yourself spiritually, then America, then all of the world. 

If the people of the world see us doing the right thing and how it is benefiting 
us, they will want to be like us. They will see what we do, because worldwide 
communication will make that possible. We just have to make sure the 
leaders of their country are not stopping the truth from getting to them. 

I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be 
depended upon to meet any national crises. The great point is to 
bring them the real facts. Abraham Lincoln 

The news lately has focused on Mexicans illegally coming across our 
southern borders and using our education and medical system. We do not 
like that, so we are planning to build a big, expensive wall to try and stop 

them and do all sorts of things to make their pitiful lives even worse than 
they are. It will not work, and in the long run, it will cost us more than 
helping them. Doesn't the Statue of Liberty invite everyone to come here? 

It says, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to 
breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the 
homeless, tempest-tossed, to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door." 


We should remove the invitation and statue if people are no longer 
welcome. Instead of seeing how we can make those poor peoples' lives 
worse, shouldn't we do the opposite and see how we can make their lives 
better? The problem is that their country is so corrupt and disorganized that 
they cannot live a decent life there. That is the real problem. We should 
either help them change things in their country, or let them come to ours. 

Everyone should go to downtown Tijuana and then go to downtown San 
Diego a few miles away. You will see one of the worst places and one 
the best places on earth. It is an outrage. Mexico could be a beautiful 
place. The weather is better than it is here, and the cost of living is 
much lower. If the place were not so corrupt, they would have to build a 
fence to stop Americans from going south. 

We have to learn that the better other people do, the better we do. 

We want everyone in the world to do better and make more money, because 
it will come back to us. Half of the human race is very poor and lives on less 
than two dollars a day. If we just doubled that, they would have double the 
money to spend. They would live better, and they would spend double the 
money they are now spending, doubling the value of the economy of half the 
world. Prosperity will create prosperity, if we wake up to the truth. 

Work creates something out of nothing. If you build a house, you 
have a house where you did not before. Making things better, 
makes them better. 

That work benefits the people the work is done for, the people doing the 
work, and generates more money and more work. Work makes things 
better, which is why the work is done in the first place, to fix something 
or make it better. You cannot get too many workers; it is a delusion. 

A rising tide lifts all boats. John F. Kennedy 

The government's job will be to keep everyone productive. They will 
help create enough good jobs to keep everyone busy and earning 
enough money to live well. 

Whenever people do more work, things always start getting better. 

Poverty/ignorance/corruption: Because of poverty, ignorance and 
corruption in the third world, the rich are getting richer, the poor are 
getting poorer, and this will doom the human race, rich and poor alike. 

The truth is, all people can be treated fairly, and spiritual people 
would do it. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Green Energy and Tech 

We have a gigantic nuclear reactor in the sky. 
There is no energy shortage. 

Why are we spending at least a fourth of every dollar we make directly 
and indirectly on energy when we can have it for free? 

Are we stupid or what? 

Solar towers: This new type of solar generating station uses air heated 
by the sun to generate electricity. If we build six-hundred and twenty 
solar towers, they will supply all of our country's power needs. They will 
cost about seven-hundred million dollars each. 

We are currently spending four-hundred million dollars a day on the war. 
We could pay for a solar tower every two days with what we are 
spending on the war. We are getting nothing from the war, except for a 
lot of dead people. If we spent it on the towers or solar cells, we would 
have a source of almost free, clean power. 

Once the towers are built, they cost almost nothing to operate, so we 
will get the money we spent back and get all our energy needs from 
then on almost free. In addition, we would be putting all the money 
spent on building them back into our economy. 

If we used rechargeable, electric powered cars, we could use the sun's 
power to replace almost all of the oil and coal we currently use. This will 
save us all that money, which can then be put into productive things. 
We will have clean, renewable energy that will cost almost nothing for 
as long as we have the sun. 

Building the towers will create literally millions of jobs directly and 
indirectly, and it will put the billions of dollars we spend on building them 
back into our economy. It would be the single largest building project in 
history. It will be the single best thing we can do for our country and the 
world, because it would dramatically lower the cost of living and stop 
polluting the environment. It would lower the cost of everything we 
manufacture, so we would be able to compete and beat other countries 
in manufacturing that have lower labor costs. 


You cannot get too much electricity: There are a never-ending 

amount of things we can do with it to improve our lives. We can mal<e 
materials that require a lot of electricity to mal<e, lil<e aluminum, for 
much cheaper. We can use it to make super-cold fluids, and make 
super-conductivity of electricity widespread. This will make levitated 
vehicles possible. 

We can use it to separate hydrogen from water and make clean, powerful 
fuels for vehicles. We can make fresh water from ocean water, and solve 
the world's fresh water problem. Abundant, free electhcity will change 
everything for the better, and we can have it in the next few years. 

Why wait? We use the technology we have now; we do not wait until it 
is as cheap as oil. That is just a deception to keep us from doing it. As 
technologies to produce free, clean electricity become cheaper and 
more efficient, we just replace the older technology with the newer 
technology, or we just add to it. 

Doing anything is better than just burning the money up. 

We should actually use a mix of different technologies to generate the 
power we need. Geothermal power taps the endless heat of the earth. 

We could supply the whole country's power just from Yellowstone. 

The technology to do it is available now. 

Internal combustion engines: Most of our cars are powered by internal 
combustion engines that burn gasoline. We convert them to natural gas, 
and build compressors, so people can fill up from their house gas pipes. 
The government will pay for it, because it is better than giving seven- 
hundred billion a year to other countries. We have our own natural gas. 
We also acknowledge it as a natural resource that belongs to all of us, 
not the company that gets it to us. We get it free, minus the cost of a 
company making a fair profit to get it to us. We need it as a bridge until 
we get an inexpensive hydrogen system up and running. 

If we covered about ten percent of the state of Nevada with solar cells, it 
would supply all of our energy needs. This is not practical, but it makes 
a point. The solar panels would be on roofs across the country. We 
could build that system right now. 


We could build factories next to solar panels in deserts to make 
materials that take a lot of energy to make, like plastics, glass 
and aluminum. 

We are spending more than a half trillion dollars a year on energy. 

That is just the direct costs for heating, lighting and transportation. 
There are also indirect energy costs we pay when we buy products. We 
pay for the energy it costs to produce the products. 

Why not let the power of the sun and the heat of the inner earth do 
most of the work for us? 

We could build the system in a few years, and then we would save more 
than a half a trillion dollars per year from then on, so why don't we do it? 

What is wrong with creating millions of new, high paying jobs in 
the USA? 

If we can tap a source of free, clean energy, we should do it now. We 
should not wait until the technology is as inexpensive as oil. The sooner 
we do it, the less money we will be just burning up, and the less we will 
hurt the environment. 

Oil companies will make more money: We need to save our oil for 
making plastics, medicines, and other necessary products that are 
made from oil. Why use it for energy when we can get that for free from 
the sun? 

We are literally burning the most useful material found on 
the earth. 

Even the rich oil people are going to wake up and realize it would be in 
their best interest to stop using so much oil for fuel. They are screwing 


Plastic houses: New, inexpensive structural plastics and molding 
methods will be developed. We will start making vehicles, houses and 
buildings out of it. It will cost less, be easier to maintain, look better and 
last longer than anything else. It can look and feel like marble, rare 
wood, etc. Intricate designs can be molded right in to look like the work 
of artists and craftsmen. Look at the interiors of buildings in Star Wars 
episode two, and you will see how great plastic will look. 

When oil is no longer used to power vehicles, there will be so much 
supply that it will start being used for houses, buildings and other 
structures that need to be made inexpensive, low maintenance, look 
good and last as long as possible. Environmentalists are always saying 
that plastic is not biodegradable and stays in the environment forever. 
That is bad when used for throwaway products, but it is a very good 
thing when it comes to people's houses and buildings, because the 
longer they last and the easier to maintain, the better. We want 
structures to last and not need costly maintenance. Termites do not eat 
plastic, and it does not rust like steel. Houses made of plastic would not 
be hurt in floods or earthquakes, and they will be so light that they would 
be easy to move. 

We can mold whole walls with the spaces for windows and doors 
molded in any color and texture. It will never need paint. Until plastic 
can be made fire-proof, sprinklers and other fire prevention systems 
would be part of all plastic structures. Sprinkler systems do not hurt 
plastic like they destroy wood structures. 

Green architecture: The roof will be molded to accept solar panels. 
Rainwater runoff will be saved in plastic tanks in the walls to use as 
drinking water or to water the garden in dry periods. A house or building 
could go together something like Legos, so every house will be different 
to suit the needs of the people living in it. Construction and 
transportation cost would drop. They will come in kits, and people can 
put them together themselves with glue. 

The oil companies will get bigger and make more money than they are 
now. This business will also last much longer if we stop using oil for fuel. 
The more oil we have left for other things, the more the oil companies 
will make, and the longer they will stay in business. A bonus will be 
that it will not pollute the air. 


It will stop global warming, because plastic will not release carbon 
dioxide into tine air as burning oil does. It will also stop our forests from 
being cut down to be used for building material. These forests also take 
carbon dioxide out of the air. 

Instead of beating on oil companies, we should be giving them big 
enough incentives to make it profitable for them to do what we 
want them to do. 

We are burning up the ultimate construction material by using oil 
for fuel. 

Once we start getting electricity for free, much of steel, concrete, and 
wood will be replaced by new alloys of plastic and aluminum as a 
building material. 

Read Press Release: Clean Energy and New Jobs for Everyone 

The following plan would solve all of our energy, economic, and 
pollution problems within a few years. 

Declare war for solar energy: The President would make an executive 
order to build and install enough solar cells to supply all of the US 
energy needs in two years, and we would probably end up doing it in 
one year. Even with millions of men out of the country fighting, we were 
the people that made one B-17 bomber every hour on an assembly line 
a mile long. Before the war, the factory that did it made cars with a few 
thousand parts. The four-engine flying fortress that was ruling the skies 
over Europe had over a million parts. We were the guys that made a 
complete ship from start to finish in four days at just one shipyard. 
Women were doing a lot of the work. Imagine what we could do now? 

We mobilize our manufacturing as we did for World War II to build a 
new, free and clean energy system. If we could do It during a war, we 
can do it in peacetime even faster. We form a war department to 
build it. 


Mobilize for peace and prosperity: We build the mile long factories 
like we used to build planes and ships quickly in World War II. We built 
the factories to build the planes and ships in just a few months, and we 
could do it even faster now. We build them in different parts of the 
country that have high unemployment. These factories would be able to 
spit out miles of inexpensive solar panels everyday. Other companies 
would transport and install them in our country's deserts and on both 
sides of our interstate freeways, on railroad tracks and on roofs. Putting 
them next to railroad tracks makes installing and cleaning easy. 

Like laying track: We have competitions between companies and give 
bonuses to the companies that make the most and lay the most solar 
panels in a day. When we were building the transcontinental railroad, 
the companies were getting bonuses for every mile of track they laid. 
This motivated them to build many miles of track per day. We just do 
something similar for laying solar panels. 

We get our defense contractors involved in making it happen. 

Pentagon: We get our pentagon involved in the war for free energy, just 
as we would do for a war. They have the organization skills we will 
need. It is why it was really created. The pentagon will be used to create 
a heaven on earth. We handle the whole thing like a military operation. 
If we do, we can do it fast. 

Turn swords into plows: Metaphorically speaking, we would turn 
swords into plows if we give the same money we have been giving to 
the same people, but when the truth is seen, they will change what they 
make from things that hurt people to things that help people. It will be 
fulfilling that Bible prophecy, turning swords into plows. That should get 
the people that believe in the Bible behind it. 

We form thousands of companies to work on different parts of the 
system in different locations. We start with the thousands of miles of 
tracks we have in our deserts and other high sunshine locations, and 
just go from there. At the same time, we install solar panels on every 
home and factory. Money will not be an issue. The government will 
supply the hardware and labor. We would be adding millions of watts of 
free, clean electricity to the power grid everyday by installing miles of 
solar panels every day. We would just keep doing this until the solar 
panels supply all of Americas energy needs, then the whole world's. 


At the same time, our automotive industry starts mass-producing 
inexpensive electric cars to use the inexpensive electricity we will be 
creating. They will also make natural gas and hydrogen cell vehicles. 
This will make the struggling auto industry start booming. When we 
wake up, we will not spend billions retooling to make a different new car 
every year; we will just make minor improvements to a proven design. 
This will cut waste and costs related to vehicles in half. It will create 
more jobs, not less. Our total economy will start booming and so will the 
world's economy, because they will start doing the same thing with 
our help. 

On a smaller scale, we start developing and building the towers, 
geothermal, wind turbines, and any other promising technology. Down 
the road, after we see what is most economical, we gradually replace 
the less efficient technologies. The government will provide large grants 
to any company developing promising energy technology and more 
efficient solar cells, such as nano cell technology. 

We go full out on the solar cells, because we know we can do 
it now. 

We just put less proven technologies on the back burner until after 
we have built a solar cell system using the current proven 

Yellowstone: We develop Yellowstone geothermal to make all the 
hydrogen we need. It has the heat and water needed to do it. We could 
build a system to make rivers of hydrogen to power all engines that now 
burn gas. The Yellowstone caldera is over about one hundred square 
miles. We could build hundreds of power plants, just like coal power 
plants, but we would not need the coal. We could not only make all the 
power the US needs, we could be the biggest exporter of hydrogen in 
the world in a few years. Instead of buying polluting oil from other 
countries, we could make and sell hydrogen. Wake up people. 

The solar panel system will be an emergency government operation 
which will cut through all the red tape, such as environmental, private 
property, and any other issues that could slow it down. The only 
concern will be to build it as fast and efficiently as possible, just as in 
time of a real war. It is the only way we can do it fast enough for there 
not to be a real blood and death national emergency, such as a war. 


The oil companies will just keep oil cheaper than solar to prevent solar 
from being developed. That is why we need the government to get 
involved. The mass production will bring the price way down, but we do 
it regardless of price at first. 

It will start with the President declaring a state of emergency that will 
evoke all his wartime powers. A new government department modeled 
after our World War II war department will be created to get it done. 
They will have the power and a mandate to build the system in no more 
than two years. Then the clock will start ticking, and it will start being 
built with the total commitment of America. 

Commitment: We need a President that will commit to building the 
solar power system the way JFK committed America to getting to the 
moon in the early sixties, and the way FDR did it to build dams to end 
the depression and to build the atomic bomb in World War II, only we 
will do it faster. 

The technology created to go to the moon indirectly made us money, 
but not enough to cover the costs directly. The solar energy project will 
make us money directly, just as building dams in the thirties did. Energy 
is the foundation of everything, so we should forget about doing any 
other big project, and start building the solar power system first. 

Mobilized: Why does it take a world war to unite all of America and 
mobilize our manufacturing toward a single goal? It does because it is 
life or death, and we have no choice. When the truth is seen, we will see 
building the energy system and creating a heaven on earth now is life 
and death, and we will do it. 

We are literally throwing away trillions of dollars a year on energy 
and interest on our debt. We could just divert that money to the 
power system. 

We have given up many great things that would have made our life 
better, but the biggest thing is having free, clean power. Energy is the 
foundation of our economy, and it would have lowered everyone's cost 
of living considerably. 

The truth is free and it is the foundation of spiritual life. Solar 
power is free and the foundation of physical life. We just do both 
with all of our will now. 


Print new money: We finance it, the same way we finance war. The 
energy project is so important and valuable that it would justify just 
printing new money to pay for it. If we did that, we could start building 
right away. 

It would cost about three trillion dollars to convert our country to 
solar power. We would get that money back in less than four years 
with the money we are now spending on oil and sending outside 
our country. 

When we print money, it just dilutes and devalues all our money a little, 
so if we do it, everyone will be paying for the new energy system, which 
is the way it should be anyway. When the system is completed, it will be 
so valuable that the value of our money will go up more than enough to 
offset the money we printed. 

We act as if we are in a war now to prevent a real war from 

Our goals: America has to do few things with all its effort: create a free 
electrical power system, a free world, and spread the truth. Nothing 
more, nothing less. It starts right now with you sending the letters 
about the truth contest. (See: Spread the Truth - Insights) 

Infrastructure: We are proposing to spend almost a trillion dollars 
rebuilding infrastructure, such as old bridges and roads, to create jobs 
and stimulate the economy. The problem is that bridges and roads do 
not pay for themselves, let alone make money like solar and geothermal 
technology. We need to spend our tax dollars on things that pay for 
themselves and make money first. 

The solution above sounds too simple to be true, too good to be 
true, but it is not. It is simple and good, and we can do it now. If we 
did it in wartime, we can do it even faster in peacetime; we just 
have to be as motivated. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Author's "Must-See" Movie List 

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth 
nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor 
steal: Matthew 6:20 

You may be thinking, winy is a guy tliat writes a bool< called The 
Present, a book that says fantasies are bad, so into movie fantasies? 

The reason is the book is written about a different place, a place 
religions call heaven. The devil (animal mind) currently owns this world, 
and the world where you can live in the present a lot of the time does 
not exist yet. Since I cannot live in the present much yet, I fantasize 
about it until I can live in it. There is a difference between my fantasies 
and the fantasies that most people have. My fantasies are possible, and 
thus can come true. 

Fantasy is OK after you know the truth of life, but not before you 
know it. 

There is a belief that if you just believe something is true, have enough 
faith it is true or can become true, it will become real here or in your next 
life after you die. This is part right. Most beliefs or faiths contain some 
truth. That is the case with this one. A faith or belief can and will come 
true if it is possible, if it can happen in God's universe, not just in your 

Most people are not going to see their beliefs come true. Christianity in 
its current form, for example, is a belief that cannot come true. For a 
belief or faith to come true, it has be within the laws of nature that 
Newton and Einstein have revealed, and my book reveals. My beliefs 
and faith, my fantasies are going to come true, because they can work 
in reality. A better word is vision. My vision of the future can and will 
come true, at least for me and the people that share my vision and help 
to spread it. 

I send everyone a letter after they read my books that says the next 
step is to become a prophet. A prophet is someone that predicts or 
prophesies the future. It may not be the future for everyone, but it will be 
for the person envisioning it, and those that can see the same vision 
and want it enough to devote their life and resources to make it happen. 


My books are a vision. Many people on that comments list on the 
contest site think they know what my books are about, but they really do 
not know. They think I am talking about here now. I am not, but I have to 
let them think that so they will stay interested long enough for them to 
stay on the path when they discover the truth. I am a fisher of men and 
women, and it is like bait. 

I say this in the book; I talk about using the devil against the devil, or 
telling untruths in order to get an important truth across that cannot be 
got across any other way, but many people ignore it, so they think I am 
talking about now. The movies on this list do it, as well as many novels. 
The means are justified if the means do not hurt anyone, even if you fail 
to get the big truth across. Thus, I let people believe that they can live in 
eternal bliss here and now, when I know it is not the truth. The end 
justifies the means. It is a good lie; Jesus and all prophets past and 
present that are trying to spread the divine truth do it. You have to fight 
fire with fire, lies with lies. 

Do not get me wrong, your life now does get much better than most 
people in the devil's world, but this is not heaven, and to try and live like 
it is, is a waste of time and foolish. It will also make it impossible for it to 
come true in the future. 

It is possible for this world to change and become a heaven in my 
lifespan, and I work at making that happen, but the odds are against it. 
The Bible says it will come in the blink of an eye, but I do not count on it. 
I know how long we have been waiting, working, evolving, so I would 
not be surprised if it takes one or even a few more lifespans to get 
to heaven. 

The important thing is to have the vision; in other words, to know where 
you are going. If you do not know where you are going, you will not get 
to a heaven; you will be lost. The devil mind, the beast will see to it, that 
you get on its path and stay on it as long as you do not see the way out 
and do what is necessary to get out. 


All the movies on my movie list have pieces to the puzzle, and people 
that have read my books can see how they fit. It is not just the truth that 
is in them, the life is in them even more so. The landscapes are places I 
would like to live. In The Night of the Iguana, that hotel on a hill over 
looking the ocean with Ava Gardner and rum cocos would be enjoyable 
to me. I would want a few changes, like I would like the young Ava. If 
you Google her, you will see that at one time, she was one of the most 
beautiful women in the world, and smart and interesting. I would also 
like to have a young body like those young Mexicans, but with the mind, 
voice, and command of the English language that Richard Burton had. 
What you like and don't like picks the pieces you want in your heaven. 
You can have an infinite number of them, because heaven lasts forever. 

As you can see, I use people and places that exist in this world to flesh 
out my vision of heaven. That is important, because they or something 
very close to them will manifest in my heaven, only they will be much 
better than we can imagine. That is why I watch the same movies over 
and over. 

It is the same with music. The music I like and want to take with me, I 
listen to over and over again, plant it deep in my collective unconscious 
mind, the only thing that will survive my death. The treasures I put in will 
be waiting for me. It is like I am collecting things, and have been my 
whole life for a time when I can have them in real life. You can get some 
thing now. 

If you do not know the truth, you will take the bad things from this life 
and past lives with you. In other words, you will stay in the animal cycle 
of life. If you know the truth of life, you can discard everything you do 
not want, and keep only what you want. 

So start collecting your treasures, cars, people, houses, music, etc. You 
may or may not get some of them in your current life. You do not invest 
your time and money in getting them now. You put your resources into 
learning and spreading the truth, helping others get to heaven, helping 
turn this world into a heaven, because that is how you get to heaven 
yourself. As it says in the Bible, your treasures in heaven are not subject 
to loss, damage, etc., as they are in this world. 


Be sure to watch the unedited versions in HD if available. 
You do not have to watch the movies in the order listed. 
They are listed in alphabetical order. 

Movie List 

A Face in the Crowd 

American Beauty 

A Serious Man 

A Street Car Named Desire 

Being There 

Big Blue 


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 
Cool Hand Luke 
Das Boot 

The Day the Earth Stood Still (original 1951) 

Demon Seed 

The Descendants 

The Devil's Advocate 

Doctor Strangelove 

Drugstore Cowboy 

Grapes of Wrath 



Forbidden Planet (original 1956) 

Forrest Gump 

The Fountainhead 

The Graduate 

Grand Canyon 

Holy Smoke 


The Hudsucker Proxy 

Islands in the Stream (1977) 


The Matrix 

The Missouri Breaks 

The Night of the Iguana 

Nobody's Fool 

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's NestPaul is Live - New World Tour (1993) - 


Religulous - Bill Maher 

Revolutionary Road 

The Sunset Limited 


To Kill A Mockingbird 



The Tree of Life 

True Confessions 

The Truman Show 

The Wizard of Oz 

Wonder Boys 

Changes to Original List 

added The Matrix (7/15/13) 
added The Truman Show (11/1 5/1 3) 
added Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1 1/24/13) 
removed Baby Doll (12/9/13) 
added Being There (12/9/13) 
removed Tin Men (12/23/13) 


Lonesome Dove (mini series) 

Outer Limits (1963-1965) 

Real Time with Bill Maher 

South Park (www.southparkstudios.Gom) 


Twilight Zone (1959-1964) 


Bill Hicks 
Charles Bukowski 

Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas 

Evolve ( 

George Carlin 

George Harrison: Living in the Material World 
Gloria (HBO Documentary on Gloria Steinem) 
How to Die in Oregon 

Mankind Rising ( 
Right Here, Right Now Evolution Video ( 
Rise of the Continents 


"The Present - Insights" 

Author's Life Soundtrack 

I put up a list of the movies that influenced my life. The music I grew up with 
also has had a big influence on the way I see life, so I am sharing it here 
with you. Maybe these songs will open doors for you as they did for me. 

My life really did have a musical soundtrack that stretches from the late 
1950s until the late 1970s. As I say in my book, I was not that into The 
Beatles; there are a few Beatles songs that are on this list, but not 
many. Most were one hit wonders. There were hundreds of songs that 
were great, but these are the stand-outs that bring me back to a time 
and place that was magical. As I said with the movies on my list, I will 
take parts of them with me always; it is the same with these songs. 
They are the songs I will take to heaven with me. 

They are in alphabetical order, not in order of what I like best. You may not 
like them all, but try to get the feeling they give; they paint a picture in sound. 

Beach Boys - 1 Get Around 

Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas - Bad to Me 

Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas - Little Children 

Bob & Earl - Harlem Shuffle 

Bob Marley - Redemption Song 

Booker T & the MGs - Green Onions 

Chad and Jeremy - A Summer Song 

Clarence Carter - Patches 

David Bowie - Aladdin Sane 

David Bowie - Panic in Detroit 

David Bowie - Starman 

Debussy - Clair de Lune 

Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen 

Dick & DeeDee - The Mountain High 

Dick & DeeDee - Thou Shalt Not Steal 

Dionne Warwick - Anyone Who Had a Heart 

Eric Clapton - Broken Hearted 

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Candy Girl 

Friend and Lover - Reach Out of the Darkness 

Gene Pitney - Only Love Can Break a Heart 

Herb Alport & The Tijuana Brass - The Lonely Bull 

Impossible Dream 

Isley Brothers - This Old Heart of Mine 

Jackie DeShannon - What the World Needs Now is Love 

Jan Bradley - Mama Didn't Lie 


Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower 

Jim! Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary 

Jimmy Gilmer - Sugar Shack 

Jimmy Ruffin - What Becomes of the Broken Hearted 

John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth 

John Lennon - Instant Karma 

Kuy Sakamoto - Sukiyaki Song 

Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World 

Love - Alone Again Or 

Love - My Little Red Book 

Paul McCartney - Hope of Deliverance 

Paul McCartney - Peace in the Neighborhood 

Percy Faith - Theme From a Summer Place 

Randy & The Rainbows - Denise 

Sam and Dave - Hold On, I'm Coming 

Steely Dan - King of the World 

Steve Lawrence - Go Away Little Girl 

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Cold Shot 

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Crossfire 

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Pride and Joy 

Stone Temple Pilots - Big Bang Baby 

The Beatles - From Me to You 

The Beatles - Thank You Girl 

The Beau Brummels - Laugh Laugh 

The Four Tops - Baby I Need Your Loving 

The Four Tops - 1 Can't Help Myself 

The Four Tops - Reach Out I'll Be There 

The Guess Who - Shakin' All Over 

The Highwaymen - Michael (Row the Boat Ashore) 

The Kingsmen - Louie Louie 

The Kinks - You Really Got Me 

The Leaves - Hey Joe 

The Murmaids - Popsicles and Icicles 

The Outlaws - Green Grass and High Tides 

The Pretenders - My City Was Gone 

The Righteous Brothers - Little Latin Lupe Lu 

The Rolling Stones - Little T & A 

The Rolling Stones - Monkey Man 

The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black 

The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard 

The Temptations - My Girl 

Toadies - Possum Kingdom 

Andy Williams - Can't Get Used to Losing You 

Van Morrison - Gloria 


"The Present - Insights" 

Mankind - Men and Women 

The word "man" comes from ancient Sanskrit and means "mind." 
l\/lankind is mindkind. 

Women are mankind. Woman means womb-man, or mind witli a womb. 

Tfiis really is a man's world, the mind's world. Men and women definitely live in 
the world of the mind. Both the male and female of the human species are 
mankind/mindkind, but in some important ways, females are superior to males. 

In the future, more women will be political leaders than men, because they are 
better at resolving conflicts without violence. Evolution has programmed males 
for violence and aggression. Most males like violence; most females do not. 

Evolution has programmed females to have more people skills, such as 
patience, compromising, talking things out or screaming it out, as the case may 
be. The point is that they do not resort to deadly violence as much as men do. 

Men are always looking for any legal excuse (war) to get into a life and death 
fight. We do not think we do, but history says we do. It is in our genes and is the 
way we have been dealing with problems for as long as we have been on earth. 

How many women love guns? Just about none of them do. How many 
men love guns? Just about all of us do. It is not something we just learn; 
it is in our genes. It is not as if we enjoy being soldiers carrying eighty 
pounds up and down hills in the rain, but we need to kill our enemies 
before they kill us. It is the way it is. 

IVIen know what we are up against. We are up against other men, 
and we know what we are capable of, so we have to get them 
before they get us. 

Violence works: That saying that violence never accomplished 
anything is not true. Nothing works better than violence. In the past, 
might was always right. It would work every time in the past. It is what 
formed the world we live in now. The problem is our weapons have 
gotten too good. We have to find a new way or the human race will kill 
itself. Thus, we are past violence and entering a new age. 

Men would just be giving women control so that we do not kill each 
other and the rest of the world. We have become too dangerous. 


You may have noticed that men like to make bombs to blow each 
other up. 

We have gotten far too good at it. The US has enough nuclear bombs to 
kill half of the human race in less than one hour from now. Everyone 
else would die from nuclear winter. We could go extinct by pushing 
some buttons right now. This is the situation that men have created. We 
have to change things in a fundamental way, or we are at risk of a 
disaster of Biblical proportions. The situation is just too dangerous to 
avoid making a radical change now. 

Men dream about fighting wars; fighting feels natural to us. Women 
dream of creating new life, family and love; that feels natural to them. 

You just have to look at our prison population to see the truth. Women 
comprise a small percent of the prison population compared to men. 
Most are in for drug offenses, not violence. Even when you look back 
through our savage history, there is very little evidence of female 
violence. All the violence comes from men. There is the occasional 
husband killer, but it is very rare, and a man usually drove them to it. 

It has nothing to do with physical strength anymore. A woman can pick 
up a gun just as easily as a man can, but they do not. They find a better 
solution more often, and it is this difference that makes them better 
suited to be in power now. 

Out of sight may be out of mind, but the truth is, about one-hundred 
million people were killed as a result of warfare in the nineteen 
hundreds, and right now, someone gets killed by warfare every twenty 
seconds. It will get much worse. 

We men have been in charge for all of our history. We have had some 
really great fights to look back on, but our time is over. Our fighting 
ability has outgrown our world. It would be nice if we could go back to 
swords and axes, but that is not possible, thus it is the end of an era. 
We will always have violent video games. 

Females like other people more than males do. Physical violence is not 
in their nature. They naturally have the edge when it comes to love, and 
everything will. 

Men and women are equal: The females of the human species do 
think and feel things in a little different way than males, but they are 
fundamentally the same. They are different but equal. Both can and will 
go to heaven if they see the truth. 


Woman/flowers: Do you know why women like flowers so much? It is 
because they are flowers. A flower is the female of the plant world. A 
woman is the female of our world. They have the same biological 
function. Like flowers, females of our species are naturally beautiful and 
attractive. They have to be to propagate the species. A flower has to 
attract bees to reproduce and create new life; a woman needs to attract 
the males of our species to reproduce. They are good at it, as our ever- 
growing population attests. 14,000+ human babies are born every hour. 

Women are life: Women do not just create all new life physically, they 
are life itself. It is what makes them so beautiful. It is what makes 
children beautiful also. 

Women are love personified: When women see the truth, they will be 
love. The mind/man has just diminished them and cut them off from true 
life. Women are not in touch with what they truly are. When women see 
the truth, they will blossom spiritually before most men will. Women are 
naturally closer to true life than most men are. There are a few 
exceptions to that rule, but not many. 

Men are naturally closer to the truth; women are naturally closer to 
the life. Men naturally live more in their minds. Women naturally live 
more in their bodies and the present. In general, men think more, and 
women live more. 

Temptress: The misinterpretation of the story of Adam and Eve is one 
of the reasons that women have been put down throughout history. 
Women have been painted as the temptresses who use their seductive 
power to lead men astray. Women are temptresses; it is necessary. It is 
one of the most powerful forces in nature, but it is not witchcraft. It is just 
a biological imperative for reproduction, but women are much more, and 
when the truth is seen, women will play a much bigger role in mankind's 
destiny than people believe. 

We need women in power to become truly civilized; it is that simple. 

The big picture: Naturally, not all women are suited to be leaders. This 
book speaks in generalities; it looks at the big picture of life. Some 
women are as crazy as a soup sandwich and cannot control 
themselves, let alone a country, but there are more than enough women 
that are suited to run things. Men are best suited to be spiritual leaders 
now, and women are best suited to be political leaders. Women in 
general are just more down to earth than men, less violent, and more 
compassionate. These are reasons they need to be in charge. 


Men (that know the truth) will lead the way, but women will run the 
world. I can say women will run the world in the future with complete 
certainty, because if they are not our leaders, no one will be; there will 
be no future for mankind. 

Men will give women truth, and women will give men life. 

Women were in charge of all of us when we were kids, and they kept us 
out of trouble. When the truth is seen, they will naturally take care of the 
whole human race, all their offspring. It will be a kinder, gentler world, a 
safer world. 

This is one of the things that becomes obvious when you wake up, 
but few can see the truth now, so it will take some work to reveal it 
in time. 

We have to respect and recognize our natural strengths and 
weaknesses to do the jobs that we are best suited for. If we do not face 
the truth, we will not survive. 

The few women in power act like males. They have no choice; they 
have to play like the boys to stay in the game. We need women in 
power that act like women. 

It really is a man's world, and that is the problem. 

The fruit of the mind is fear and death; the fruit of the spirit is love 
and life. 

Romantic era: The most romantic era in history will begin when people 
learn the ultimate truth. That means women are going to be in charge 
anyway; we males may as well just surrender to life now. 

Modesty: Just as men should not use their greater natural power of 
physical strength to overpower and control women, women should not 
use their naturally greater power of physical attraction to overpower and 
control men. In some places in the world, this is taken to extremes. 
Some women in the eastern world are forced to cover themselves up to 
take away some of their power of attraction, which is not good. Some 
women in the west do the opposite and dress and act in a way that 
maximizes their power of sexual attraction, which is not good. When the 
truth is seen, women will live in the middle, and be modest ladies. This 
will be the right way to be. Women are a powerful force in this world, 
and not until they see the truth and take control of their natural power 
will the world find peace. 


The age of man/mind is ending; the age of love/spirit is beginning. 

The mystery of life: Women will always be mysterious to men, 
because they are life itself, and life is mysterious and always will be, 
even after you understand it. Women are life mixed with emotion are 
impossible to understand completely. 

Women are not supposed to be understood, they are supposed to 
be loved. Oscar Wilde 

A man cannot be a real man without knowing the truth, because he 
does not know right from wrong. A woman cannot be a real woman 
without knowing the truth, because without the truth, she cannot know 
true life and know herself. 

The Bible says God put man into a deep sleep and then created 

Men are great: I am not putting men down; we built this world. We 
created almost all the great music, art, literature and architecture, etc. 
Men have been the great prophets, philosophers, poets, inventors and 
builders of the past, and we will continue to be in the future if we do not 
kill ourselves and everyone else. 

Most dangerous animal: Men have done most of the best things, but 
also most of the worst things. Man is by far the most dangerous animal 
that ever lived on the earth. Men make dinosaurs look like pussycats. 
We not only kill better than anything that has ever lived, we will kill 
ourselves if things do not change fast. As Clint Eastwood said, "Men 
have to realize their limitations." We need women to eliminate the risk of 
killing ourselves out of our future so men can continue to do the great 
things we do. We need our women to save us from ourselves. 

Males naturally are best suited to get the human race to heaven. 
Woman are best suited to run this world and make life more 
beautiful here and now. 


Insights by the author of "The Present" 

The Greatest Generation 

Civilization is just a reflection of manl<ind's true nature. Wlien people 
become spiritual beings, tiiey will naturally get into government, and as tiiey 
do, tine government will begin to change to reflect these new beings. The 
government will change when the beings that run it change, and not until. 

We are the government: People are always saying the government is 
doing this and doing that, as if it is a separate entity. It is not separate; the 
government is us. People in government live in this country and have 
families like everyone else. If we are good, the government will be good. 

Baby boomers: The people that were young in the sixties have evolved 
into the establishment, more or less. The people that comprise the older 
generation, the world war generation, are dying off. The last of them are 
in their eighties and nineties, and they will all be gone in the next few 
years. Their powerful and inflexible mindset will go with them. That will 
give the baby boomers a chance to change the world, and they will. It is 
what we were born to do, and deep down, we all know it. Our fathers 
did what they had to do to save tlie world; it's our turn now. 

The greatest generation: That is just BS to make them feel good before 
they die. They look pretty good if you just look at our side and do not look 
at the whole picture. We were the good guys, but the bad guys were as 
bad as we were good. It was also the generation that produced Hitler, Stalin, 
Mussolini, Tojo and many other really bad people. Their generation fought a 
world war that killed at least fifty million people. The truth is, they had some of 
the best and some of the worst people, and they did some very good and very 
bad things. We do not want to follow in their footsteps. We cannot do it even if 
we wanted to; our weapons have become too powerful. President Eisenhower 
pointed out that mankind went from muskets to hydrogen bombs in his lifetime. 
Their generation invented nuclear weapons and chemical and biological 
weapons, WMDs. Their generation left us a very dangerous world we now 
have to deal with. There is nothing great about that. 

The almighty dollar: Their generation believed that materialism was 
everything. They chased the almighty dollar all their life. They did not 
care how much they destroyed the environment, so they left us with a 
giant pollution machine that will kill us all if we do not stop it or rebuild 
the machine soon. They have also done their best to program our minds 
to do the same thing they did. They were very closed-minded. It was 
pretty egotistical, and it just shows how blind they are to the truth. It 
caused a lot of conflict and alienation in families. 


The Bible says in John 9, "Once I was blind, and now I can see." 

The baby boomers are going to be the greatest generation if we do 
our job. We are the first generation in the history of the human race that 
can really do something that will make a difference. Only we can do 
something that could really be called great. 

We have to turn around what the "greatest generation" did, or 
there will be no future generations. 

Winning is everything: The winning is everything mentality was 
necessary to get us to where we are now, and it will be justified if we do 
what we need to do. 

Payoff: The last generation will have done a great thing if we use the 
good things they did to help change people into spiritual beings. If we do 
not, both generations will be the worst that there has ever been, and 
there will be no future generations. If we want the last generation to be 
great, we will have to make what they did payoff, and we will have to be 
really great to do it. 

Square: I have no doubt that their intentions were noble, and they did 
what they believed was right for the world and us, but the truth is, they 
buried the truth in concrete, and we are going to have to dig it up fast, or 
the truth will stay buried. Their lives were simple, in black and white, just 
like their TVs. They were certain that they knew right from wrong. They 
could not know the truth, but we can. 

Living in the NOW: The baby boomers knew living in the present was 
the way to live. Many books were written on the subject in the sixties, 
but the time was not right, and it could not happen, no matter how hard 
people tried. 

The younger generation of the 60s has become the older generation. 

We are in charge now: We should have no problem doing what we 
want now; we're in charge. We're now the grownups, the establishment. 

The seed has been planted, and it is just waiting for the right 
environment for it to grow. We tried everything we could try; open 
marriages, drugs, all the religions, and we know what works and what 
does not work, so we know what to do. The people that grew up in the 
sixties are ready to get spiritual. They are just waiting for the truth to be 
revealed and until the time is right to start living a spiritual life. There is 
nothing to stop us now, so we can make it happen now. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Simplicity and Equality 

I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for 
everyone, best both for the body and the mind. Albert Einstein 

Simple life: Most spiritual people will live the simplest life possible. That 
does not mean that people will not use high technology and other 
complicated things; they will just simplify the way they use it. High 
technology will be used to make life more simple, not more complicated. 

As Jesus said, "That which is hidden from the wise and educated 
has been revealed unto babes." 

If the truth was not simple, children could not understand it, and Jesus 
says they can. He also says you have to be like a child to find heaven. If 
the truth were something only educated scholars could understand, he 
would be lying. Only the eggheads of the world would get into heaven. 
The opposite is true; it is the eggheads that will miss the truth the 
longest. Information is not wisdom. 

All physical theories, their mathematical expressions not 
withstanding, ought to lend themselves to so simple a description 
that even a child could understand them. Albert Einstein 

Everything in this book can be explained to and understood by a child, 
simply because the truth is simple. The problems and solutions are 
simple and obvious to anyone that can get their own mind out of the 
way. The simple way is the way. 

Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the 
multiplicity and confusion of things. Isaac Newton 

Simplify, simplify. 
Henry David Thoreau 

You will never be able to escape the mind if your life is complicated, 
because complication forces you to live in the mind most of the time. 

We hardly ever realize that we can cut anything out of our lives, 
anytime, in the blink of an eye. Carlos Castaneda 


Walk away: You have to always be in a position mentally to walk away 
from things that are ruining the quality of your life. You can walk away 
from things and people that drag you down to the animal level. Your 
mind will tell you that you cannot, but you can. The mind will try to keep 
you too busy to find the truth and the life. You cannot be around other 
strong minds without being infected by them. You have to be able to 
walk away for your own well-being and spiritual growth. 

You can change your perspective in the blink of an eye, and that is the 
most important thing. It may take you a while to get in a position to do it, 
but it is essential to growing spiritually. As Jesus said, never do anything 
you do not want to do, and it really is that simple. The truth is, you do 
not need to do much that you do not want to do, and people have to 
learn this. 

Never stay with people that just want to play mind games. 

You have been there and done that, and you know it does not make you 
happy. You owe it to yourself to just drop relationships that do not feed 
your spirit. 

Giving: The goal should not be to get more things. It should be the 
opposite, to live on as little as possible, and give any excess money you 
have to the less fortunate. The more spiritual you are, the less you need 
and want, and the more you have to give. 

The character of a man is not determined by how much money he 
makes and what he has, but by how much he gives and can be happy 
living without. 

Live a modern life: I am not saying people should go native and try 
and live off the land like some hippies did. We do not want to spend all 
of our time just trying to feed ourselves as we did in the past. We want 
to live modern lives, just less expensive and more simple lives. We use 
technology for what it is meant for, to really make life better. People 
swing from one extreme to the other, when the center is the best place 
to be, the only place you can truly live in the present. 

The most rare and valuable thing in the universe is the truth and 
the life. 

The truth is what sets you free. The most valuable thing is the truth and 
the life. It is not temporary, and it is free. 


Jesus said, "It is because their vision is distorted by the followers 
of the lie that they value that which is nothing." 

The end of the movie "Citizen Kane" says it all. The old guy is sitting 
there in the center of all that treasure, and all he wants is the sled (Rose 
Bud) he had when he was a kid. What he really wanted was the way he 
saw life when he was a kid. 

The most pitiful among men is he who turns his dreams into silver 
and gold. Khalil Gibran 

These days man knows the price of everything, but the value of 
nothing. Oscar Wilde 

Injustice: If you do not want to be treated unjustly, you have to help 
eradicate injustice for everyone, because what goes around comes 
around. If you do not want to be poor and are well to do now, you have 
to learn the ultimate truth and help get rid of all the poor people on 
earth. What we do for others, we do for ourselves. To do God's work, 
you work for equality in all things. 

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. 
Henry David Thoreau 

Reap what you sow: In about 1930, Hitler looked around and saw the 
German people standing in soup lines. He asked himself why the 
smartest, hardest working people in Europe needed a suitcase full of 
money to buy a loaf of bread. Why weren't the German people reaping 
what they had sown? If a man works, he should be able to make a 
decent living, but that was not happening. Something was not right; 
something was interfering with the system and making it unfair. 

The merit system was broken: The people that were not doing the 
real work were getting all the money, and the people that were doing the 
work were starving. Hitler thought that the financial world was being 
manipulated to give the money unfairly to those that did not earn it. 

Rich and powerful people just naturally do this to make themselves 
more rich. 


He blamed the Jewish people. This led directly to World War II. It was 
the real reason for the war, which almost no one knows. The war was 
against the Jews. Hitler was wrong. His enemy was not the Jewish 
people. There was no organized conspiracy that the Jewish people 
were intentionally perpetrating on Germany and the rest of the world. It 
was just rich people being rich people. 

The truth could be twisted by people like Hitler to look like the Jews 
were behind it, because many Jewish families where in the banking 
business, and many were very wealthy. They were an easy target to 
focus people's hate and anger on. It was a political move to make a 
visible enemy, while the real enemy was invisible. Many Jews were rich, 
and thus were part of the problem, but they were just doing what all rich, 
powerful people were doing and continue to do. 

Scapegoat: Hitler blamed the Jews for the loss of WWI and 
communism. He was a racist and did not like the Jews, so he used them 
as a target to blame all of Germany's problems on. They were just a 
scapegoat used to get him into power. 

The real enemy was the mind of man, the beast within. The rich people 
really did not know what was happening or where it would lead, or they 
would not have done it. Without consciously knowing it, the financial 
powers of the time screwed up the financial system and made it so 
unfair that it caused a world war. 

What they were doing was not illegal, so they thought it was okay. It 
was just survival of the fittest, and they figured that they were the fittest, 
because they made all the money. It is actually just part of a cycle. 

The rich were the only ones that could have changed the situation, but 
they didn't, because they were making so much money. Since they 
would not stop it. Hitler knew the only way he could stop it was 
with violence. 

Hitler said, "You have laws, and I have bayonets; let's see who 
will win." 


Everyone lost. The financial inequality led directly to the death of about 
fifty million people in the Second World War. Everyone had a good 
reason; everyone was in the right, but no one really knew what was 
happening or why. The same thing is starting to happen in the United 
States now. Why are the smartest, most creative, hardest working 
people in the world going broke? Millions of Americans are losing their 
houses. Everyone else is losing much of the money they worked for and 
earned over the last twenty years. That is not right and is not fair. Why 
is it happening? 

It is people's ignorance and people's ignorance of their ignorance. 

It is really no ones fault; it is just a cycle that happens when people live 
blind to the truth. When people are driving blindfolded, they cannot help 
but crash every so often. Right now, we are blindfolded on a winding 
road, going much too fast. 

Things can only get so far out of balance before they swing the 
other way. 

Flying blind is not going to lead to World War III; it is actually going to 
lead to something much worse. If America goes down, the whole world 
will go down. Anyone that believes that America can just go the way of 
other superpowers of the past is not seeing the truth. This is it; things 
will get very good or very bad. 

The difference will be instead of fifty million dying, it could be five billion 
people, or all of us, because of the nuclear weapons and biological 
weapons. The only way we can avoid a calamity of Biblical proportions 
is for us to wake up to the truth in time to turn it around. 

The rich have to see the light: The people in power are the only ones 
that can change the way it is going and bring justice, fairness, and 
balance to our financial system. This time, we need to do it right, or the 
game is over. If the rich and powerful do not turn it around, they have to 
realize that it will kill them and their families, along with everyone else. It 
could be forgiven when it happened last time, because no one could 
know the truth, but now that we know the truth, it will be unforgivable. 

When the merit system breaks down, society will breakdown 
soon after. 


People have to reap what they sow. If a person does the work to build a 
home for himself and his family, he should have the home. A person 
that does nothing should have nothing. If someone does the work to 
sow seeds, he deserves to reap the food that grows. We are messing 
with Mother Nature, and she will kill us. Naturally, capital should make a 
fair profit, but it is getting dangerously out of balance again. The merit 
system is the foundation of civilization. It is what makes civilization, 
civilization. If the foundation collapses, so will civilization. 

Forced labor: The way it has always been, the hard and undesirable 
jobs are done by people who have no choice. They are so poor and 
have so few opportunities that they have to work the jobs no one else 
wants to do, and they have to do it cheap or someone else in their 
position will. It's indirect forced labor. Society (the beast) creates a 
desperate underclass in our country and other countries, so they will 
work for the rich for low pay. 

This results in many people having less than they need, and a few 
people having more than they need. 

That worked in the past, but it will not work in the future. Inequality is the 
cause of most of our world's problems. The difference now is that 
inequality will create terrorists that can and will kill millions of people 
with nuclear and bio-weapons. 

Poverty and inequality create fanatics and most social problems. 

Even if we can keep a large underclass to do the work, we do not want 
to go cheap and forcefully prevent them from getting dangerous 
weapons. We would still be doomed, because it will mean we did not 
learn the ultimate truth. 

Everyone that works a forty hour week should be able to live a 
comfortable, middle class life, no matter what they do. 

If someone does the work, they need to be compensated fairly for that 
work. If this does not happen, society breaks down. The beast within is 
turned loose, and people return to the jungle. Now it will effect 
everyone, including the rich. 


Ignorance of the truth is behind things like inflation, high interest, high 
taxes, deception, lies, injustice and hypocrisy, which undermine the 
merit system. In the future, people that do the undesirable jobs will 
make more than people that do easy, desirable jobs. If not, we did not 
learn from the past, and we did not learn the ultimate truth. If we do not 
learn the truth, we are all doomed, rich and poor alike. 

The rich do not want what is going to happen to happen; no 
one would. 

The following is what the Bible says: God says, "I can't stand your 
religious meetings. I'm fed up with your conferences and 
conventions. I want nothing to do with your religion projects, your 
pretentious slogans and goals. I'm sick of your fund-raising 
schemes, your public relations and image making. I've had all I can 
take of your noisy ego-music. When was the last time you sang to 
me? Do you know what I want? I want justice, oceans of it. I want 
fairness, rivers of it. That's what I want, all I want." Amos 5:21-24 

Rich and poor: When the truth is seen, people that get rich will share 
their wealth with poor people, because they will know that it is in their 
best interest to do so. 

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. 
Henry David Thoreau 

There is no point in having more than you need, because if you have a 
lot in this life, the balance will see to it that you will have that much less 
in the next life. No one will want to be really rich unless they want to be 
really poor. 

Jesus said that it is impossible for rich people to enter heaven. 

He actually said something about a camel getting through the eye of a 
needle, but it means the same thing. The point is that being rich makes 
it impossible to get to heaven. It will destroy the human race, and it will 
destroy the rich spiritually. 

Jesus said, "The glories of this realm last only a moment; the 
glories of the heavenly realm abide forever." 


One of the many reasons being rich makes it impossible is that you feel 
too good about your mind. You think you are smart and can make things 
happen; the illusion is too strong for rich people to see the truth. It is the 
same with intellectuals. They are too smart to know that they are 
ignorant of the things that really matter. 

If the rich, powerful people do not see the truth, we are all doomed. 

When you are winning the game, you do not see a reason to change the 
rules. If it is not broken, why fix it? This makes people very short- 
sighted. Seeing the truth would result in them giving up their financial 
wealth, their advantage, and while it is working, there is no way they are 
going to do that. 

Your money or your life: Robbers say to people, "Your money or your 
life." Most people would rather have their life, so they give the crook 
their money. God is saying the same thing to you if you are rich or have 
more than you need. It is better to be living only ten percent of real life 
than ninety percent of real life, because the person living ten percent 
has a chance to get one-hundred percent. Someone that has ninety 
percent has no chance of getting one-hundred percent. 

Rich people do not actually have a much higher percentage of fulfillment 
than anyone else, but the little bit extra they have stops them from 
evolving further. 

You cannot have both true life and a lot more money than you need. 
You can have a life that is a little better than people that do not have 
money, but it is that little bit that prevents you from ever having true life. 
It is a very bad deal. 

Fool's gold: The reason is, the person that is a little bit more fulfilled 
thinks they have it a lot better than people that do not have as much 
money as them, so they will not take the chance of losing it to go 
further. They have fool's gold. 

All or nothing: Heaven is one-hundred percent of life. Ninety or even 
ninety-nine percent is not even close. In fact, it is actually further way, 
because people are less motivated to go further. You have to want it all 
to get it all. 

The farther away from the truth and the life, the closer you actually 
are to it. 


The less life you start out with, the better, because you have a better 
chance to learn the truth and get to heaven. This is why Jesus said it is 
impossible for rich people to see the truth and get to heaven. 

The only thing you can do is give away what you do not 
really need. 

It will hurt, but so does childbirth. It's good pain. Being rich or having 
more money than you need just makes you less motivated to look for 
anything different than the reality that you are living, and that is enough 
for you not to find the truth. 

Getting the necessities to stay alive is difficult. You cannot easily take 
chances of losing the little you have. Being rich or poor is a full time job. 

One no longer becomes poor or rich; both require too much 
exertion. Friedrich Nietzsche 

Living on the edge of life, rich or poor, makes the truth hard to see and 
even harder to live by. It will be easiest for people that live in the center 
of life to do it. 

The middle class are in the best position to see the truth. 

Success and failure are equally disastrous. 
Tennessee Williams 

People in their sixties and seventies still chase money and power; 
are they stupid? Don't they realize they will be dead in a few years 
for certain? 

Middle class: In the future, everyone will be middle class. People will 
have everything they need and want and only have to work about half of 
the time they do now. In heaven, everyone will be middle class and 
have everything they need. 

We will not all live alike as futurists predict. We will never live like the 
Jetsons; the opposite will be true. Everyone will live differently. We will 
still have all the toys and extras that we want; we just won't want much. 

Most of our effort and money is wasted now. 


Once the money spent on war, crime, and other destructive, non- 
productive things can be spent on productive things, and once no one 
wants much more than they need, there will not be the need for much 
money or work. 

We live in a throw away society. This will change, or nature is going to 
throw us away. Nature never wastes anything, and manl<ind wastes 
almost everything. We live in nature, so we will be destroyed by it if we 
do not see the error of our ways. 

We now live in conflict with nature, and we have to live in harmony with 
it to survive. In the coming years, this fact is going to become more and 
more clear. 

Luck of the draw: The only difference between the rich and the poor 
people on this planet is the luck of the draw. The rich were lucky this 
time around, and they will not be the next time. The balance of nature 
will see to that for certain. If we do not change the world and eradicate 
poverty, the rich will be poor in their next life. God is fair to everyone, 
and you can see it if you see immortality and rebirth. 

Can't lose: We can take care of the problem, or we can let the 
balancing force do it. If we do it, we will be doing God's work, and we 
will create a heaven or go to a heaven when we die, so that is what we 
should be doing. 

Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth. Matthew 6:10 

Doing God's work or will, will help the person doing it more than it helps 
the people they are helping. In the process of helping create a heaven 
on earth, we will be doing what is necessary to go to heaven when we 
die, so we cannot lose. 

The Bible says: Whoever does God's will shall abide in heaven 

God's will Is to balance life and to create the truth and the life. That Is 
all, but that is everything we want and need. It is heaven when 
seen clearly. 

All I want to learn is how to think like God thinks. 
Albert Einstein 


Once the rich learn the truth, they will do God's work and become 
middle class. They will do it, because they will know it is in their best 
interest to do it. 

We have to rebuild America's middle class. 

For a democracy to really work, most people have to be middle class. 
Being middle class is the best place to be for many reasons. 

The Bible says, "Give me neither poverty nor riches." 

America is losing its middle class. The gap between the rich and poor is 
getting bigger, and the middle class is disappearing. This will lead to 
disaster for rich and poor alike. Everyone thinks they want to get rich, 
but they really want fulfillment. 

The trickle down method of creating prosperity that our Republican 
Party favors, in reality, just makes the rich richer, and not enough 
money trickles down to the poor. It is one of those ideas the rich like that 
just does not work in practice. The trickle has not trickled down to 
everyone. This is truth you can check. 

The top-down method is over. It is now time for the bottom-up 

We have been using the top-down method for over two hundred years, 
and millions have lived and died in poverty as a result. It did help make 
us the economic powerhouse we are, but now it is time for everyone to 
benefit, to reap what mankind has sown. It is time for everyone to 
benefit at the same time. 

The right are not right because the left are left behind. That does 
not mean the left are right. It will take a little bit of each in the right 
places to be right. Swinging back and forth is not right either. Doing the 
right thing is the right thing. 

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the 
abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide 
enough for those who have too little. Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Business should get rich or poor on their merit, but people need 


"The Present - Insights" 

Giving is Receiving 

Leaving the animal realm: You give what you do not need, just 
because the beast in you does not want you to do it. Your goal is to do 
what an animal would not do. You consciously become more than an 
animal, just because you can. 

Your only chance: You may be saying that no one can know for certain 
that it will get you to heaven, but you can know for certain that it is the 
only thing that could, the only thing that gives you any chance at all. It is 
better to take the only chance to be something other than an animal 
than not take it. It is the only chance you have, so you have to take it, or 
there is no hope for you. 

When you know the truth, you know it for certain, but before that, you 
just have to go with the odds, because it is the only truth you can know 
when just starting. 

You have to start with faith in the value of the truth before you 
know it. 

Jesus says it will happen if you do it, and it is the best way to live, even 
if you do not believe what Jesus says. Plus, it is the only chance, period. 

You have only two choices: to act like an animal, or to be 
something better. 

If you want to stay in the animal realm, just act the way everyone else acts, 
and you will continue to be one in this life for sure, and most likely be one 
in the next life after you die. If you want to be something different in this life 
for certain and have the only chance to get to a heaven, you have to do 
what Jesus says to do and not be an animal this time around. Don't live 
like an animal. It is that simple. 

Go with the flow: We can see our position on the edge of the animal 
realm; we are like an island in a sea of animal life. 

We are just one of millions of different species, and we have only been 
here for a short time, and we only will be here for a short time before we 
return to that sea of animal life. You can take advantage of it, or just go 
with the flow. 


One flow is the flow or cycle of animal life that goes in a circle; the other 
flows to the center of animal life and transforms you and the world you 
live in to a heaven. 

The two flows: There are two flows, one for the animal mind, and 
another for a spiritual being. When you can see the two flows, you will 
not want to go with the animal flow. A spiritual being always goes with 
the flow, but the truth changes the direction of the flow for you. It makes 
it go in the exact opposite direction. 

There are two roads, the low road and high road. If you take the high 
road, you are going to heaven. If you take the low road, you stay here or 
you go to hell. 

If you want to make a change in direction, giving is one of the ways 
to do it. 

Give unconditionally. Give to the person or people you ordinarily would 
not give to. Give to the people you dislike and that you feel deserve it 
the least. 

Jesus said, when you give to the least of my brothers, you give to me. 

In other words, when you help the worst people, you do the best thing 
you can do for your spiritual growth, because it gets you on the right 
path. Do it for you, not the person you are giving to. Jesus says to love 
even your enemy. Do it. 

If you do not like someone, just remember that is your mind judging 
another person's mind. Your mind does not like another person's mind. 
If you strip the minds away, a spiritual being will see another spiritual 
being. If you see past the illusion created by people's minds, you will 
like them, because you will see a spiritual being just like yourself. 

The law of the jungle: In the past, we had to take to receive; we had to 
hurt others to feel good. If we needed something, we had to take it from 
another. It was the law of the jungle, and we had no other choice. Now 
we have a choice. 

Times of scarcity are the norm, and during those times, the animal is in 
complete control. This is why we have to make our move now while we can. 


What gives you the right to have more than you need, when human 
beings just like you and children have less than they need? Can 
you see the truth? 

New day: Now it is a new day and the rules have changed. We now 
have to do the exact opposite of what we did in the animal past. We 
now have to give to receive. We have to help others, not hurt them, to 
feel good and evolve further. 

The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion 
and the will to help others. Albert Schweitzer 

180: We have to mal<e a one-hundred and eighty degree change, do 
the complete opposite of what our animal mind tells us to do. We have 
to overcome literally millions of years of evolutionary programming to do 
it, become a totally new form of life. This is what saves us personally for 
certain, and it could save everyone. 

Jesus said, those that overcome will see heaven and show others 
the way. 

All we have to do is overcome our animal instincts to get to heaven, 
because when we overcome our animal instincts, we overcome the 
animal realm. 

This does not mean we get rid of our animal instincts. We still enjoy the 
good ones in a controlled manner. We just do not let them control 
us anymore. 

Show the way: Even if everyone gave away everything they did not need, 
it would help a lot, but it would not be enough to change the world into a 
paradise. That said, just the act of giving will eventually change things. 

This is because the act will change the people giving into spiritual 
beings and show the people they are giving to the way. 

You do not wait for everyone to start doing it; you just start doing 
it now. 

We are not in the giving business; we are in the creating spiritual beings 
business, and spiritual beings can and will create a heaven on earth. 


Fulfillment creates fulfillment: People will see that people that live 
and give are happier than them, more fulfilled than them, and they will 
want to be like them. This will motivate them to make more money, so 
they can give it to others and be fulfilled also. Giving will spread 
naturally because of the happiness it creates. 

When we do what is necessary to make ourselves spiritual beings, we 
are helping others to become spiritual beings at the same time, and vice 
versa. When we act like animals, it turns other people into animals. 

We reap what we sow, as the Bible says. The Bible was not talking 
about money. 

The Bible says, "The lord is our shepherd; we shall not want." 

In other words, when you know the truth and live in the life, you do not 
want anything you do not have. God/life gives you everything you need 
and want. 

An animal is always thinking about how they can help themselves. 
A spiritual being thinks the same thing, only they know that 
helping others is how to help themselves. 

A spiritual being helps others, because life is perfect for them, and they 
do not need any help. 

Actually spiritual beings do not think about it at all; they just do it 
automatically. It's a fundamentally different way of looking at and living life. 

Giving does more for the giver than the receiver, a lot more. 

Help yourself: Giving is about helping yourself, not the people you give 
to. You can help them with money and show them the way, but you 
cannot save them. They have to learn the truth and save themselves 
like everyone else. 

We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give. 
Winston Churchill 

If you see the fork in the road and take it, it will change everything in 
your life and show others the way, and they will eventually follow. 


other people will want to be like us, because we are happy all 
the time. 

No direct giving: This does not mean you do people's laundry or paint 
their house for free. That does not work. People are not ready for that 
type of giving or receiving; it just brings out the worst in people. You 
have to give indirectly. 

You never let people use your house or car or other personal things, 
because it will lead to trouble. You never let people mooch off you or 
take advantage of you. 

The only thing you give is your money and your life, and the only reason 
you give money and life is because you really have more than you 
need. You never give the money directly, but you always give the 
life directly. 

It is not good to give material things to others directly for the same 
reason you do not tell them the truth directly. It does not work. It is best 
to give money anonymously and give the truth by giving this book, 
because it just works better. 

Naturally, you help people directly in emergencies and other special 
situations, but you never have to risk your own well-being to do it. The 
life of someone else is no more important than your own life, but if you 
do give your life helping others, it is the best way to go for 
many reasons. 

The way most people will help other people is through their job or 
profession or by giving them the money they make, but do not need or 
even want. 

You can directly help out family and friends, but even that can lead 
to trouble. 

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in 
what he is able to receive. Albert Einstein 

Two thousand dollars, or whatever amount provides a decent middle 
class life. It will have to be more or less depending on the situation. If 
everyone in America that lives on more than two thousand dollars a 
month committed to living on two thousand dollars a month or less, we 
could turn this world into a paradise. 


Jesus said, freely ye have received, freely give. 

We should start with America, and when we get it working right, help the 
rest of the world do it. The goal would be to get every working 
household two thousand a month. If you make more, you give it to 
someone that makes less. 

Underdog: In the movies, the hero always helps the underdog; it is that 
way in real life too. It is the way to be the hero in movies and the way to 
get to heaven in real life. 

How to be the best a human being can be is pretty obvious. 

Bums: The fear is that some people will not work at all, and a few 
people will be supporting a bunch of bums. This is why you give it to low 
paid, working people. 

Everyone who works a forty hour week should be able to live a 
middle class life. People doing God's will do what they can to 
make that happen. 

Control: You do not use the money to control people, and some people 
will take advantage of it at first, but so what? You are doing it for 
yourself. People have to save themselves, and they eventually will. 
When people learn the truth, they will want to work, and people with 
more than they need will want to give. 

Want to work: When people learn the truth, they will want to work, 
because they will want to help other people; it will fulfill them when they 
do it. 

People that live in the mind work from a position of fear; spiritual people 
work from a position of love. It is a fundamentally different way of 
looking at work. When you go to work in the morning, you are not 
thinking about how much money you can make for yourself; you are 
thinking about how much you can do to make other peoples' lives 
better. The money you earn is just a byproduct of what you do to help 
others. The more you do to help, the more fulfilled you are. 

Spiritual beings do not work because they have to; they work 
because they want to. It is in a spiritual being's nature to make 
things better. 


We will also have a few rules to receive the money, such as; everyone 
that Is physically able to work would have to work to receive the two 
thousand. Those that are healthy enough to do work will work, or they 
will receive just the bare minimum to live on, kind of like today's welfare. 

Low income families: You just supplement the income of families that 
have low paying jobs. It does not matter what they do, so long as they 
do something. You start by just helping low income, working families. In 
this way, you help children. You make it possible for the mother to not 
have to work, so she can raise her children full time. We should pay 
mothers to stay home and run a family; it is that important, and it is as 
real a job as any job and as important a job as any job. 

The way it is now, there is not much incentive for poor people to work, 
because minimum wage will not change their life much. Two thousand 
will, so more people will want to work, even if it is just a minimum wage 
job. People that know the truth will want to work if they can without 
exception. They will love their work as much as they love everything 
else. They may just have a low paying job. 

Anonymously: All giving and receiving should be done anonymously if 
possible for the reasons previously mentioned. If people know you are 
giving money away, you will get unwanted attention from people that will 
want money from you. People receiving money from you will treat you 
differently if they know, so everything should be done anonymously. 

They won't be after your money if you live like you don't have much. 

You can form a foundation. Call it the foundation for financial equality, 
and use it to give anonymously. You would get a tax break, so you 
would have even more to give. I see thousands of these foundations 
forming all over America once the truth is known. The two thousand 
may need to be adjusted up or down for inflation. 

It is easy to give our tax money to take care of our old people, because 
we know we are going to be them soon. If we do not become spiritual 
beings, we will be poor soon also, so we should look at the poor the 
same as we do old people. 

If you own a business, you can just start paying your low paid 
employees more. This will make them more productive and loyal. You 
could also just lower the costs of your products or services to save 
money for everyone that uses them. This will bring you more business, 
and it will save advertising expenses. This would also begin to reverse 
inflation. There are many ways to give and many ways to benefit. 


All business should have a fair profit and ownership sharing program 
with their employees. This way, everyone is working for themselves and 
the business. It is good for the business and good for the people 
working for the business. You can give to family and friends or complete 
strangers; it does not matter. Just give away any money you do not 
need as fast as you can, because it helps you when you do it. It helps 
get you on the spiritual path, the path to paradise. 

Jesus said, "If you have money, do not lend it at interest, but rather 
give to one from whom you will not get it back." 

Spiritual beings would do it. You can live well at the two-thousand dollar 
level. Someone that knows the truth will know that anything more is hurting 
themselves and everyone else. I live on much less, and no one lives 
better than I do. 

There really is more than enough to go around. 

The only problem is that it is under the control of the beast, and the 
beast does not like to share and is not very fair. 

Jesus said, "Get rid of your financial wealth, and come follow me." 

A spiritual being just needs clean air and water, food, shelter, a few 
other things, and not much else. This is because a spiritual being has 
the present, and it gives them everything, especially love. You need just 
enough physical things to take care of your physical self; you need to 
get by and no more. It is that simple. 

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. 
Henry David Thoreau 

It is nice to have an expensive new car and swimming pool, but you 
have to ask yourself; is it worth sacrificing heaven for? It is not, and that 
is why when the truth is known, people will gladly give needy people 
what they do not really need. 

Voluntarily: The rich have to give voluntarily, or it will not work. The 
government may help redistribute the wealth in the future to make it 
easier, but not until the truth is known, and the world has changed. No 
one will be forced to give. 


Free and fair: If the rich have to be forced to give up their wealth, it will 
mean the rich do not know the truth, and if they do not, we have to keep 
working on defining it so that they will understand it. The rich have to 
know the truth for the world to become a heaven. The world has to be 
free, and there must be equality. There is no other way. The rich are the 
people that are in power, and if they cannot see the truth, we are all 
doomed, including them, so they have no choice. 

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world 
will know peace. Move over Rover, and let God take over. 

After we create a heaven on earth and everyone has the necessities of 
life, we can start having non-essential extras, but not until then, and only 
a few things. 

Teach to fish: There is a saying; "If you give a man a fish, you feed him 
for a day. If you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." It is true, 
and it is what we want to do. We help everyone help themselves, just as 
God/life does. 

Our goal should be to make the world as productive as we are in 
ten years. 

We do not just want to give money; we want to invest money in people. 
We want to help make them self-sufficient and productive. This will 
help everyone. 

Share technology: We make everyone on Earth as productive as us by 
sharing our technology with other people. Millions of people are still 
farming like we did a thousand years ago. Everyone should have the 
same efficient and productive equipment we do. We do the same for 
clean, renewable energy production. The wealthier we make others, the 
wealthier we will make ourselves, physically and spiritually. Naturally, 
they pay us a fair price for what we provide them, but what we give 
them makes them the money to pay us. We do not want to make them 
like us; we want to make them as productive and self-sufficient as 
possible within their own culture and desired lifestyle. 

Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are 
not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the 
elevation of mankind. Henry David Thoreau 


Enough: When you have enough money to eat and be comfortable, you 

have enough. It does not get better than that, no matter how much you 
spend, so anything more is a waste. If you know the truth, you have the 
only true security. 

The only real security is knowing the truth and living the life. 

The basics: Everyone should have a small, clean and comfortable 
place to live, with climate control, a bed, table and chairs, sink, shower, 
toilet, refrigerator, microwave, stove, TV, internet, transportation, 
telephone, a small closet of essential clothes (women have more than 
men), medicine, and enough food to eat. Naturally, you personalize your 
abode to suit your tastes. 

Spiritual people are low maintenance people; they just want 
the basics. 

When everyone has the basics, we can have more things, but not until 
then. The only extra things you should have are things for work, such as 
tools, etc. 

If you have the basics, you have more than ninety percent of 

More than three-hundred million children do not own a pair of shoes. 
Three children die every second because they do not have clean 
water. One in seven people are refugees or living in unsanitary slum 
shantytowns. These people are easy to recruit into fanatical terrorist 

Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul. 
Henry David Thoreau 

Once you know the truth and the life, you are happy and fulfilled even 
without most of the basics, so you really do not need or want 
anything more. 

As Biggie Smalls said, "Mo money means mo problems." 

We cannot even think about having any extras until everyone has 
the basics. 


We are spending too much money on non-necessities, and it will 
kill us. 

Tight ship: Nature runs a tight ship; there is no place for the 
unnecessary. A species cannot live long while putting a lot of its efforts 
into non-essentials. 

Mankind wastes at least 99% of what is given to us. When the truth 
is seen, we will turn it around and use at least 99%, and earth will 
become a heaven. 

Where else in nature are there any extras or non-essentials? They do 
not exist, because nature will not let them exist long. Only mankind 
wastes things. 

Nature is very unforgiving if something tries to break its rules. 

The goal is to have financial security, but at no more than the two- 
thousand dollar a month level. It will be adjusted for inflation to suit the 
times and place, but in the future, there will be no inflation. You pay 
yourself from your own foundation. Your goal is to make more money, 
but just so you have more to give. 

Security comes from what you know, not what you have. 

Spiritual beings that make a lot of money will move into middle class 
areas to save money. The more money they can save, the more they 
have to give. 

It is more fun living in middle class neighborhoods than upper class or 
rich neighborhoods anyway, because people are more social with each 
other. People hangout in their garages and work on hotrods and other 
hobbies, have barbeques, and play cards and other games at each 
others' houses. Spiritual people just enjoy friends, family, a few toys and 
life itself. 

All of that simple stuff that does not require much thinking is big fun for 
spiritual people. Spiritual people like to play and really get into life's 
simple pleasures. You cannot do a lot of things without money, so you 
do not do those things. You have more fun doing the millions of things 
you can do that do not cost much money. 


You may be thinking this will hurt our economy, but the opposite is 
true. Our economy will grow rebuilding our country and the rest of 
the world. 

Living is great wlierever you live if you l<now tine trutli and tine life. If you 
do not, it is not very good, no matter where you live or what you do. The 
truth and the life is the key to the good life and true success, now 
and forever. 

The simple life is the greatest life possible, but only if you know the 
ultimate truth. 

The Bible says, "Show your moderation to all men." 

It also says, "If you are a man of great appetite, you should cut 
your throat." 

It also says, "Pride is a sin." 

It also says, "We are our brother's keeper." 

It says it indirectly in Genesis. Cain asks, "Am I my brother's keeper?" 
We need to answer that question now. We are our brother's keeper if 
we want to go to heaven or create one here on Earth, and we do. 
Spiritual beings do not worry about whether or not someone deserves 
their money. They give unconditionally to people who are trying their 
best. If people need it and you have it, you give it. 

You do not give it to anyone that is addicted to drugs. A drug test should 
be required from people receiving money. This will encourage people to 
give up drugs, and you do not want to support a non-productive, 
destructive lifestyle. The key is everyone receiving the extra money will 
have to be working if they can work, and doing their best, so you will be 
helping productive people, not bums. 

These same foundations will offer free education and training to the 
people they are helping, to give them the opportunity to get better, 
higher paying jobs. One or two people doing this will not help society 
much, but it will help the people they give to, and it will help themselves 
spiritually, and that is all that matters. 

Naturally help others. Only a life in the service of others is worth 
living. Albert Einstein 


All that matters is that you get on the spiritual path. Get your ticket to 
heaven; that is your only job. Others will have to save themselves 
spiritually. You can help people physically, but they have to save 
themselves spiritually. You can shine the light their way, but they have 
to be able to see it. Prophets can bend the branch down, but people 
have to see and pick the fruit themselves. 

Lead a horse to water: You can help others financially for certain, but 
you can only try to help them spiritually by setting the example and 
living as a spiritual being and by telling them to go to the Truth Contest 
to read this book. 

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can 
free our minds. Redemption Song, Bob Marley 

You try your best to help others to know the truth and the life, but you 
can only do what you can do. As the saying goes: "you can lead a horse 
to water, but you cannot make them drink." Just tell them to look at the 
Truth Contest, as it will always have the latest revision of this book. 

As more people learn the truth, more will begin to give what they do not 
need to others that need it. It will grow at first in our country, and then 
the world will begin to change into the paradise it could and should be. 

Big Change: I realize that it sounds crazy and like it will not work, but it 
has to, or we are dead. It is a big change, but the world needs a big 
change now, and the truth can make it happen. Even if it does not work, 
we have to try anyway, because trying is what improves our life and 
gets us to heaven. 

Rainy day: Most people will think, "I may not need the money now, but I 
may need it in the future," that they have to save for a rainy day. The 
following is what Jesus says about that: 

Jesus said, "Do not be anxious about tomorrow; tomorrow will 
take care of itself." 

In other words, live for today and do not worry about tomorrow. 
Tomorrow will take care of itself, especially if you truly live in the present. 

If you are going to let the fear of poverty govern your life, your 
reward will be that you will eat, but you will not live. 
George Bernard Shaw 


You do things for the future while you are in the present. It is not like you do 
not know the future is going to happen; you know it better than anyone, and 
what you do in the present automatically gets you ready for the future. 

It is not as if you do not think at all. There is a time for thinking and 
a time for not thinking. 

Smart life: People think all the time now, but they will find that if they 
think just ten percent of the time, it will be more than enough. Not 
thinking lets you know the true situation better, because you are more 
aware of life. 

It gives you an edge over people that think all the time, because they 
are less aware of the true situation. Knowing the true situation helps 
your life much more than thinking one-hundred percent of the time and 
not knowing the true situation. You will also receive a lot more 
inspiration and be more creative. 

You have to not think in order to know the true situation. You can 
only see it clearly when you are not thinking; it is essential to live a 
successful life. 

Take care of business: You do not have to think about the future all 

the time, just when it matters and when it will make a difference. A 
spiritual person will know when to think and when to live. You will 
eventually be able to live ninety percent of your life, and that is a lot 
more than you are living now. 

People that live in the present will all have perfect credit, because they 
take care of business, and their word really is their bond. Spiritual 
people will never get into debt that they cannot pay to start with. 

Spiritual beings are very frugal and conservative with the money that 
they spend on themselves. They will always live below their means. 

Money represents work. If you make fifty thousand a year, when 
you spend fifty thousand dollars, you trade a full year of work for 
what you bought. 

Debt: Getting in debt and living beyond your means is a trick of the 

mind to keep you in a position where the mind is necessary. It tries to 
keep you behind the eight ball, so you have to constantly think and 
worry. Do not play any of the mind's games. If you do, you will never be 
fulfilled or get to heaven. 


Instead of thinking of wliat else you need, think of what else you can 
live without. 

The smaller you live financially, the larger you can live spiritually. 

What people think: One of the big reasons people are in the money rat 
race is that they care what other people think of them. Why does it 
matter what people that do not know the truth think? It is just minds 
creating other minds. Misery loves company, as the saying goes. 

Great spirits are always opposed by mediocre minds. 
Albert Einstein 

What is important: One of the keys to fulfillment and everlasting life is 
to know what is important and what is not important. Getting rich is not 
important, winning is not important, the past is not important. The 
present will become the future. 

Jesus said, "When you make the two one, you will be called sons 
of men." 

Getting it together: As the saying goes, the important thing is getting 
yourself together with God, and you cannot do it if you are rich when 
others are poor. 

People have to know that the only thing that is important is the truth and 
the life, the present. Nothing else matters, because your life is all you 
really have. 

If you want to be fulfilled now and go to heaven, you cannot care what 
the other misguided people in this world think. If you do, you are 
misguided also, and you will go down the toilet with them. 

Do the right thing, not just the popular thing. 

Retirement: People will think that they cannot give the money they do 
not need now away, because they need to save for retirement. 
Retirement is BS; no one likes not working for long. A person that 
knows the truth always works as long as they can. If you know how to 
live in the present and can work, you always will. 


This is the manner of noble souls: they do not want to have 
anything for nothing; least of all, life. Whoever is of the mob wants 
to live for nothing; we others, however, to whom life gave itself, we 
always think about what we might best give in return. 
Friedrich Nietzsche 

Spiritual people should and will always work until their health no longer 
allows it, even if it is just as a greeter at Wal Mart. If you live in the 
present, you will enjoy it more than being the president of the company. 

When you cannot do anything productive, do nothing; it is less 

Do less: Doing things can cost money, so the less you can do to 
entertain yourself, the better. Watching TV is cheap, so watch a lot of 
TV. Take walks and do other things that do not cost money. A spiritual 
being needs nothing to be happy, because they have everything all the 
time. They are always where it is at. 

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. 
Theodore Roosevelt 

When your health is gone, money is not going to help you. You are at 
the end of your life cycle. It is time to die and start over. If it is all you 
can do, just watch TV and play with your pets until the end comes. If 
you know how to live in the present, it is a good way to go. If you do not 
know the truth and the life, you can spend your last time in your body 
learning it. 

The government takes care of all sick people without money now, and it 
will do it even better in the future, so you have nothing to worry about. 

If the truth is not seen and people do not change, there will be no 
future to worry about. We have to change for there to be a future 
worth living. 

When well-to-do people get old and sick, they end up giving all or most of 
their money to the hospitals anyway. Forget about the past and the future, 
and live in the NOW. It is what Jesus and all true prophets tell you to do, 
because it is the only way to truly live and be successful in life. 

You will get everything you need. 


Checking out: People that do not know the truth will do anything to 
survive a little longer, even if they are old and have a terminal disease. 
People spend thousands of dollars per day to stay alive using machines 
to breathe and anything else technology can do. Many people are now 
spending more than they made in their whole lives to fight a losing battle 
with old age and death. 

There are going to be billions of old dying people for the first time in 
history in the next twenty years, and it will bankrupt the world if we try to 
drag out everyone's life as long as we can. It is not only financially a 
waste, it is also stupid. 

Spiritual people will not do that. When they are sure they have an 
incurable disease, or their bodies are just too old to live a quality life any 
longer, they will end it without all the expense and other BS. 

Don't let your sick mind & body give your soul too much of a beating. 

Best way to die: No one will intentionally commit suicide, but they will 
start using higher and higher doses of heroin and other drugs until they 
accidentally overdose and die. The goal will be to feel good, not die. 

When the time comes to start checking out, people will announce it to all 
their loved ones that they are checking out, and they will start to wrap 
up their current life. Then they will essentially start a party that lasts as 
long as it takes them to die. It could take months if they want it to. 
People they love will come and go, last words will be said, etc. 

Not suicide: Their intention will not be to die; it will be to use enough of 
the drugs to take away any pain and discomfort, so life will be great until 
the amount of drugs needed to do it will kill them. They will die 
accidentally, because they will not know exactly when it will happen. 
They will administer the drugs themselves and be able to use as much 
as they need to feel good. It is the best way to go, and it will be the way 
most people will check out in the future. 

Only people that do not know the truth and the life will drag out a life in a 
body that is at the end of its life cycle. A spiritual person knows where 
they are going, and they will look forward to having a new, young, 
healthy body, and living in heaven. It will be legal in the future, because 
it will save the state money. As Jesus said, don't worry about the 
future; just take care of the present. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Share the Wealth 

Take care of now: Over a billion people are going hungry everyday. 
Many people are close to starvation, mostly children. Three billion 
people have to live on less than two dollars a day. That is almost half 
the population of the world. Americans spend more on trash bags than 
billions spend on everything they buy. 

Money bombs: People have to realize that the better others do, the 
better they will do. The more money people have, the more they can 
spend on the products we create. This will make us wealthier, and our 
enemies friends. Instead of spending billions hurting and killing people, 
we should drop the money used to make the bombs from airplanes, 
money bombs. As Abraham Lincoln said, the best way to defeat a 
enemy is to make a friend out of them. 

Poverty leads to ignorance, war, crime, corruption, drug abuse, flu 
pandemics, plagues, dangerous fanatics, and all sorts of other negative 
things that will hurt and kill you and your children in the near future. 

If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save 
the few who are rich. John Kennedy 

Poverty forces people to live like animals, which creates fanatics. 
Animals bite, and now they can bite with nuclear and biological 

The rich can no longer escape what is happening in the world. They 
could to a degree in the past, but not anymore. People who live on more 
than they need to are drinking their children's blood. They are killing 
their offspring and descendents with the expensive, selfish, wasteful, 
polluting and unsatisfying way they are living now. They are dooming 
their children, themselves, and the world. 

People are living unconsciously, but are not conscious enough to 
know it. 

Living the way people are now will destroy the environment and kill 
everyone. A spiritual being will never do anything that hurts the 
environment just to make money. They will know that it is not worth it. 
They will walk lightly on the earth. 


Give it away: When rich and well to do people learn the truth, they will 
realize that giving away their wealth to help others is the best thing they 
can do for themselves. 

IVIake as much money as you can; just do not spend it on yourself. 

You will not need it: You still spend money to make money and build 
your business. You just do not spend it on yourself, because you will no 
longer need to in order to be happy. This will make businesses grow 
faster and be more successful. A spiritual being is happier not spending 
money on themselves, which is the opposite of people that live as 
their minds. 

The more money you make, the more money you will have to give. 

Making money is always good if you make it fairly. Do not hurt anyone 
or anything, and do not spend it on yourself, except for necessities. You 
still make as much as you can; you just give away what you do not 
really need. 

I realize I am being more repetitive than usual, but this section 
needs it. 

You have to do something with your life, and making money to give 
away is one of the most righteous things you can do. The world is set up 
to do it, so people should do it the best that they can. The more you 
have, the more you can give. 

Many people can live true life and make big money once they see 
the truth. 

The capitalistic, free market system and way of life should not change; 
we should get even better at it. It is what we do with the money we 
make that will make the big difference. With the truth, America can 
double its wealth in a few years. 

People that are good at making money and are in a good position to do 
it should do it to help those that are not; this is all that needs to happen 
to create a heaven on Earth. People who make luxuries will have to 
start making necessities. 

Instead of people striving to see how much they can make and spend, 
they should be striving to see how much they can make and give to the 
less fortunate. 


When you begin to see yourself in other people, it makes 
giving easy. 

A spiritual being truly sees other people as if they were them, so it 
makes the giving easy. Spiritual beings also know that if not for the 
grace of God, it would be them that are in need, and divine justice will 
make it this way for them in the future. 

Spiritual people look past people's minds and see other people 
as spirits. 

Rich and well to do people should just try it for five years and see how it 
goes. If it does not work out, they can go back to giving their money 
to themselves. 

My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again 
be seen as the last, best hope of Earth. Abraham Lincoln 

America is the hope of the world: We should start with America, and 
show the rest of the world how to do it. If we do it, everyone else will 
follow our lead. 

We do not want China, India, and the other third world countries to 
become societies of conspicuous consumption, a gluttonous, wasteful 
society like us. The environment will not be able to take it. The human 
race cannot survive it. 

America is almost destroying the environment by itself; imagine what 
will happen if the other six and a half billion people on the planet try to 
live like us. It is impossible for it to happen, yet that is what everyone is 
planning to do. They have the same dreams we had a hundred years 
ago. In China, only one in eighty families have a car, and they are all 
planning on getting one or two. What do you think a billion more cars 
will do for our world? 

Each American uses an average of twenty five tons of raw materials per 
year. Not everyone can do that; it is impossible. We are not walking 
lightly on the earth. 

Americans spend more on trash bags than billions of people 
spend on food. 


Pigs: One of the reasons so many people on the planet do not like 
Americans is that they see a bunch of pigs that are using up the world's 
resources. God put a feast on the table, more than enough for 
everyone, and America came like a big bully, grabbed most of it, and 
just left the scraps for the rest of the human race. It is not completely 
true, but that is how it looks to the poor, and that is all that matters. 
Remember, it is perception that controls thought and actions. 

When people watch our news, they see celebrities walking down the red 
carpet, dripping in diamonds and wearing ten-thousand dollar dresses. 

Selling death: We are selling world destruction. Our dreams of a 
hundred years ago came true. Most families have two cars, a TV set in 
every room, etc. We have to tell others by our actions that it is not that 
great, that it does not make you happy, that we were wrong. Right now, 
we are selling a lifestyle that will destroy the world. We have to start 
selling a lifestyle that will not destroy the world, and we must start soon. 

Americans can sell the way to heaven or the way to hell. 

As it is, we are telling the world that bigger and more is better, that you 
can never have enough "things." We have to show the world we can 
give up the "bigger and more" way of life. This will teach the world two 
things; bigger is not really better, because if it were, we would not be 
giving it up, and that there is something besides getting rich to aspire 
too, something better. 

Righteousness exalteth a nation. Friedrich Nietzsche 

What people really want and need is more truth and life. It is the only 
thing the world really needs, because it will change all the other things. 

We need to stop selling dreams, and start selling the truth and life. 

Big houses: You are probably thinking, "what about all those big 
houses that are already built, should we tear them down?" No, but we 
should have more than one family living in them, and stop building 
them. The truth is, most people that live in big houses live in their 
bedrooms and kitchens most of the time anyway. They only use the rest 
of the house when company comes over. They will never admit it, but it 
is true. It is difficult to feel comfortable in a show house. Big houses can 
be spooky. A big house separates families from each other; small 
houses bring them together. Medium size is best. 


If you want high ceilings and big rooms, go outside; it's free and infinite. 

It is the people that live In a house that make a house a home. 

A big house with semi-dead people living in it is really a depressing 
place. The big house is mostly just for ego purposes, pride of 
ownership, as they say in the real estate trade. The Bible says pride 
comes before a fall, and it is true. 

People that know the truth do not need big "things" to be fulfilled. 

When you no longer live as an ego, you will have nothing to prove and 
not like big houses or other showy stuff. People that use showy things to 
attract other people attract other people that need "things" to be happy, 
so they are asking for trouble. 

Spiritual people like each others' company, so they will want to share a 
big house and live together anyway. Spiritual people are fun, and you 
really cannot get enough of their company. Whole extended families can 
live in big houses. It is hard to believe from the mind's perspective, but it 
is true. Just as children like to have someone around to play with, 
spiritual beings like to have other spiritual beings around to share the 
present. It would be difficult for people on an animal level to live 
together, because they cannot be trusted and will cause trouble; it is in 
their nature. 

Only people that know the truth and are living the life can successfully 
share something as personal as a house. People that live in the mind 
have a hard time doing it, so you have to be selective as to who you get 
that close to. 

Homes in nice locations will be traded with those in bad places every so 
often. People just move every year or so, so the good locations are 
shared. Moving around will be more fair and more fun. People will be 
meeting new people. 

People are not only Ignoring the less fortunate, they are ignoring the 
nature of the universe they live in. It clearly shows everything will 
balance in time. It is better to give up your wealth than to have the 
universe take it from you. 


Jesus said: Those who do the will of God now will enter heaven. 

It is going to liappen anyway. Tine will of God is to balance everything, 
so we just do not wait for God to do it, wait for death to balance things. 
We start doing God's will here and now. When we do God's will, we 
become God-like, and the world becomes a heaven here and now. It is 
that simple. 

As the Bible says, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

It is the key to everything. You just do God's will in everything you do. 
An easy way is just to think what would Jesus would do in any given 
situation. See everyone as yourself and treat them like you would want 
to be treated, and also spread the truth on the Internet until everyone 
knows it. 

Mansions in heaven: Jesus would never have said that there are 
mansions waiting for us in heaven. It contradicts the rest of his 
teachings. Someone that wanted to sell heaven to people that live in the 
mind made that one up. Only egotistical beings that live in the animal 
mind would want to live in a mansion. 

No one should have more than one house until everyone in the world has 
at least one. An empty house, even empty rooms, are a travesty when 
there are so many homeless people living on the streets. If you have a 
vacation house, you cannot leave it empty for long periods of time. You will 
have to rent it, let people use it for free, or sell it to someone that will. 

People will be more fulfilled if they do this, no matter what they 
think now. 

No empty house: Right now, there are millions of empty houses 
because of the foreclosures in America. They should be rented cheap 
with a lease option available to buy the house for what it is worth, with a 
low-interest mortgage. 

Speculators: Speculators have pushed up the price of real estate and 
stocks and everything else. That is called the free market. The problem 
is, it does not work. It makes things cost more than they are really 
worth, and this leads to disaster as we can now see happening in the 
USA. We need the government to step into the free market and not let 
anything cost more than it is really worth, no matter how many people 
are willing to pay more for it. 


A house is worth what it costs to build, and no more. Anything more is a 
delusion and leads to crashes in the marl<et. It is the same with the 
stock market. There is a simple formula to set a price on any company's 
real worth. It is not worth more, no matter how many speculators will 
pay more. That leads to a crash and chaos. 

Everyone is talking about sub-prime loans as the problem, when the 
real problem is that the houses and loans cost more than they are 
worth. Everyone is talking about derivatives and selling short in the 
stock market as the problem, when it is the stocks that are over-priced 
because of speculators manipulating the price. 

We need a system based on truth, not BS as we have now. Until 
people wake up to the truth and we conquer greed, we have to control 
the markets. 

God's work: When you start to help things balance, you start doing the 
work of God. You can help create balance or help create imbalance. 

The Bible says, "Whoever does God's will shall abide in 
heaven forever." 

A spiritual being naturally works to create balance, truth, and equality in 
everything, which creates more spiritual people and more balance. The 
mind naturally works to create imbalance which leads to conflicts that 
create more imbalance. The Bible says that you have to do God's work 
to know God. 

You are part of the solution, or you are part of the problem. 

Wasteful: In addition to sharing the wealth, we need to stop being so 
wasteful, and strive to recycle everything we use. We avoid using things 
that cannot be or are not being recycled. Spiritual beings will not do 
anything that hurts the environment. It will come natural to them to live 
this way. 

People that drive around in big powerful SUVs are not running them on 
gas; they are running them on the blood of their children. It is an ugly 
analogy, but it is true, and there is nothing uglier than killing our children 
and our children's children just to look cool, drive too fast, and have a 
false sense of power. 


Why do we even have cars that will go more than seventy miles an 
hour? That is the fastest you can legally drive. Car companies are 
always selling how powerful and fast their cars are, which is ridiculous. 
Why are car companies encouraging people to break the law? We 
should pass a law that says "no new car manufactured and sold in 
America can go faster than the highest legal speed limit." Collector cars 
will be exempt and not for everyday driving. It will save fuel, lives, and 
our environment. Spiritual people like to go slow and enjoy the trip. Fast 
is just for the racetrack. Race cars and tracks should be available to 
everyone that wants to go fast. 

I do not know if cars and trucks are causing global warming. Even 
if they do not, you still should not use more energy than you need to. 
Nature punishes anything that takes advantage of it. Use only what you 
really need, and no more. 

As people become more spiritual and see the truth, they will drive 
more fuel-efficient vehicles that use renewable and clean fuels for 
many reasons. 

People that keep driving big, fast cars will just look like the ignorant, 
foolish people that they are. Bigger is not better once you know the 
truth. It is a mental problem. 

Possessions, outward success, publicity, luxury - to me these 
have always been contemptible. Albert Einstein 

In the future, most people will not travel much. They will live close to 
where they work, and they will find that they do not have to or want to 
travel much. Kids do not travel much outside their neighborhoods, and 
they are more fulfilled than the adults that run all over the place. 

Most people that travel for pleasure do it because new places make 
them more alive. When you see where you live as new, you no longer 
have the need to travel. Life always comes to you; you never have to 
go anywhere to be fulfilled. 

Not traveling as much will do more for the environment than anything 
else. When people stop chasing the horizon and discover what they 
want is where they are already, life will slow down, and the world will 
begin changing into the paradise it should be and could be. More people 
will work at home or close to home. 


Most selling and information services can be done from home. 

Many jobs that are now done in expensive offices will start working at 
least a few days a week from home. Many things that can be done on 
the phone or computers and the Internet should be done from home. 
Old and disabled people should get first choice for government jobs that 
can be done from home, and work as much or as little as they can. This 
will save billions of dollars. 

If a person can work just one hour a day answering the phone, they 
should be able to do it and be paid for it. After the hour is up, they push 
a few buttons and transfer the line to someone else, who would start 
answering the phone in their own home. This can also be done with 
computers, which makes it possible for everyone to work, even disabled 
people. It will add billions to our economy. 

We should get everyone that can work, working. This will get more 
productivity into the economy while lowering the cost of welfare. It will 
also save energy, relieve the traffic problems, and give families much 
more time together. 

Traveling is what is going to spread a fatal disease around the world 
before we can cure it. We have to start limiting the amount we travel 
until we have the ability to cure the plagues and pandemics that are 
sure to come soon. 

Collective toy box: Spiritual people share their toys. All expensive and 
rare toys such as great cars and boats should be owned and maintained 
by the government (all of us) and shared with everyone. You could 
check something out for the weekend or week. If something is popular, 
we make more of them. If someone misuses the toys or does not bring 
them back on time, they lose their toy box privileges. We could do the 
same with expensive resorts and other things that only the rich have 
access to now. 

We have a toy box in every town and city, and we move the things in 
them around, so they are always different, and everyone gets to use 
everything. We can and will have to share the entire world with 
everyone if we want to have a world that will last and be fulfilling to live 
in. It is what heaven will be like. We have to work to create it on Earth to 
go there after we die. 


As John Lennon said in the song Imagine: "Imagine all the people 
sharing all the world." 

It is the way it should be and needs to be if we want to survive and 
thrive now and go to heaven or create a heaven on Earth. 

The toy box will be used as an incentive for people to work more and do jobs 
that no one wants to do. The harder or more undesirable jobs you do, the 
more access to the toy box you have. A fair system could be worked out. 

The toy box will be mainly just for people that have not learned the truth, 
because spiritual people really do not need expensive toys to be happy. 
Spiritual people can take or leave toys, so they will let people in 
transition have them. Do not get me wrong, toys are fun even to spiritual 
people, and when everyone knows the truth, we will still have them and 
use them, but they will not be the big deal they are now. 

Luxury is the wolf at the door, and its fangs are the vanities and 
conceits germinated by success. Tennessee Williams 

The simple life is the only way to truly live, because God/life is simple. Our 
minds just make everything complicated, because it justifies the mind's 
existence. The more complicated your life is, the more the mind is needed to 
manage it, so the mind just naturally tries to make your life more complicated. 

We do not need anymore food for thought; we need food for 
the spirit. 

The path to abundant life: The more simple your life is, the less you 
have to think. The less you think, the more you live. The more you live, 
the more you know. The more you know, the less you have to think. You 
just have to get the ball rolling, and it will roll you all the way to heaven. 

It is easy to give away money. It makes all of life easier, more 
productive and less wasteful, and most importantly, you can live in the 
present more easily. 

Possession isn't nine-tenths of the law. Its nine-tenths of the 
problem. John Lennon 

Many people only use twenty percent of the possessions they have, so 
give away what you do not use to others that have less. Have a garage 


Jesus said, "Travel lightly; have only what you need and no more." 

Not fun: It does not sound like much fun, does it? This is because you 
live in the mind. It would not be fun for people that live in the mind; that 
is why people do what they are doing now. To enjoy it, to be fulfilled by 
living the simple life, you have to change into a spiritual being. Only 
spiritual beings would enjoy doing it. 

Jesus said, "I am poor, but I have everything." 

The things I am talking about will only work and be enjoyable if we make 
the change into spiritual beings. If we do, it will work easily, and we will 
love doing it. 

It is the opposite factor again. What people think will make them 
happy actually makes them unhappy. Thus, a spiritual person 
turns it around. 

Peace and contentment: I am not talking about peace and 
contentment; who really wants that? I am talking about true happiness, 
absolute fulfillment, the best way you can feel, better than a cocaine 
high, no lie. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that being completely 
open to the truth and life and living in the present feels like a drug high. I 
am saying it feels better than any drug high. 

You can live happily without "things" if you also live without 
the mind. 

Self-sacrifice: In the past, people that gave their money and their time 
had to be self-sacrificing to do it. They had to lose something to give 
something. I am not saying they did not get anything; they got the 
satisfaction of helping others. They liked giving, or they would not have 
done it, but they did it for the wrong reasons, so it did not help as much 
as it could have. You have to know the truth to have the right reason, 
and almost no one could know the truth until now. Self-sacrificing 
behavior is not what I am advocating. That is what giving was before the 
truth could be known, and it actually did not really help much, if any. 

Self-sacrifice actually helps no one. 


If someone has to lose something for someone else to get something, 
no one really gets anything. It is a positive and a negative, and they 
cancel each other out. For one to get something, they both have to. The 
giver has to receive as much or more than the receiver for it to be of 
true benefit. When you know the truth, the giver is not making any 
sacrifice at all, because they get more than they give. This how it has to 
be for giving to really be of benefit. When you know the truth, you do 
things for others, because it is the way you can do the most for yourself. 
The truth makes this possible for the first time. 

God asks for no sacrifice from anyone. God asks for win-win in 
all things. 

Religion has not understood this, so many people have sacrificed in 
vain. The animal world needs someone to lose for someone to win; 
someone has to give up something for someone to have something. If 
you take it to the extreme, someone has to die for someone to live. This 
is why we want to get out of the animal realm; you cannot really win in it. 
In the spiritual realm, the opposite is true, and you cannot really lose. 

In the animal realm, it is death that creates life. In the spiritual realm, it 
is life that creates life. This is what Jesus means when he says "you will 
not taste death." When you know the truth, everything is a positive, 
everything is life. 

Without the truth, giving is a great sacrifice. With the truth, giving 
is a great gift to the giver. 

Most people love humanity; it is people that they cannot stand. 
John Lennon 

As it is now, most people really do not like most other people, and they 
couldn't care less what happens to them. They certainly do not care 
enough to give up their lifestyles. This is how the mind of the beast sees 
things, but after people understand the ultimate truth, they will change 
themselves and their ways. 

Starving to death: Over eight-hundred million people do not have 
enough food, and they go to bed hungry. Eighteen million children 
starve to death every year. Try to picture these starving children as your 
own children, or your brother or sister. The truth is, they are just like 
them. You would stop it if it were your own children, wouldn't you? 
Spiritual people will see them truly, and they will stop it. 


You can't help or hurt anyone else, but you can help or hurt yourself. 

Cannot help anyone except yourself: The life of all living things is 
balanced, so the truth is, you cannot really help or hurt anyone else in a 
physical way, but you can help or hurt yourself spiritually. It sounds cold 
and selfish, but it is the truth, and a spiritual being always sees the truth. 
It is actually the exact opposite of cold and selfish. The only thing you 
can do is live in the truth and life yourself. A by-product of doing it is 
helping others. It is just the spiritual way of life. 

Everyone does what is in their own self-interest, including spiritual 
beings. When you help others, you are doing the work of a spiritual 
being. It makes you more fulfilled as you do it, and it moves you along 
the path to heaven. 

When you serve others, you serve yourself at the same time. 

Bottom line: You give simply because you do not need it. If you need it, 
you would not give it away. The bottom line is, spiritual people are more 
fulfilled living with just the basics. They will always give away anything 
extra they earn, because they really do not want it; it complicates their 
life and brings them down. They would throw it away or burn it if there 
was no one to give it to. 

When you help others, you help yourself at the same time. When 
you screw others, you screw yourself at the same time, and that is 
the truth. 

It is a fundamental and absolute law of nature. When people learn it, the 
world will change, and not until. When people learn it, self-interest will 
save us. 

The chicken or the egg: People think, what comes first, the chicken or 
the egg? Do you get spiritual first and then become simple, or do you 
become simple and then become spiritual? The truth is, you have to do 
them both at the same time to do them at all for any length of time. 
Sometimes you can only do one or the other, but your intent is to always 
do both, be both. Just dive into life; it will work. 

Cup runith over: A spiritual being is fulfilled by every moment of life. 
Their life overflows, and they give any extra to others that have less; it is 
that simple. 


We have to acknowledge that the way people live now isn't working. 

As long as we have war, poverty, crime, injustice and ignorance, it is not 
worl<ing. We are spending more money on prisons tlian scliools. People 
are working more and more, buying more and more, getting more and 
more in debt, and they are getting less and less fulfilled. The good life 
does not mean more goods. 

Progress and success is not measured in things, but in fulfillment. 

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and more fulfilling, and 
it is actually doing the opposite. People now work much more than they 
had to in the last generation, and are even less fulfilled. People's lives 
are flying by so fast that they are missing most of it. It is mass insanity. 

The American dream is turning into a nightmare. 

In the last generation, both adults in a family did not have to work to 
make ends meet. In the last generation, divorce did not end more than 
half of all marriages. There are more bankruptcies now than people 
graduating from college. Americans average six hours a week shopping, 
but only forty minutes talking with their kids. We are not seen by our 
government as people, just consumers. Depression is up, fulfillment is 
down. I could go on and on. It is obvious that we are going the wrong 
way. We have to do the exact opposite of what we are doing, and we 
have to realize it soon and turn it around, or it will be too late. 

Nature will kill you just for not paying attention. 

I quote and reference Jesus over five hundred times: I am not the 
first to point out that things are not working, but I am the first one that is 
clarifying what the real solution is. Jesus is telling you the solution to the 
problem. He said what I am saying now two thousand years ago. 

Do not believe me: If you do not believe me, believe Jesus, Nietzsche, 
Einstein and the other prophets, philosophers and poets I quote in this 
book. I do not have any credibility, but they do. Just check it out for 
yourself. The truth is self-evident. 

The truth will get people out of the rat race and into the human race. 


In the past, people could not know what worked and what did not work, 
because their knowledge was limited to their local area. They would 
believe something was working somewhere, when it really was not 
working anywhere. 

Now, thanks to worldwide communication, we can know for certain that 
nothing is really working anywhere. Take-take does not work. Take-give 
will work. We can no longer be deceived by things people claim to work, 
but do not. We now know what is happening, and this gives us the 
power to make the necessary changes. 

People will change, because there is really no choice; we have to do it 
to survive and thrive. The big problem is that people are not going to 
know they will like it better until after they learn the truth, so it will be 
difficult at first. 

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. 
Albert Einstein 

Giving to yourself: The key is to understand what giving is. You are 
not doing it just for the people you are giving to, you are doing it for 
yourself, your children and the other people you love. 

It is in giving that we receive. Matthew 2:35 

People may not love other people enough to give to others, but they 
love their children and their own life enough to do it; this is why it 
will happen. 

The most powerful motivating factor will be self-interest. As the truth is 
learned, conspicuous consumption will no longer impress people; it will 
make people that do it unattractive. In the future, showing wealth and 
power will be embarrassing. 

As long as children are starving, showing off wealth will look stupid. 

Anyone that needs a lot to be happy will look weak and stupid in the 
near future. People that are into showing off with conspicuous 
consumption will be shamed into changing their ways. The truth will 
change people's values. 


The worm will turn: The truth is going to mal<e the worm turn. 
Everything will turn upside down, and what used to make someone look 
strong and smart will do the opposite. 

It will be a sign of stupidity to wear a ten-thousand dollar watch. 

The age of twenty-thousand dollar lamps, million dollar works of art, ten- 
thousand dollar dresses and five-hundred dollar shoes is about to end. 
Pretension has to die, or we all will. Big spenders will have to go the 
way of the dinosaurs, or the human race will. That party is over, and 
another, better one is starting. 

When the truth is revealed, self-interest will power the change. 

The rich get richer: The rich will always get richer. That is the law of 
the jungle. The strong eat and get stronger. The weak do not eat, and 
as a result, get weaker. 

It will only change when the rich realize that they do not want to live in a 
jungle any longer. When the rich learn the truth and learn that being rich 
is no longer in their best interest, the world will begin to change into the 
paradise it should be. 

Used religion: In the past, the rich just used religions to keep the poor 
under control. They never believed in it themselves, because it did not 
make sense. It does now, so things will change. There will be real 
moral values now. 

Money is not everything; the truth and the life is everything. 
You choose. 

Jesus said, "I am poor, but I have everything." 

He did, because he had the truth and the life, and that is everything. 

Self-interest: Everyone acts in their own self-interest. When people 
change their perspective from their minds to their spirits, their self- 
interest will change, and so will the world. Even the rich are beginning 
to see that things have to change. 

As long as there are the "haves" and "have nots" and ignorance of the 
truth, the beast will rule this world, and you and your loved ones will 
have to live in it. 


The truth is, no one wants that, not even the rich. True or false? 

Having the fewest wants, I am nearest to the Gods. 

Things: Your mind is trying to substitute what you really want and need, 
true life, for things. When you first get "things," they make you feel 
happy by giving you a little true life, but it wears off fast and becomes 
a trap. 

Used to things: I had a lot of great things. I had the best view in Long 
Beach for many years. I lived right on the beach at the best possible 
place, not second best, the absolute best. I had a balcony on the 
second story and big picture windows. I sat out there in the warm 
California sun with a brandy and coke. I was in the best physical 
position a person into material things could get. 

The first year or so, I was sitting on that balcony all the time. As time 
went on, the less I went out there or even looked out of the 
picture windows. 

I drove a Rolls Royce and many other classic and rare cars. I had over 
thirty exotic cars and hotrods. I owned an exotic and classic car 
dealership in the eighties. Many great cars passed through there, and I 
drove what I wanted to. 

You not only get used to them and take them for granted in a very short 
period of time, but there are some major downsides to having these 
expensive things. 

We are lil^e shop windows in which we are continually arranging, 
concealing or illuminating the supposed qualities others ascribe to 
us - in order to deceive ourselves. Friedrich Nietzsche 

The problem with money: What most people do not know is there is 
not that much out there to buy that truly makes you happy. 

After you have all the ultimate toys, houses, cars, boats, entertainment 
center and clothes, there is not much else left to buy that makes you 
feel good, even for a little while. 

"Things" can wake you up, but after awhile, they put you in a 
deeper sleep. 


You get used to everything that money can buy amazingly fast. After 
driving the Rolls around for a while, it was just like any car to me, worse 
in a lot of ways. 

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes 
happiness. Charles Haddon Spurgeon 

You never run out of things to buy and spend money on, but you do run 
out of things that will make you happy, even for a little while. Then you 
just have a bunch of expensive toys that no longer fulfill you and trap 
you in a false life. 

I know I am hammering it in, and it bugs you, but repetition is 
necessary to transform your mind, and as I said, this book is not 
for entertainment. 

Every person that gets what they dreamed of having finds this truth. 
Now you are back where you started, unfulfilled, but now you no longer 
even have the dream to look forward to. Then you just fake it, so 
everyone else thinks your life is better than theirs. It is sick, but it is true. 

Success has always been a great liar. 
Friedrich Nietzsche 

You cannot say you are unhappy when you are rich, because people 
will think, "What is he complaining about? He should trade places 
with me." 

Money makes you dishonest in many ways, and one of them is that you 
have to act like a person with money acts. They have to act like they are 
fulfilled and have more than money. 

Man will do many things to get himself loved; he will do all things 
to get himself envied. Mark Twain 

The rich and the famous are in the illusion business. Many actually do it 
for a living (show business), but all are "putting on airs" as they say. 
There are exceptions, but not many. Almost no one will admit that it is 
not that great. 

Half of the harm that is done in this world is due to people who 
want to feel important. They don't mean to do harm, but the harm 
does not interest them. T.S. Eliot 


Most people need money to feel special and get respect. A spiritual 
being has true self-respect and knows they are special, and they do not 
need anything. 

Money cannot buy happiness for very long, but it can buy misery 
that lasts. 

Know who your friends are: The worst part is that you can never l<now 
who your friends truly are. You have to stop seeing your friends you 
knew as a kid, because only people with money can afford to do things 
people with money do. Money causes animosity between people that 
have it and those that do not have it. You never know who wants to be 
your friend for your money or for you. It is a terrible way to live, but you 
are in the strongest trap there is and will fight to your last breath to keep 
the deception going, even though you are not happy. 

The mind really loves to think it is a big shot, a great success, but 
it is sick. 

Better than you: What is virtuous about even wanting to be superior to 
others? It is this kind of thinking that causes all the trouble in this world. 
The "I am better than you" illusion just creates conflict and misery. 

The happy winner creates many more unhappy perceived losers by the 
very act of winning. What kind of person wants to intentionally make a 
lot of people unhappy? Why do people even want to play a game that 
creates just one or a few lucky happy winners and many unlucky, 
unhappy losers? 

What is good about that? Yet, the world of the mind makes people think 
it is good. 

People that think they are better than others are worse than others. 

It has caused wars. The Germans thought they were superior, the master 
race. People can see the evil in that, but they cannot see the same evil in 
themselves and others. Thinking you are better or trying to be better just 
makes you a jerk. 

No one is better than anyone else Is; there are just people that know 
the truth and people that do not. There are spiritual beings 
and phonies. 


Even having the desire to be superior to others is a manifestation of 
your devil mind. Instead of trying to be superior to others, you should be 
trying to be a superior being. Spiritual beings do not want to be above or 
below others, just equal. Wanting to be better than others is kid stuff; it 
is time to grow up. 

There is no better or worse; there are just those that know the truth and 
those that do not. The concept of better is a deception of the mind. 

Equal but different: Being equal does not make us the same; the 
opposite is true. We will be more different from one another than we are 
now. When you are free and equal, you are inspired and free to express 
yourself, so you do. 

Showoff: People that show off their wealth hurt other people by making 
them feel inferior. What kind of person does a thing that makes people 
feel bad? 

A spiritual being does not want to be superior to other people. 

Superior being: There are superior states of consciousness, but that is 
the only thing that really matters. Thus, just always be as conscious as 
you can be, and you will be the best you can be. It really has nothing to 
do with anyone else. 

Superiority is not the goal. The truth, the life, and complete 
fulfillment are. 

Things change: Even if you get into a position that gives you the 
illusion of being better than others are, it is just temporary. The balance 
will swing the other way and cause you to be the opposite, so why play 
that mind game? 

Success can only be something that can exist for everyone all 
the time. 

Fame: Look at me! Look at me! Fame is childish. People that want a lot 
of attention, especially from strangers, are immature and empty inside. 
Fame takes away your privacy and puts you in a false world. 


People are doing any crazy thing they can to get on TV, even crime. 
People risk their lives and even hurt other people and themselves just to 
get attention. That creep who killed John Lennon is an example of how 
bad some people want fame. 

People want attention from others, because it makes them feel loved 
and important, but it is just a passing illusion. It makes them emptier 
when they are alone. 

Spiritual people have the total attention of God/life and do not need 
attention from other peoples' minds to make them feel important or 
loved. They have the attention of life itself. 

Getting attention from other people does bring you into the present a 
little more and make you feel more alive for a short while. People that 

are looking at you are giving you a little bit of their life, and you are 
giving them a little bit of your life. You are sharing the present for a 
while. There is nothing wrong with it, if you know the truth. This is why it 
feels good to act in or watch a live play or concert, but it can hurt you 
more than it can help you if you do not know the truth. 

If you know the truth, you can take it or leave it, but if you need fame or 
attention from others, it is just like a drug, only worse. 

Fame will be balanced with loneliness. If you are getting a lot of 
attention, it means the opposite will happen to balance it, so what is 
the point? 

You can get a lot more attention by just opening up to the truth and the 
life. You get all the attention there is, and you can have it forever. You 
can keep your privacy and not have any stalkers or other fools in 
your life. 

Success is like death. The more successful you become, the 
higher the houses in the hills get and the higher the fences get. 
Kevin Spacey 


People that crave fame and attention are people that do not know 
the truth. 

Fame and fortune will leave you cold and empty. It is another trick of the 
mind. All people that live in their minds, including famous people, are 
literally wasting their lives. There is nothing worse. Missing life is the 
definition of sin. 

Why do the rich have a higher percentage of suicides than the 
poor do? 

If being rich is so great, why do so many of them kill themselves? If you 
watch the TV program "Curse of the Lottery," you will see worst case 
scenarios of people going off the deep end because of money. What 
you do not see on the program is the majority of winners that do not 
completely ruin their lives, but the money screws their life up also. Big 
money usually breaks up friends and family and sends you down the 
low road. 

Reality TV: There is very little reality on reality TV. TV shows that are 
supposed to show rich people in there normal life are BS. The truth is, it 
is a set up to look better than their real life is. Just the camera being 
there makes them play to it and try to make things interesting. The truth 
is, their life is much worse and much more boring than what they show 
you. Rich looks good on TV, a lot better than it really is. 

Fling: If you have never had a lot of money before and you get a lot of 
money, it is okay to have a spending fling to balance your years of 
poverty a little, and learn that money is not the dream come true you 
thought it would be. 

After you see it is not that great, you have to get rid of it before you 
become addicted to it. If you have a fling, it is like playing with hard 
drugs or fire, and you could get burned, so do not do it for too long. 

Like a drug, it will feel great at first, and then it will feel less good as time 
goes on. You have to stop right when it no longer feels that good and 
starts causing problems, or you will become addicted and be lost. 


"The Present - Insights" 

Money or Life 

Jesus said, "The devil will put you in prison." 

People have misinterpreted that saying and used it to mean that the 
early Christians would be put into jail for their belief in Jesus, but he was 
referring to the mental prison created by deception and wealth. 

Gilded cage: The thought is that money will give you more freedom, 
and it does in one sense, but in another more important sense, it 
entraps you and takes away more freedom than it gives you. You have 
to do things, be places and deal with people all the time, and it takes up 
all your life doing it. You have to dress and act and live a certain way, 
and that is not freedom. You are like a bird in a gilded cage. The truth is, 
unneeded things own you more than you own them. It forces you to do 
many things just to live that life. 

You have to get honest with yourself and be able to ask yourself if your 
lifestyle is really fulfilling you. If it is not, you have to admit it, and try 
another direction. 

Do not play the game: Just do not play the get rich and successful 
game. Play the "let's get to heaven" game instead. You cannot win one, 
and you cannot lose the other. Which is better? 

Your money or your life? It is your choice. 

The person that dies with the most toys loses. If you do not have 
many toys and the money needed to support that lifestyle, you can 
know the truth and the life, which changes everything for the better. 

Greed is not good unless it is greed for the truth and the life. 

In the popular movie Wall Street, Gordon Gecko says that greed is good, 
and it was the slogan of the nineteen eighties. Where are those people 
now? Greed may or may not work in the short term, but it will destroy you 
in the long run. Since we are immortal, the long run is going to come. 

The American system is powered on greed and the need to show other 
people we are better than they are, showing up the Joneses. It has 
taken us to where we are now, so it is a good thing that it happened, but 
if it keeps happening, we are all dead. Our economy will grow much 
faster and bigger living in the truth. 


Doom: It should start to become obvious to people that a system 
powered on greed and vanity is not good and will lead to our doom. 

We need a system powered by the truth and life; it is that simple. 

Money is the root of all evil for those that do not know the truth. It 
consumes your life; you try to get more and keep what you have. 

There is no more fatal blunderer than he who consumes the 
greater part of his life getting his living. Henry David Thoreau 

We dedicate most of our lives to keep and improve a lifestyle that 
requires ever-greater amounts of money and is less and less fulfilling. It 
puts you in a sleep state that makes waking up impossible. 

Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul. 
Henry David Thoreau 

Chasing rainbows: First, people run towards the dream of getting rich, 
and then they have to run to stay rich. It is just like chasing rainbows or 
the horizon; it moves away from you as you move towards it, so you can 
never quite get there. 

You spend your life running after something that is impossible to reach. 
You sacrifice your true life for a dream that can never come true. 

You can live a never-ending dream or never-ending life, one or 
the other. 

People spend all their time chasing things that are impossible to catch, 
and fighting battles when they are certain to lose. Could anything be 
less intelligent? This is why Jesus said that it is impossible for the rich to 
get to heaven. 

There is no calamity greater than lavish desires. There is no 
greater guilt than discontentment, and there is no greater disaster 
than greed. Lao Tzu 

Re-program: We lived in a state of scarcity for millions of years. We did 
not have the necessities of life most of the time, so our minds have 
been programmed to get and hoard as much as we can. We are no 
longer in a state of scarcity, and we have to re-program our minds to 
realize it and take advantage of this rare situation. If we do not, we will 
go back to scarcity. If we do re-program ourselves, we will never live in 
scarcity again. 


Excess: It is like sugar, salt, and fat. We could never get enough of it in 

the past, so now that we can get all we need, we crave more and more, 
and it is ruining our health. It is a natural thing for the pendulum to swing 
from scarcity to excess. 

It is the same with money; it stems from the time we did not have the 
basics to survive, so we had to have money just to survive. Now that it 
is comparatively easy to get the basics, people are overshooting. 
People just keep getting more and more, not realizing that having more 
than they need is harmful to them. 

Money is like water; you need it to survive, but too much can 
drown you. 

Dreaming in the past was essential to our survival. It created the 
world we now live in, so it was necessary, but now that it is not, we 
continue to dream, and it is causing us to miss true life. It will lead to our 
extinction on this planet. 

Come to you: Instead of chasing rainbows, you just let life come to you. 

We are at the crossroad, and if we do not wake up, we will miss 
the turnoff. 

It is our life in the distant past, the millions of years our bodies and 
minds evolved that has programmed our minds to do what they do. It is 
in our genetic code. 

Once we wake up to the truth, everything will begin to change. This is 
why the truth is the most important thing that there is. It is our most 
valuable asset, our only real asset. Our brains are not programmed for 
the present. 

Even if money did fulfill you, you cannot take it with you when 
you die. 

Ultimate success: You have to keep in mind how short life is and how 
important what you do in this short period is to achieve the ultimate 
success in life. It is the only real success there is. You cannot lose sight 
of this truth. 

There is no success and failure; there are just those that know the truth, 
and those that do not. The concept of success and failure is a deception 
of the mind. 


Smart: We have lived as animals for over seven-hundred million years. 
We just have to live like something better than an animal for a few years 
to leave the animal realm forever and go to a heaven. What would be 
the smart thing to do? 

Jesus said, "The glories of this realm last only a moment; the 
glories of the heavenly realm abide forever." 

Skip the "things": Why not just skip the "things" and go right to 
happiness, right to true life? Why not cut out the expensive and 
unnecessary middleman that gives you nothing but false expectations? 

Jesus said, "The kingdom of God will not come by expectation. It 
is spread upon the earth and men do not see it." 

Happiness or fulfillment is just a state of mind, or more accurately, a 
state of no-mind, which you can have anytime you want. True life gives 
you free happiness, and it is always in the present (see the drawing). 
You just have to wake up. 

Life is filled with free things, and all things are the same if you can see 
them without the judgment of the mind. The mind tells you which things 
have value and which things do not. If you look at things without the 
judgment of the mind, they are all valuable in one way or another. Since 
what goes around comes around, you have to find a way to love it all, or 
you can never be fulfilled all the time. 

A ten-dollar lamp will make a spiritual being happier than one 
covered with diamonds will make a mortal happy. 

Things always look better than they are; you just have to have them. 
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but when 
you get there, you realize it is just a mirage, an illusion. The grass is just 
as green where you are. 

The more you acquire, the more you desire. 

Even if the grass is greener, it is relative, and the mind does not let you 
enjoy anything for very long. "Things" are always a letdown eventually. 
Things are not worth what they cost. You do not just pay with money, 
the true price is true life. 


The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life, which is 
required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run. 
Henry David Thoreau 

People are sacrificing their life chasing a dream that does not 
really exist. 

Even if it did exist, it is a dream. That by definition means you have to 
be asleep to liave it. People are chasing illusions and missing what they 
really want and need in the process. We can now see through the 
illusion and begin to wake up. 

Dreams and things: Spiritual beings do not need "things" to be happy. 
The mind is very needy and never lets you be very happy, because 
there is always something missing, always something the mind wants, 
that it has dreamed about, and you do not have it. 

Someone always has a bigger more expensive house than you do, 
and that bothers people that care about "things." 

I know it bothered me. I would look across the bay through my 
telescope at the houses on the other side and think, "I need one of 
those." The people over there were looking at my house through their 
telescopes and thinking the same thing. 

Big fish: The big fish can and do eat the little fish. If human beings 
behave like fish in this life, they will go to a place after they die where 
they can do it for millions of years. I do not think anyone likes it 
that much. 

The root of all evil: A lot of money creates the illusion, the deceptions. 
It is one of the devil/mind's greatest tools. People say it is not the tool of 
the devil because it can be used for good as well as for bad things, but 
they are missing the truth. 

"Evil" is "live" spelled backwards for a reason. It is a sign that tells 
us the way. The way is to live true life, because it is the opposite 
of evil. 


The hidden evil: It is what money does to the people that think they 
need it, not what it does to others. It makes true life impossible. Money 
makes spiritual evolution impossible for the people that need it for 
power, self-worth, and luxuries. The Bible says, the love of money is 
the root of all evil. 

Money is the worst evil, because the illusion created is the 
most powerful. 

There is a way out: If you want to evolve spiritually, you just have to 
give the money you do not need to other people that do need it. There is 
no other way. 

Ignorance, the beast within, and the illusion of power is the root of 
all evil. 

The uncontrolled mind is the root of all evil, but money is what gives the 
uncontrolled mind power. The devil/mind, in combination with money, 
will send more people to hell (the bottom of the evolutionary cycle) than 
anything else. 

We have to change from "I, me, mine" to "we, us, ours" or we 
are dead. 

Throughout history, people have been killing themselves and others to 
get rich and powerful, and the sad thing is, when they get it, it is the 
worst thing that can happen to them. 

There are only two tragedies in life; one is not getting what one 
wants, and the other is getting it. Oscar Wilde 

People lie, cheat, rob, steal, betray friends and family, risk their lives 
and the lives of others for the money that will hurt them more than it will 
help them. The devil/mind is making fools out of just about everyone. 
The mind has people trading their lives and the lives of others for death. 

Be careful what you wish for, because you may just get it. 

Why: Elvis may have been the most successful individual in history. He 
had it all, fame, fortune, great looks, personality, etc. Why did he like to 
stay in bed in a dark room better than doing anything else? He died on 
the toilet; the king died on a throne, so to speak. 


Howard Hughes was the richest man in the world. He dated the most 
beautiful starlets, and he chose to do the same thing. Kurt Cobain 
became a rocl< star almost overnight, the dream of millions of people, 
and found he did not like it so much, and he killed himself. 

The dream came true for these people. They had it all and did not want 
it after awhile. They chose to live the life that any poor drug addict can 
live, so why do people try so hard to get what they had? 

If people who can do anything choose to do no more than a poor person 
can do, it should tell us something. We should learn from them, and 
stop wasting our time and life trying to do what they already did if they 
did it and came up empty. 

Rehab: Why do a higher percentage of the rich and famous have drug 
and emotional problems? They are always bouncing in and out of 
expensive rehab centers. What does this teach us? 

Those people that have their dreams come true are very rare, but the 
dream often turns into a nightmare in their current lifespan. If it does not, 
it will turn into a nightmare in their next lifespan. It is the 
ultimate deception. 

The truth is, most people that become rich end up using their money to 
just isolate themselves from the real world. They do the opposite of 
what they need to do to be fulfilled and get to heaven. 

Money dimensions: Having money and not having money at different 
times in my life showed me some strange and unexpected things. One 
of the things was how money, or the lack of it, puts you in a different 
world or dimension, even though you live in the same neighborhood. 

I remember living in Huntington Beach, California as a poor 
surfer/stoner. I had a nice apartment close to the pier. The 
neighborhood was a mix of new multi-million dollar houses and old, 
classic, inexpensive houses. I liked the cheap houses better, because 
they had personality. 

What was strange is how I almost never saw the people that lived in the 
new, million dollar houses, even though there were many of them on my 
block. It was as if we lived in two different dimensions. My group of 
surfer/stoners and I felt like we owned the neighborhood. The rich 
people must have felt the same thing. 


We were out in the street at all hours of the day and night playing like 
kids. I had no idea what the rich people where doing, because I never 
saw them. It was not as if it was age that made the difference, because 
we had all ages in our group, and many of the people in the expensive 
houses were younger than we were. 

When I was one of those people in the expensive houses up the coast 
in Long Beach, I realized the opposite was happening. 

It was not just in that neighborhood; the separation was everywhere. 
You worked in different places, shopped and ate in different places, etc. 
When I had money, I never saw or noticed poor people. It was like there 
were no poor people in the whole world, even though they were living all 
around me. It was as if everyone had money, lived in a great house, and 
drove an expensive car. 

When I was poor, the opposite was true. I never saw the rich people 
around me; it was as if everyone in the world was poor. Money 
separates people, isolates people from each other and reality. It puts 
large groups of people in literally different dimensions and worlds. This 
is why we must all strive to be middle class; it is the only hope for the 
truth to live. 

Degrees of separation: Many things separate people: age, gender, 
looks, religion, language, race, education, etc. We can overcome them 
mentally by just knowing the truth, but money takes special attention. 

If you can share the wealth with the less fortunate, the rest of the 
illusions that separate people are easy to overcome. 

The Wealth has a life of its own; it moves around like a snake. 

Every time it moves (a deal is made), it makes some people very happy 
and some people very unhappy. The people that get the deal are happy, 
the ones that do not get the deal are unhappy. This happens every time 
you sell or buy anything; someone wins and someone loses. It is a mini- 
drama every time, and the more money you have, the more it moves, 
and the more drama you have. 

The unhappy people add up, and the happy people forget. This weighs 
on your life, makes you less secure. You get bodyguards, assistants 
and lawyers to help you feel more secure, but these inside people are 
the most dangerous to you. 


It is total madness, yet it is what most people spend their very 
short lives working for and dreaming about, which makes it an 
even greater tragedy. 

Don't get me wrong; there are some great moments that you will 
remember forever, but there are equal amounts of truly horrible 
moments that you will not remember long. Therefore, you will keep 
doing it, even after you have been through the mill more than once. 
Only the ultimate truth will stop the insanity. 

Insanity is doing what does not make you happy, over and 
over again. 

Intellectuals: Intellectuals do the same thing rich people do, only they 
chase useless knowledge and use it to hide from the truth and the life. 

The only source of knowledge is experience. 
Albert Einstein 

Useless knowledge: Not all knowledge is beneficial. It is the nature of 
the mind to want to learn. This was a good thing in the past, but it is not 
now. If knowledge does not help you learn the truth and the life or help 
you get the necessities of life and stay alive, it is useless knowledge. If it 
distracts you from the truth and the life, it is worse than useless; it is our 
worst enemy. 

The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except 
what is worth knowing. Oscar Wilde 

The Bible says in Revelations, people will run back and forth and 
knowledge will increase. This is what is happening, and it will destroy 
us, because knowledge is not wisdom, and running back and forth 
destroys the environment. 

It is a real insight and one of the few prophecies in the Bible that has 
proven true. We are not running around like chickens with their heads 
cut off. We are doing the opposite and living just as heads (minds) with 
everything else cut off. 

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the 
knowledge we have lost in information? T.S. Eliot 


There are a lot of walking encyclopedias out there. They know a million 
things, but they do not know the truth and the life, the only thing that 
matters. There are people that have memorized the whole Bible, but do 
not understand what it is saying. This kind of knowledge hurts people 
much more than it helps them. 

Wisdom sets bounds even to knowledge. 
Friedrich Nietzsche 

Chase life: If people chased the truth and the life like they are now 
chasing money and useless knowledge, they would get what they 
really want. 

The person that dies with the most life wins. 

It is not how much money or knowledge you have that matters; it is how 
much life you have. 

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. 
Henry David Thoreau 

Mankind is actually very poor and destitute, especially the rich. 

In the end, it is not the years in your life that count. It is the life in 
your years. Abraham Lincoln 

You can have everything and not be able to experience anything. A 
spiritual being can have nothing and be able to experience everything. 
Which is better? 

The truth is, a person that knows the truth and the life will feel better 
sitting on their porch than on the deck of a mega yacht. People who 
need big, expensive things to feel good are pathetic and weak, the 
opposite of what people think. 

That man is rich whose pleasures are the cheapest. 
Henry David Thoreau 

From a spiritual being's perspective and level of awareness, every 
moment of life is the same. It is perfect and fulfilling. It is all life, all God. 

Spiritual beings do not have to do anything to have everything. 


Paradise: From minute to minute, everyone is the same, no matter how 
much money they have. We all have to put our pants on one leg at a 
time, as the saying goes. The most successful person is the one that is 
receiving the most life, the most fulfillment, while putting their pants on 
or doing anything. 

The one that feels the ground when they walk, the one that feels the 
breeze on their cheek, the sun on their back, the one that hears, smells, 
and sees the most is the most successful. Wealth makes it impossible 
to open up completely. 

It is not what you look at that matters, it is what you see. 
Henry David Thoreau 

All we have is life, so the one that gets the most of it wins. If the mind 
would just let people see this truth, the world would become a paradise 
for everyone. 

Material success and great wealth does not change the human 
condition enough to sacrifice your immortal soul for it. True 
or false? 

Climb a mountain: You do not have to get a lot of money or knowledge 
or climb a mountain, cross an ocean, be a hero, win a gold medal, be 
beautiful or do anything other than live life completely to get to heaven. 
You do not need anything you do not always have. Anyone can have it 
all, at any age, at any time. 

The mind tells you that you need; the spirit tells you that you have. 

The mind tells you that you have to do this or that, be this or that. The 
truth is you do not have to do anything or be anything. All you have to 
do is truly live your life as it is being given to you, and all you need is the 
absolute truth to do it. 

The good life is living true life, and that is the simple and 
absolute truth. 

You just have to be yourself, where you are, with what you have to 
succeed. It is not hard; it is easy. It is not complicated; it is simple. 
People just have to wake up to the truth, and they will get it all and be 
saved from the animal realm. 


Once high profile rich people, movie stars, and other celebrities 
see the light, things will begin to change much faster. 

As Jesus said, "That which is hidden from the wise and educated has 
been revealed unto babes" (the open minded). 

Money is not everything, the truth and the life is everything. 
You choose. 

When you start giving and living a spiritual life, you really do not give up 
anything. You gain much more happiness than the things you gave up, 
gave you. The opposite of what you expect to happen, happens. You do 
it for selfish reasons. 

Money is not worth the price; the price is your immortal life. 

The bottom line: If you do not know the truth, getting rich makes you 
feel a little better for a few short years, but it is not worth true life now 
and forever. If you know the truth, you feel better than money can make 
you feel, not for just a few years, but forever. Which way to live makes 
more sense? 

Jesus said, those that give shall receive and will get a hundred 
fold back. 

He is not saying you will receive other "things" back, like most people 
think; he means you receive true life back. You get what you really want 
and need directly. 

Why not just skip needing "things" and go directly to having 

If you are rich and do not want to give it up, you do not have to, but 
you will be what you do not want to be now in your next life. That 
is fair, isn't it? 

Wake up: When people wake up, they will no longer be motivated by 
money, power, fame, or the fear of failure or weakness. These mental 
problems have powered all material progress up until now. When the 
truth is seen, this world will turn into a heaven almost by itself. Everyone 
will be forgiven for what they did in the past, because it was necessary 
to get here. It will all be worth it if we wake up. 


Lifestyle Insights 

Dog Heaven 

(By the author of "The Present" and the webmaster 

Happy dog, happy life: There is a saying that goes "happy wife, happy 
life." In other words, if your mate or people you live with are happy, it will 
be reflected back at you. The problem is, that is easier said than done. 
You cannot make someone else happy all the time, if they are human. 
That is not true with dogs. If you do a few things that everyone can do, 
you can have a living creature in your house that is blissful all or most of 
the time, and that will be reflected back at you. So if you want a happy 
life, get a dog and do what this page says to do. 

Dogs have spiritually evolved faster than humans. Look at them 
physically; they have fangs and paws, just like a wolf, but they give 
unconditional love, the greatest characteristic of what religions call God. 
Dog is God spelled backwards. They alone of all the animals on earth 
have chosen love over their wild animal instincts. They have been sent 
from God, or the spirit of love, to help us, to teach us and show us it can 
be done. The beast can be overcome, even if you are in the body of one 
of the cruelest of all killers in the animal kingdom. 

It may be impossible to create a heaven for people on earth, but we can 
do it for our pets, particularly dogs and cats. Because we can do this, 
we can get a little heaven reflected back at us from our pets. Dogs don't 
have as many of the mental problems that humans do. If you do the 
thinking for them, they can actually experience a heaven on earth and 
not have any pain, fear, or knowledge of death, which are the main 
reasons humans can't have heaven on earth. Our job is to create a 
heaven for all living creatures, and since we can't do it for humans, we 
do it for our dogs. Dogs are the only creature we can do it for right now, 
so we do it just because we can. Every person and/or family unit should 
eventually have at least two dogs, because they like each others' 
company. If you have two, get at least one from the pound (fully grown). 
Extra spiritual points for rehabilitating a dog that needs it. 

Creating a lieaven for otiiers is tlie way we get to heaven ourselves. 


1 . Estimated number of dogs in US: 

78.2 million, 4/10 households own at least one dog. 

2. Estimated dollars spent on pets: 

$55.53 billion (money well spent, you get the present back) 

3. Estimated time it took for wolves to evolve into modern dogs: 
40,000 years 

Throughout our evolutionary history, dogs have been great companions 
and friends to humans. We shared our food, and they helped protect us 
from wild beasts and other threats by being an early warning system. They 
would bark and wake us up, giving us time to get to our weapons. Once we 
had a weapon, we could protect ourselves and the dogs from animals that 
would kill us separately. We helped each other survive and evolve through 
some very harsh times living outdoors. Now, we continue to help each 
other evolve, but in a much better way, a more spiritual way as opposed to 
pure survival. Dogs show us the life, and humans show dogs the truth. 

It's pretty simple. You just think about and focus on how to make them 
happy. You devote yourself to it. You should keep your life as simple as 
possible, focus on your work, your home, and your dog. You do everything 
for their health and well-being, including vet visits (shots, medicine, 
spay/neuter) and good food (preferably homemade). You share small 
amounts of table scraps to demonstrate sharing and to show them they are 
part of the pack. Take them with you when you go for a ride or out to the 
store when you can, and let them hang their head out the window. They 
should get at least one good walk per day, and free running inside a 
fenced area or open field away from the road at least once per week. You 
don't need a yard, but a yard would be nice to have. They should sleep in 
the house and have their own bed right next to where you sleep. At 
Walmart, you can get different colored blackout curtains that are long 
enough and as wide as doorways to cover doorways to bedrooms, so you 
can leave your door open and the dogs can come and go, and you will still 
have privacy and keep air conditioning just in your bedroom. 

Routine: Dogs and cats, but especially dogs, thrive on routine. Wake up at 
a certain time, go to bed at a certain time, eating, walks, etc. Routine is 
good for truth seekers and pets. It makes a more comfortable, predictable 
world. With people, it takes thinking about what and when to do tilings out of 
your life. The less you think and the more comfortable and predictable your 
life, the easier it is to live in the present. 


Brush and groom them as needed to keep the oils on their skin going 
and to keep them from getting too itchy. Use a rubber "curry brush" for 
short-haired dogs, because it works well and is like a massage. Treat 
them as one of the family, pet them and love them a lot. You can 
become one with your dog a lot better than you can with people. Be soul 
mates, so that dog goes on the path with you, and either becomes a 
human in the next life, or goes right to heaven with you. 

Never give them cooked bones or anything they could choke on. Make 
sure they have plenty of toys for chewing and playing. When they want 
to play, play with them a little bit; always take time to play with your 
dogs and get in the present with them. Put yourself in their skin and 
imagine what it's like to feel what they feel. 

If you are not allergic to cats, you should have a cat or two and train your 
dogs to get along with them. The inter-species relationship makes for even 
more presence and livelihood in your environment, and it trains the dogs 
and cats to be more gentle and accepting of other living creatures. 

When you walk them and when you are with them, they help you live in 
the present, because they live in the present. The better the quality of 
their life, the better quality your life will be. The more you focus on their 
life being good, the more your life will be good. They keep you at home, 
keep you from going out too much, out of bars, etc. You have a 
companion always and unconditional love always. 

Taking the dogs out should not be seen as a chore. You should try to 
enjoy the walk as much as the dogs do, get into the present with them. 
Imagine what it is like to be in their skin and fur, with their strong 
senses. It is good exercise, good for your health and the dogs health. 
Lack of exercise is a major problem in America. See it as an enjoyable, 
important part of your days. Take your time, 5 minute minimum, even if 
they do their potty business quickly. Stop and smell the roses. 

Dogs could be people reincarnated; we could go back and forth 
between dog and human, take turns. In past evolution, human beings 
and dogs/wolves went back and forth from predator and prey, but now 
that humans have evolved into mankind and wolves have evolved into 
modern dogs, humans go back and forth with dogs. 


We are also looking into the best way to put tliem down, and may do it 
ourselves in a way tliat is better tlian tlie vet does it. We are lool<ing for 
a way to get cliloroform, or to mal<e it. We would lil<e to liave a way to 
anesthetize an injured or siGl< dog for the ride to the vet, and even come 
up with something for police and animal control to have to put dogs and 
cats under when they encounter one hit by a car. It is on our to-do list. 
We do not want dogs to have pain and fear at the end of their life or 
when they are really sick or injured. 

With dogs and other animals, it is not how long they live that matters, 
because they live in the present and have no concept of time. It is the 
quality of life they have and the way they go that counts. With people 
following the way of Jesus, it is okay to go hard as he did, because you 
know the truth of life (note: as it says in the book, you can check out easy 
with opiates and/or other drugs if you have that option). With animals, it is 
important for them to go with a minimum of fear and pain. That is why we 
are working on the best way to do it. You also want to be with them at the 
end, be the last thing they see and hear. You do not just leave them at the 
vet as most people do. You should make arrangements with your vet in 
advance to provide the best situation possible. 

If you don't have a dog or a lifestyle that would support a dog, 
make it happen as soon as possible. 

To do list: 

Show them love, touch and play with them, never show violence toward them. 
Make them wholesome, homemade food and treats whenever possible. 
Take them on at least one good walk per day (at least 15 minutes). 
Use a 16 foot retractable leash for walks to give the dogs some moving freedom. 
Let them run loose in a fenced area, dog park, or open field at least once 
per week. 

Buy them a comfortable dog bed and put it right next to your bed. 

Brush and groom them as needed to keep their skin and coat healthy and cozy. 

Keep their shots up to date and give them flea/tick and heartworm medicine. 

Check between toes for ticks and in ears and everywhere else. 

Take their collars off before bed unless there is a safety concern (they can 

get out). 

Give them a bath about once per month. 
Buy them some toys to play with. 

Give them dental treats or dear antlers to help with teeth cleaning. 


Our dogs are best friends and are always with at least one human who 
knows about the dog heaven effort. They each have their own very 
comfortable dog bed that is right next to a human bed. Every day, they 
wake us up with lots of love and licks, and are taken outside together for a 
short morning walk to do their business. They come back inside and are 
fed good quality kibble in the morning, as well as some small tastes of 
human breakfast. They are taken on a walk every day around noon that is 
at least 15 minutes, and most of the time, they get to run around in a 
fenced yard or open field (closely supervised) during this hour with 
neighbor dogs. They are not "well-trained" and require a lot of attention to 
walk, but giving attention to the truth and our dogs is what we do anyway. 

At night, they are fed homemade food, which consists of a lean ground 
meat like turkey, with vegetables like broccoli, peas, and carrots made into 
a puree, brown rice, and fish oil all mixed together. Mashed sweet potatoes 
or pumpkin make a perfect, easy and healthy side dish. They really enjoy 
this food and lick their bowls clean every time, eating all the remaining 
kibble in the process. 

Although we are firm at times and use anger as a tool of communication, 
we are never really angry and never hit the dogs. We always discourage 
aggressive animal behavior, like fighting over toys or food. They always 
have good toys for chewing and tug-o-war, and we take some time to play 
with them every day, even though they usually play with each other. 
Overall, we do the thinking for them and keep them out of dangerous 
situations while letting them enjoy their sensory experience without being 
too restrictive or commanding. We give them truth, they give us life. 

God is in dog. If you want to get close to God, get close to a dog. 

Dogs have been walking the path with humans literally for over 40,000 
years. They walked the dirt paths through forests with us, and now they 
are on our path out of the animal realm. 

Remember that your dog is an animal and will act like one sometimes. Even if 
your dog gets worked up and bites you, you do not bite them back or respond 
to violence with violence. You yell at them to let them know you are hurt, and 
when they get over their spell, you give them love and hugs. You always set 
the example, and show animals how a divine being acts. 

Heaven goes by favor; if it went by merit, you would stay out and 
your dog would go in. Mark Twain 

Video: Twilight Zone - The Hunt (01/26/62) 

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